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Hey, could you maybe deliver some trans Frank headcanons? Bc i really really love him, thank you if you do!

THIS IS LATE BUT I LOVE TRANS BOY FRANK SO MUCH…. heres a Discovering He’s Trans post because im a sucker for those, my trans ass LOVES origin stories, its true. enjoy! and thank you for sending the ask!!!

- frank wasnt always uncomfortable with “girl stuff”. he liked tea parties just fine, didnt mind when his mom said he looked pretty, and pink wasnt his favorite color but he didnt have anything against it

- as he grows older, he starts realizing that its … just not what he wants. he gets “mistaken” for a boy one day when he has his hair tucked back under his the hood of his large jacket and it shocks him to find that he prefers it

- he mentions what happened to his grandmother and his mom on separate occasions. he tells his grandmother right when he gets home and she raises an eyebrow and asks “was this stranger correct?” and frank blinks in confusion, stares at her. “because it seems to be making you very happy, fai. youre flushed.” frank laughs and blames it on the cold. much later, he talks to his mom about maybe, if thats okay, kind of, sort of, calling him a boy from now on. asks if other girls like that too.

- she agrees, because of course she does, shes amazing. she says she doesnt know if other girls like that, but that its okay to like that. that she’ll always support her baby bear. frank laughs when she ruffles his hair and kisses the top of his head, their smiles identical. (and then, of course, she does her research “google dot com girls who like being called boys???” because she loves her kid and wants to help him figure this out)

- she talks to her mother about it and they argue about it a little before grandmother zhang admits that, yes, we both love fai, i would do anything to see that child happy and healthy. so they bring it up to him, this new subject of gender, to frank.

- they ask frank if he wants to be a boy all the time, not just at home. asks if he wants a hair cut, maybe, or different clothes. he thinks for a while.

- he doesnt see anything wrong with what he has on, exactly. theyre clothes and they serve a purpose. but the rest of it…. of being a guy everywhere, everyone calling him a boy all the time…. that feels much better. after being called a boy at home, he’s begun to realize that being called a girl at school did kind of bother him. he didnt want to be a girl at all.

- he admits this and mom and grandmother look at eachother. he wonders what adult secret hes been left out of this time.

- but then they tell him. they mention the word transgender, they explain it all. talk about the things emily read about. and frank is a little afraid, but mostly… relieved. finally, things are making sense.

- and thus, frank zhang comes into full realization of himself with a kind and supportive family. grandmother is still a mean woman, but never about this. she still calls him ‘fai’, because “if you wanted me to call you a different name, you should have chosen a chinese one!” but it doesnt upset him as much as other people calling him it does. its just a name, after all. hes frank, and at home, with his mean but loving grandmother, hes fai. he can accept that. she’s done everything else he needs, thats enough for him

Guys what would happen if Frank shapeshifted into a phoenix right before he died

would he be reborn in the ashes of his cursed stick

would he be able to live forever

would he become a newborn every time

death said he would keep an eye on him




100 Illustrators that all Illustrators should know: #59

Frank Frazetta (1928-2010)

Country: USA

Famous for: Conan the Barbarian, John Carter of Mars, Tarzan, Sword and Sorcery, Fantasy and Science-Fiction illustration, Comics, Paperback Novel covers, LP covers

Influenced: William Stout, Dave Stevens, Jeff Jones, Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith, Capcom, Nintendo, John Buscema, Mark Schultz, Ken Kelly, Boris Vallejo, Justin Sweet, Brad Rigney, Richard Corben, Mike Mignola, Roy Krenkel, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, Shane Glines, John Kricfalusi, Arthur Suydam, Paul Bonner, Simon Bisley, Claire Wendling, Bruce Timm, Frank Miller, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Rodriguez, Guillermo Del Toro, Alan Lee, John Howe, the Hildebrandt Brothers, Joe Jusko, Marc Silvestri, Michael Whelan, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Comic art (and the genres themselves) as a whole, Illustration as a whole

Influenced by: Howard Pyle, Gustave Doré, Franklin Booth, Willy Pogany, Zedenek Burian, Wally Wood, Roy Krenkel, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, J. Allen St. John, Norman Lindsey, Heinrich Kley, N.C. Wyeth, Hal Foster, Frederic Remington

