frank you are killing me


That morning he was acting mighty strange. I took him to the hospital and I had him checked out while I made my rounds. About an hour later I saw him sneaking out of Intensive Care, fully dressed. He turned and he looked at me and I saw that strange face again. I called out to him, he didn’t say a word. He just turned around and walked out. 


He’s the kind of man who – who hurts people. Not like you, but…he damages them. Breaks them. Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So, those are the people you get out of your life! Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but that’s got to be the craziest most batshit thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Thorns (Frank Castle)

Pairing: Frank Castle/Fem!Reader
Words: 1750+
Warning(s): Kidnapping, violence, swearing, slight sexual assault(?)
A/N: An idea that popped in my head that ive been working on for two weeks l o l

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Don’t Go

Lip and Carl are walking down the stairs before school, Fiona and Debbie were packing lunches for the day, Liam was in his highchair giggling at anything and everything, and Ian was finishing homework on the kitchen table. The house is relatively quiet for a Monday morning, until the front door slams open.

“Firecrotch!” Mikey yells.

Lip quickly moves his siblings to the back of the room so they aren’t in Mickey’s way of getting to Ian. No one wants to get in the way of an angry Milkovich.

Ian staggers up. “What do you want, Mick?” Ian speaks softly, but Mickey pushes him into the table. “What the fuck,” his voice gets louder, and he swings at the shorter boy.

“What is going on?” Fiona is yelling and covering the kids eyes. “Ian!” Lip puts a hand on her shoulder to get her attention and shakes his head, trying to tell her to let them work it out.

After a few swings and a little of blood, Mickey backs up. “Why the fuck would you enlist?”

“Fuck you, Mickey! What do you care?” Ian is yelling, and barely hearing the gasps from his family.

Mickey inches forward to close the gap. He is so angry, the steam is nearly visible. “What do I care? What do I care? Are you serious, asshole?”

“What? Wouldn’t it be helpful for me to leave? You can live a perfect family life with your hooker of a wife and new kid that’s on the way,” Ian says with conviction. “You chose to marry her, didn’t you? So you made is clear as day that you could give half a shit about me.” Mickey scoffs hearing the redheaded boys words.

Mickey shakes his head. “You are batshit crazy if you think I don’t give a shit.”

“I’m just a warm mouth to you, remember, Mick?” As Ian says this Mickey grabs the tall boys shirt and looks about ready to fight. “Sorry your boy toy wants out of being a mistress!”

“Fuck you, Gallagher! I married her for you!” The blue eyed boy blurts out. “I married her because Terry threatened to kill you and make me watch if I didn’t listen to him.” Ian’s eyes widen and he immediately tenses up. Mickey doesn’t loosen the grip around the boy shirt, instead he leans his head on Ian’s chest for a moment. “You think I could stand imagining that? I didn’t what I needed to do, fuckhead!”

Fiona’s mind is going all over the place. “What the hell is going on? Lip, seriously,” she whispers, but Lip shakes his head in return. He is surprised at how close he sees his brother and the Milkovich brother are standing.

Ian can’t believe the thought of that being a reason didn’t cross his mind. No matter the circumstances though, he can’t see Mickey be part of a family like this. “I can’t see you like that, Mickey. I can’t sit and watch while you fuck around with me and then go home to her,” his voice is soft and genuine.

“You fucking think it’s her I want to go home to?” Mickey scoffs.

Before Ian can speak, Mickey begins again. “I know I hurt you more times than I’d like to admit. I know I told you I fucked Angie, but I lied. I know I beat on the guys you were with. I know I tried to kill Frank. I know what I said to you after he caught us, as well, which was another dumbass lie. I know you got beat by my asshole of a father. I know I couldn’t speak to you after that. I know I fagbashed you. I know I got sent away one too many times. I know you had to watch me get fucking raped and then married to the bitch right after that,” Mickey paused and refused to look at the boy he was speaking to. “I don’t want to hurt you anymore, but being with a Milkovich what could you expect? I’ll try.”

