4 Songs that Will Make You Feel Something

1.     Miss You So- Frank Ocean (2011—The Lonny Breaux Collection)

This song describes the emotions of a man, presumably Frank Ocean who is going through a breakup with his girlfriend. The sad part about it is that Frank is trying to figure out how to hold on to their memories, because his ex took all their pictures.

2.     Holy Holy- Vic Mensa ft. Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid (2013—Innanetape)

In this song, both Vic Mensa and Ab-Soul are reminiscing losing their loved ones, for Vic it was his friend Killa Cam and for Ab-Soul, his girlfriend Alori. The song has a sad vibe, but you won’t be sad for long as you listen to the following tracks on this great tape.

3.     Lost Ones- J. Cole (2011- Cole World: The Sideline Story)

This song describes two perspectives from a guy who got a girl pregnant and doesn’t feel that the two are ready to raise a child and the girl who is pregnant who doesn’t feel like the guys has the right to tell her what to do with her body, to tell her to abort the child.

4.     Sobriety- SZA (2014—released on SoundCloud)

This particular track touches on romantic relationships, love, sobriety, parental expectations/support. This song is strikingly relatable, and if you are a fan of SZA, you’ll be eager to add this song to your list of favorites!


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