DCEU's Batman Family of Films Will Follow the Comics Blueprint
Geoff Johns says plans are for the Batman-based movies to reflect the structure established by the characters' DC Comics titles.

So roughly each Bat Family character will appear in each other’s films in order to make it seem more cohesive? Well… that’s generally how cinematic universes work, but ok.

Still hoping that they fade out the Joker in exchange for the Riddler instead though. As Frank Gorshin and BTAS showed that an effective version of the Riddler could potentially have a lot of crossover with the interesting bits of the Joker.

And mostly because I think that i’d be hilarious if the Riddler becomes the iconic Bat Villain of the DCEU rather than the Joker.

Frank Gorshin as “The Riddler.” 

If you were to ask someone who is only familiar with Batman from the sixties show who Batman’s greatest enemy is, they’d probably say the Riddler, because he had so many appearances and Frank Gorshin’s excellent character work made such an impression.

Recently came across this photo in the archives from Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press. The caption reads: 

“Boston Celtics coach Arnold “Red” Auerbach poses with “Batman” villians the Riddler (Frank Gorshin), Cat Woman (Lee Meriwether), the Penguin (Burgess Meredith) and the Joker (Cesar Romero) prior to Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Los Angeles on April 26, 1966. The Lakers would win the game but lose the series two days later in Boston, giving Auerbach his 9th NBA Championship and making him a bigger villian in Los Angeles than any “Batman” character. (AP)” 

From The Comic Book History of Comics, written by Fred Van Lente, art by Ryan Dunlavey.

“Frank and I also share the same off-the-wall sense of humor. Once we walked into a party where clothing was unwelcome. However, after Frank and I got comfortable amid the sea of legs and breasts, I felt a little silly so I began to do Batman. Somewhere across the room, Frank became the Riddler, and it was so ridiculous in that setting that we couldn’t stop laughing. We had the distinction of being thrown out of our first and only Hollywood orgy.”

– Adam West, from his memoir, Back to the Batcave.


I’m not saying I don’t love more modern, serious interpretations of the Riddler.

I’m just saying I wouldn’t cry if he still had a theme song and backup dancers.