Born Frazzetta (he would later remove one ‘Z’) in 1928 in Brooklyn, Frank Frazetta was a renowned American illustrator of Science Fiction, Fantasy and comics. Encouraged in his art-making from an early age by his grandmother, Frank was what many may consider a child prodigy, and attended the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the young age of 8; a place Frazetta says he learned more from his friends there as opposed to his professor, Michel Falanga. Frazetta broke into the comics industry at age 16, inking interior pages of humor and gag comics in the mid and early 40s, later working in genres such as western, fantasy, mystery and horror. By the early 1950s, Frank started working for EC comics, among other publications, often collaborating with friends and mentors such as Roy Krenkel and Al Williamson. In 1964, Frazetta would create one of his breakout illustrations; a caricature of Beatles member, Ringo Starr for an ad in Mad Magazine. This illustration caught the eye of United Artists, and was approached for several movie posters during this time. However, his most iconic paintings were done for another big market of the time; Paperback novel covers. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, Frazetta painted a slew of masterpiece covers for stories such as Conan the Barbarian, John Carter of Mars and Tarzan, the likes of which revitalized the entire fantasy genre of illustration and storytelling. During this time, he’d also contribute to Warren’s publications such as Eerie, Creepy, Blazing Combat and Vampirella. Some of his iconic pieces, The Death Dealer, Dark Kingdom, and The Brain were repurposed for album covers in the late 70s for bands such as Molly Hatchet and Nazareth. In the early 80s, Frazetta also collaborated with experimental and underground animator Ralph Bakshi for an animated feature called Fire and Ice. Frazetta was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1995, the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999, The Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1998, and was named Spectrum Fantastic Art’s first Grand Master in 1995.

Besides Rockwell, Frazetta is among the most prolific and iconic illustrators to ever live and is perhaps the most widely cited specific artist influence in the entire illustration and comic industry. He reinvented the entire fantasy art scene and became an inspiration for newcomers to break into the field and has left an unmistakable mark on pop culture as a whole as a result, influencing properties such as Star Wars to the Legend of Zelda and everything in between. Frazetta passed away at the age of 82 at his home in Florida and his works have been since purchased by collectors or reside in the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, PA, of which I highly recommend a visit. 

SasuSaku Month - Day 2: Something More || [Fanfic] Prospective Partners II (Sakura)

Title: Prospective Partners II (Sakura)

Rating: K/G

Notes: I apologise for the extreme lateness of this story. I finished writing it last night and did some revision this morning. However the day has been a nightmare and to top it all, I ended up being away from home many more hours than I expected. I’ll start working on the 3rd prompt as soon as I publish this one. Despite its delay, I hope you enjoy it :)

Also, Inner Sakura will make her debut, and her words will be in italics and between ‘…’

Words: 2271


She would not be treated like an object.

Sakura punctuated each word in her thoughts with a punch on the bag that hung from the ceiling of the room, imagining the face of some uptight middle-aged pervert in a suit.

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Safe With Me. Tate Langdon.

Request: I have finally thought of a request for Tate Langdon! Can you write a fic where Y/N lives in the murder house and there is an intruder and the intruder tries to kill her. Though before he does Tate saves Y/N and is super sweet and protective, cradles her head and tells Y/N that everything will be alright and it leads to fluffy smut. That would be epic! Please and thank you!

Triggers: Smut. Attempted murder. Break-In.

Word Count: 1345

Enjoy ;D

Originally posted by wherethe-endbegins

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i’ve probably mentioned this before but that last post reminded me of this again. last year before frank and evans acoustic show in berlin i told my grandma that i was going to go and that i was really excited and she did not quite grasp the concept that they’re actually famous musicians and not just friends i hang out with. anyways she told me to tell frank hi from her because she heard so much about him. so i went to the show and met frank and evan and actually forgot about that until after the m&g when me and a bunch of friends were sitting outside the venue just chilling because it was so nice outside and they were getting ready to leave and i remembered what my grandma told me to do so i quickly yelled “frank my grandma says hi” and he turned around, waved and yelled back “hi grandma!”. that night i called my grandma and told her that he said hi back and she was so happy it was adorable.
long story short, my 72 year old grandmother loves frank iero, thinks he’s a wonderful young man (“if he just hadn’t put all those tattoos on his body, dear me”) she likes parachutes and agreed to come to a show with me (we’ll see about that).

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Okay so my fave headcanon ever is trans guy Frank Zhang, and his grandmother and all of his friends are very supportive and! yeah that's it I just love trans Frank

I ALSO LOVE TRANS FRANK!!! our big handsome sweetheart…. he’s not very secretive about it, doesnt see the need to at camp jupiter. he wears cute trans flag buttons if he can and, before deciding apollo was his father (ding dong you are wrong) be briefly considered bacchus, as bacchus/dionysus was/is the god of transgender people. he brushes it off as a silly thought and, upon meeting dakota, is even more certain that, yes, obviously my father is apollo (honey you got a big storm comin)

dakota is a good friend, however, and a good resource. grandmother had been accepting, in her own way, and he was grateful for it, but frank was still under-informed, seeing as grandmother is an old lady who isnt well informed either. dakota is trans as well, genderfluid, if frank remembers correctly, amab and feminine-presenting, but knows a lot about transmasc stuff as well. they help each other, support each other, and frank is glad to have a friend like him. he meets jason, too, who occasionally asks him or dakota to paint his nails before hurriedly chipping it off so others dont see.

then he meets hazel, who is so happy to be able to grow out her hair into long honey-colored curls. she gets to try make up for the first time, cries a little when dakota, frank, and… whats his name, the brother - nico, when they help her into her first dress. nico shooshes her, says she looks very pretty, even makes a sarcastic comment that sounds like an endearment about having to beat boys off of his sister (and he says that word, sister, which makes her smile that blinding smile). nico doesnt stay often, but the way he hunches his shoulders and forces his voice deeper makes frank wonder.