Ian processes everything Mickey said for a moment. His anger is turned upside down. “You didn’t only hurt me, Mick. That day I came after you with the crowbar, I was fucking smitten - I’m gay as shit, okay, I know. Then Monica came back, and you were the first person I ran to, and you were there for me. Then I visited you in juvie and saw how you were forcing back a smile, which made me laugh. Then you didn’t kill Frank–”

“Please,” Mickey’s voice cracks.

Ian cuts him off again. “You didn’t kill Frank because I told you I didn’t want you to. You came back and told me you missed me right after beating the shit out of the guy I was hooking up with. Man,” he chuckles and cups Mickey’s cheek. “That put me on cloud nine. Then you got jealous of Lloyd, I secretly loved that because it made me feel like I was yours, like you were claiming me or someshit. And God, when you kissed me,” he closes his eyes thinking back to the moment. “I was so gone after that. Then you got me out of the group home, and Mick, that was the greatest day of my life until your dad caught us.”

Mickey closes his eyes as he hears the crack in Ian’s voice. “Don’t..”

“Now that fucking hurt. Watching you try to get Terry off me as he beat the shit out of me. The watching him pound on you and pistolwhip you, that hurt worse. And worst of all the Russian handwhore was forced to fucking rape you, and I had to watch.” Ian holds back tears as he feels Mickey’s grip tighten on his shirt.

He looks at the black haired boy. “How am I going to survive around here if I have to watch you be with her.” He lifts a hand Mickey’s cheek, and Mickey turns into it.

“Don’t go.”

“You know how much you mean to me, but you’re never going to change. You’re never going to admit how you feel. I mean, shit, you’re never even going to admit that you’re gay.” He feels the older boy tense at his words, which hurts, but he knows what needs to be done.He drops his hand from the other boy’s face. “I have to go.”

Mickey gulps loudly, trying to hold back tears. He loves Ian, he really does. “Gallagher, listen to me.”


“You’re right about what you said the other day at the abandoned building. You’re fucking right, okay? I’m fucking gay! And I fucking love you, Ian!” He screams, surprising himself. “And I fucking need you. Don’t you understand?” He looks into Ian’s eyes after hearing the gasps from the other Gallaghers in the room. “I really love you,” he whispers as if he was telling himself.

Fiona, Lip, Carl, and Debbie were beyond shocked by what was being said. Even though Lip already knew, he didn’t know it went this deep. It was also the first time they heard Mickey refer to their brother by his first name. They all noticed the familiarization and lack of awkwardness there was between the boys.

Ian’s completely taken aback by this. He never expected to hear those words come from him. Without much thought he crashes his own lips into the older boys lips. It’s a long, deep, and passionate kiss. When the finally pull apart, Ian pushed his chin up so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “I love you too, Mick.” His grin is growing wide.

“Are you going to leave me?” Mickey said quietly trying to avoid the sound of desperation.

“Never,” Ian kisses his forehead.

A wave of relief floods over Mickey’s mind as he pulls Ian’s face down and kisses him passionately. He knows that he doesn’t deserve Ian, but he’s promising to himself that he will become better for the love of his life. He’ll do anything for him.

While they’re still kissing, they hear a cough coming from the corner of the room. “Uh oh,” Ian whispers, but Mickey pecks him on the lips again and they laugh into each other’s mouths.

“Cool,” Carl says, then looks confused. “Where do the gay wieners go?”

“Carl!” Lip laughs. “Shut the fuck up, man.”

Fi rolls her eyes at her second youngest brother and turns her attention to the boy who are holding each other in their arms. “An explanation, maybe?” Fiona yells.

