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Let’s talk about Moira Dearden Queen for a sec here
  • lived for five years believing that her insistence on doing the right thing led to her husband and son’s deaths
  • lived those same five years under Malcolm Merlyn’s thumb
  • Queen of SASS and also fucking BADASS omg
    • “I will burn your entire world to ashes”
  • loves her children so fucking much its obscene
    • willing to die for them (see: Slade)
    • willing to kill for them (see: Malcolm Merlyn, Frank Chen)
  • but also:
    • willing to lie her ass off to protect herself in their opinions bc they are all that matters to her
  • when Malcom Merlyn came back and started threatening her and thea shE CALLED RA’S AL GHUL ON HIS FUCKBOI ASS
  • also Queen of making impossible fucking decisions
    • has her own son kidnapped and tortured to protect him from Malcolm
    • has her second husband kidnapped when he starts to know too much bc the alternative was killing him
    • orders a hit on Malcolm Dickhead Merlyn bc she didnt see any other way out from his control
      • then when that fucks up she straight up heaps all the blame on her co-conspirator and gets him killed to protect herself bc she needs to protect her family and her family always comes first
  • SHOOTS THE FUCKING HOOD before she knew it was Oliver like damn you came closer to killing him than most of the major villains on this show
  • tries so damn hard to be good but keeps having to make these morally gray decisions
    • see: basically her entire season one arc
  • JESUS CHRIST she loves her kids
    • there is no room for debate on how much she loves them
      • she reveals the undertaking and her role in it bc Oliver asks her to
      • she pleads not guilty in her trial instead of taking the plea deal because her kids still need her–even though she KNOWS her affair with Malcolm will more than likely be revealed
      • runs for Mayor bc thea tells her she should
      • tries her damnedest to protect thea from Malcolm
      • ultimately sacrifices her life to save her kids
      • practically everything she does is to protect/please her family in one way or another

CONCLUSION: Moira Queen is a beautiful beautiful creature who deserved better and people dont talk about that enough. She was so damn well written and Susanna Thompson played her to perfection and so wonderfully complicated and ugh i just love her a lot ok???? why the fuck did she die??

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i can’t believe nobody posted this. “willing sexy bachelor” from China, IL the Musical.

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It wasn’t that Frank was proud of being a demon. In all reality, he knew he should be ashamed of what he was. But he wasn’t ashamed, nor was he proud. He just deemed his new self as useful and went about causing some controlled chaos among those who deserved punishment.

Bo one was too big or little. If they held true hatred or evil within themselves, then they needed eliminating and Frank was more than willing to do the job. CEO of a big chain condones the torture of children who aren’t straight? Dead. High school teacher who’s a secret member of the KKK and trying to subconsciously spread his racism through his students? Dead. Neighborhood nice lady planning to kidnap and murder someone? Dead. Dead, dead, dead, and Frank made sure they suffered too. It was only fair.

Right now he was within a quaint little town, following the thick stench of a pedophile nearby. The bastard was planning his very first victim, was almost salivating at the thought of harming one of the children that played on the playground frequently, and Frank was almost salivating about tearing the asshole limb from limb. Rare that he could kill a pedophile before they could get their hands on a child for the first time, but the demon knew how to savor it.

Nearing the end of the trail, he found it led to a church. Curious, he went inside and sat himself at the very back as the sermon was about to begin. Don’t let anyone say he was a rude demon in the supposed “House of God”.

im so emotional about the fact that when it came down to it, Frank didn’t want Matt to kill for him. “When you cross over to my side, you can’t cross back.” I mean goddamn. Frank’s already resigned himself to a life of blood and bullets and an afterlife of eternal flame, but for all his talk of Matt’s way not working, he knows that killing would to irreparable damage to Matt’s soul, and Frank isn’t willing to risk that

Please excuse me I’m just crying over vigilantes in love despite their ideologic differences

Frank Wills, an $80-a-week security guard, triggered the uncovering of the Watergate scandal 39 years ago today.

The Post picked it up from there.

From his obituary in the Post (he died in 2000 of a brain tumor): Mr. Wills was considered a forgotten figure of Watergate when, in 1997, came a deluge of interview requests on the 25th anniversary of the break-in. He emerged embittered, telling a Boston Globe reporter: “I put my life on the line. I went out of my way. … If it wasn’t for me, Woodward and Bernstein would not have known anything about Watergate. This wasn’t finding a dollar under a couch somewhere.”

This is Frank Wills, who died on this day in 2000. 

He was a security guard at the Watergate complex in 1972 when he discovered a break-in. That discovery eventually caused President Nixon to resign.

Frank Wills was one person– to most, a pretty ordinary person– who affected our entire country and its leadership by doing the right thing. The only president to resign wouldn’t have done so without one man simply doing his job well.

This election season has been ridiculous, painful, and plain incomprehensible. But please, let us not turn to apathy and despair. Vote on November 8. As cliche as it is, we are so powerful when we’re together- and we’ve got to be. But even alone, one person can make a difference.

with the exception of James, every guy on BB18 makes me wanna vomit. 

-Victor being an ass to Natalie for no reason

-Corey’s comments about “being in good shape” to wear a BB costume (yeah it still bugs me even a after a week)

-Frank willing to dump a girl if she gained 15 pounds or more

-All of them being fat-shammers more than Michelle period 

-All of them are allowed to watch other men shower but Tiffany can’t even talk about her sexuality

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