“is it… a demigod thing? do gods just not do gender that way?” frank thinks to himself sometimes. “or is it a… like attracts like sort of thing?”

poor frank never finds the answer for certain, but hes the praetor of new rome now, so he doesnt mind. B) aldka sorry if i answered this late! i only just saw it for some reason? but trans frank is my life, my livelihood. yes please. - mod will

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For the 5 times meme, exr, hearing the other person sing (I would prefer Enjolras doing the singing since that's more rare, but whatever works for you)


Enjolras sings 60s pop in the shower and Grantaire is going to hold this knowledge close to his heart forever.

He’s pretty sure that Enjolras can’t know that Grantaire is still asleep on his couch, tucked in by Combeferre after a rough night, because he would really not be singing “Can’t Hurry Love” if he did, and Grantaire silently blesses Combeferre for not letting Enjolras know.

He gets off the couch by the time Enjolras has finished the song, and he’s left a note of thanks for Combeferre and turned on the coffee pot for Enjolras’s first cup by the time Enjolras has finished belting out “I Hear a Symphony,” since apparently he’s in the mood for the Supremes this morning.

He spends the rest of the day humming.


Enjolras almost never sings along with the radio when other people do in the car, but apparently even he can’t ignore the siren call of Taylor Swift, especially when everyone else in the car is belting it out.

He’s got a nice voice, even outside the shower, and he only knows half the lyrics but he fakes it well, telling the whole car earnestly that they’re never going to go out of style, even grinning at Grantaire when he tries to harmonize on the last chorus.

It’s not like Grantaire can be more in love with him, at this point, but from the way his heart beats it doesn’t know it.

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Frank is in a bit of a rut. After his Mom died, he was sent to the Northern Water Tribe to his late father’s side of the family, where he was supposed to earn the Zhang name. Which involved extremely cold baths, being surrounded by jerks who calls him “Baby Face” and living with the scariest person on the face of this world. His Grandmother. 

Frank needs a little change to brighten his days. 

His wish comes true in shades of gold. Beautiful eyes of a girl who along with his brother travelled to the North in search of the greatest healer in the land. 

But something was off about the mysterious duo. A dark secret lingering in their scent. A secret that would turn the world upside down, for better or worse.

OK so to those who have seen this I initially said this was going to be a comic project. Sadly It won’t push through anymore but feel free to enjoy the cover! I’ll still be making cover 1 and 3!

Cover 1 is right HERE

Cover 3 is found HERE

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okay wife listen to me alright just listen: animagus frank zhang. think about it. his transfiguration grades are some of the BEST in his year (and NOT just because of his grandmother's constant insistence that he be good at this subject) and the teachers decide early on that he can be trusted with this. what do you think. :^)



also, have some sad: transfiguration being one of emily’s best subjects. think of little things like emily magicking franks stuffed animals into moving and making noises to cheer him up as a kid, things like that inspiring a lot of respect/admiration from her baby boy. emily zhang as a FIERCE AND POWERFUL AUROR who was very well respected and probably well known enough that she caught the head auror’s attention (mars? what even would his name be :S) and when her career was still progressing, she got caught fighting a dark wizard she couldn’t finish off. died protecting a lot of people on her team.

and left behind a young frank.

so his toys don’t dance like they used to, mostly because he shut them away after he lost her and never really looked back on them for too long because he threw himself into his studies, just like his grandma wanted, like HE wanted

i wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to be an auror in some way too–so, what better asset than to further his study in a branch of magic that could help him disguise himself? could teach him to turn himself into an animal at will?


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Okay, does anyone else remember Frank's conversation with Mars? The one beside Frank's grandmother's bed? Well, remember when Mars told Frank that Percy was going to have trouble with his loyalty, not being able make a sacrifice he couldn't make, and Frank was going to have to help Percy with that? Am I the only one freaked out about this? I was thinking maybe it was Annabeth's solo quest back in MoA, but Frank didn't seem to do much on that front.

YES YES YES YES YES! I remember this!  Freaking me out.  Oh gods.  Yeah, I don’t think that’s come into play yet.