“Fuck off,” Mickey says with a giggle

700 Follower special
  1. “Do you remember killing them?” He asks.
    ”No.” She lies.
    Deep down he knows that she’s lying.
  2. What are your thoughts on accidental kidnapping?
  3. She knew they thought it had been a joke. That there was no way she would sleep only 90 minutes a day.
  4. They like to pretend that our unit doesn’t exist, but when they need somebody do the dirty job for them, we suddenly exist.
  5. She jumped out of a second story window to avoid talking to you..
  6. Let me out Frank! I swear to God, Frank!
  7. ”You should get out of town, Jonny.”
    ”What’s the point? They’ll kill me anyway.”
  8. Don’t anger her, because she knows the game and she plays it well
  9. We’re under her protection. Every criminal in this blood soaked soil knows it now. You’re safe.
  10. She’d been through many painful and long surgeries with only local anesthesia
  11. Go through each one of the numbers on that phone, let it ring twice and hang up. Fiona, listen to me, keep the phone in your hand and keep moving. They’ll help you disappear.
  12. “I don’t wanna see him in here again! You understand?”
    “Loud and clear, Tara.”
  13. Peter watched helplessly as the woman bent over, blood spattering to her hands as she coughed. She was slowly dying.
  14. Ali pulled the jacket under her bum as she pressed her back against the cold wall, bringing her feet closer to herself. She pressed the fresh cigarette to her cracked lips, flicking the fire to neon orange lighter.
  15. Theo had almost pissed himself on the backseat when Kiera decided out of nowhere to yank up the handbrake, sending the car into slide and flip
  16. Only way to get the bar empty faster than to get a squad car to pull up outside was to someone to start a fight outside, and someone to come in to yell about it.
    Before he even realize what she was doing, she was running into the street, her hand raised to the on-coming cars, to swoop down to pick the duffel bag up.
  17. She has nothing left to lose, and that makes her so much more dangerous than you can ever think
  18. Thanks for not mashing that over my head..
  19. Don’t make fun of my shame
  20. “Why did you shoot at me?”
    “I wasn’t shooting at you, I was shooting around you.”
  21. Everything’s fine, don’t worry about it!
  22. It’s a miracle that I can hear myself in this mess
  23. Stop hitting me! I have feelings!
  24. ”Stay down!”
    ”I thought this was supposed to be a fight, you coward!”
  25. My policy on men was always, ’if they sound like a dying chicken when laughing’, I ain’t dating him
  26. To be honest, I was expecting it.. I mean, I did punch her son
  27. Tyler, I’m so scared. I think this house is possessed
  28. I can’t remember if I kissed the guy responsible of all the execution or did I punch him.
  29. I’m not sure what I drank last night.. but it wasn’t alcohol.
  30. “This isn’t a tent!”
    “It’s tent enough!”
  31. Well now I wanna hit him
  32. How did you to manage to lose the car?
  33. What’s the point? I spent most of my time in work anyway
  34. She was dead before I even touched her!
  35. “How did you end up here?”
    “I was kicked out of my house and almost ended up being kidnapped by Ted Bundy wannabe.”
  36. My mistakes got me to juvie real quick
  37. I don’t care what you think you’ve done, you need to call me.
  38. Which one of you robbed the jewelry store?
  39. Sometimes even my sentences make sense
  40. I thought he was gonna tackle you, man.
  41. Are you asking me to cock block you?
You and Me (Ch. 3)

Summary: Mickey comes back from Mexico to surprise Ian, and plan the wedding.

Word Count: 2279

Five Months Later

Mickey’s heart is pounding as he walks to the Gallagher house. He’s talked to Ian everyday since they separated at the border, but Ian doesn’t know that all the charges were dropped on him so it’s his plan to surprise him today.

Without knocking, he walks in the back door of the house. He sees Debbie with her baby, Carl, Liam, and Fiona. He holds back a smile when he sees their jaws dropped open and the widening of their eyes.

“Ian home?” He says nonchalantly.

Suddenly Liam and Debbie throw themselves into Mickey. It took a lot of power not to run at this sudden embrace, but he didn’t, instead he smiled. After all this time he can’t wrap his mind around all these people caring about him, but he is starting to accept it.

“Mickey!” Liam screams.

“Hey, bud.” He attempts to ruffle his hair.

“You’re home,” Debbie hugged him again. “We missed you.”

Fiona is still in shock, but once she gains awareness she walks over to him and pulls him in for a hug. “We did miss you, Mickey.”

Mickey nods. “Yeah, me too. Sorry I wasn’t here when Frannie was born, Debs.” Then he turns to Carl. “You stayin’ out of trouble? I hear you’re a fucking military boy like your brother was now.”

Carl nods. “I am.” He goes to shake Mickey’s hand. “I’m happy you’re home, man.”

“How the fuck are you home?” Fiona raises her eyebrows. “Where did you go? Ian wouldn’t tell us.”

“I’ll explain later, where’s Ian?”

“Ummm,” Debbie says cautiously. “Upstairs with a guy–”

“Please don’t hurt him, Mickey. He’s nice,” Fiona adds. “Wait–” she says as he turns for the stairs. “Ian didn’t take his pills this morning, I had to get a refill. Make him take them.” She hands him the bottle.

Mickey takes the bottle and chuckles. “Can’t fuckin’ wait to see this.” He starts walking up. “I won’t kill him,” he shouts to the family as he gets out of their view.

As Mickey approaches the bedroom, he hears Ian’s voice. “What don’t you fucking understand I am not going to kiss you, I can’t!”

“Why the fuck not? Huh?” The other man speaks. “Waiting for some badass guy who isn’t fucking coming back for you?”

With that Mickey opens the door. He doesn’t lunge to hurt the man. He doesn’t curse the other guy out. He doesn’t throw himself on Ian either. Instead he holds up the pills, walks to Ian, and says, “Take your pills, bitch,” in a caring voice. Then he places a kiss on his boyfriend’s head.

Ian’s mouth falls open in surprise, but he takes the pills like he was instructed to. He then stands up and hugs Mickey tightly, kissing the side of his head.

“Who the fuck is this?” Trevor spits.

“The badass guy he was fucking waiting for to come back, the thug he talks about in his sleep, and his fiancé, which is whom he kisses,” Mickey rudely smiles and pulls Ian in for a hard kiss.

Trevor stepped back, clearly intimated. “I– I didn’t know you were coming back. Two people who ‘love’ each other as much as you guys claim to don’t leave each other so much.”

Ian is still speechless, but he tenses up at those words. “Oh, I see now. You think you love him?” Mickey raises both eyebrows. Trevor doesn’t respond though, he just makes a loud gulping noise.

“Don’t kill him, Mick,” Ian finally blurts out.

“Won’t.” He doesn’t turn to look at Ian. “Promised the kids I wouldn’t.” He backs off and Trevor let’s out a sigh of relief.

“What happened? How are you back? I thought I’d have to come to Mexico? Rings! We need rings! Did you call Mandy? Shit, Mick, how’d you get here without the police catching you?” The words began to flow out of Ian’s mouth. Mickey shut him up by kissing him.

“Hey,” he puts his palm on Ian’s cheek. “I’m home. Everything is finally fucking settled. I’ll explain then.”

Ian nods. “Lip’s coming home from rehab tonight, he’ll probably want to know what’s going on too so you can explain to everyone at dinner.”

“I know, you told me asshole was comin’ home a thousand times,” Mickey laughs. “Now would you like to shower? I smell and I need you like now. It’s been a bit too long,” he seductively jokes.

“Let’s get to it then,” he smirks. “Sorry, Trev!” Ian calls out.

“What the fuck?” Trevor says to himself. He then walks down the stairs to ask the other Gallagher’s about what just happened.

They were all already staring at the stairway. “Uhh,” Fiona says. “Hi, Trev.”

“What the fuck just happened?”

“Mickey’s home,” Liam says. It’s probably one of the only times Trevor has actually heard him speak. “I missed Mickey,” he adds but everyone seems to ignore it.

They all look at him sympathetically. “We’re sorry,” Fiona says. “He told you from that start about Mickey.”

“Have you ever seen the way Ian looks at the asshole?” Trevor shakes his head.

Fiona tries to hide her smile because she doesn’t want to make him feel bad. “It’s always been that way.”

“Did he say anything about the way he got home?”

“He said he’s going to explain it at dinner when Lip gets home.” Trevor looks down. “Ian didn’t even tell me Lip gets let out of rehab today, but apparently he told Mickey ‘a thousand times.’”

Debbie frowns at the sadness in Trevor’s voice, but at the same time she shouldn’t feel bad because he knew what he was getting himself into. “Where are they?”

“Showering,” Trevor states coldly.

“No surprise there,” Carl says with a chuckles.

Suddenly, Trevor’s eyebrows shoot up. “Do you know what I just realized? Mickey called himself Ian’s fiancé.” Now that, Carl finds surprising because he chokes on his soda.

“Did you just say fiancé?” Fiona starts to step forward.

Trevor nods. “Yeah, and Ian was going on and on about needing rings.”

“What the fuck?” The whole Gallagher family shares the same surprised look on their faces.

“Well if you don’t mind, I’m going to stay for dinner. I’d like learn more about the criminal who has Ian on such a tight hold,” Trevor sits.

* * *

Suddenly the Gallagher clan and Trevor hear something make a loud bang coming from the upstairs. “Are you fucking nuts?” They all hear Mickey shout.

Trevor gets up as if he’s about to come to Ian’s defense, but Carl holds him back and shakes his head. “You do not want to get in the middle of that, believe me.”

“Clearly! That’s why I’m on the pills, isn’t it?” Ian yells back. Fiona’s heart drops every time she hears her brother refer to himself as crazy.

“You went a whole fucking week without taking them, Ian! Are you trying to kill yourself?” Mickey sounds very serious.

Debbie closes her eyes know that everything the Milkovich boy is saying is right. Ian should never skip out on taking his medication, it could cause too much damage. The thought of Ian becoming manic again makes everyone upset.

Ian lets out a frustrated grunt. “Someone fucking stole them! I didn’t tell anyone because I knew this would be the fucking reaction!” The yells stop for a few seconds. “I’m not fucking manic, Mickey!”

“You wouldn’t know, asshole! I would fucking know!” Mickey shouts. “You’re fuckin’ lucky I don’t see it right now!”

Ian storms down the stairs and notices his siblings annoyed faces. He rolls his eyes and takes a seat. “Don’t say a fucking word, okay?”

Before anyone even had a chance to say anything, Frank comes storming in the house. “I need a beer.” He heads for the fridge, then takes a seat next to the redhead.

“You’re not stayin’ here, Frank,” Fiona says coldly. “You got your beer now get out.”

“This is my house!” Frank responds. It’s clear he’s already drunk. The man turns his body to Ian. “Ian, I need some of those drugs you’re packin’ because they are selling like crazy.”

Ian stands up to back away from Frank. “What drugs?”

“The lithium,” he speaks with no question in his voice. “You don’t need ‘em, you’re fine. I’ve been telling people it’s Oxy.” He laughs.

“You’re not taking my pills, Frank, I do need them!”

Frank is quickly becoming frustrated. “Son–”

“I’m not you’re fucking son, remember? Monica fucked your brother.” With that being said, Frank lunges himself forward to attack his son. Everyone was screaming, but no one knew what to do. He got about four good punches in before something pulled him back.

Mickey grabs Frank by the neck and slams him against the door. “You don’t ever touch a fucking hair on his head. You never get to lay another fucking hand on him.” Frank sucks for a breath. “You don’t ever take a single pill from him again either. Do you understand me, Frank? Last time you pissed me off this bad I almost killed ya,” he talks coldly. “I’ll fucking finish it next time.”

“I understand, I understand.” Frank slightly nods. “Nice to have you back, Mickey,” he says before Mickey pushed him out the door.

Ian laughs. “Should’ve let you kill him the first time.”

When Mickey sees a bloody Ian sitting on the floor, he goes to grab a towel to wash the blood off. He sits on the floor in front of Ian and carefully washes the wounds on his face. When he finishes he kisses Ian’s head and helps him to his feet. “I need you to take the pills because I can’t risk losing you, okay?” Mickey forgets about the presence of the other people. He doesn’t even notice when Lip walks in, but neither does anyone else because they’re too focus on Ian and Mickey. “It wouldn’t be me and you anymore if you decided to go off the deep end and wind up killing yourself.” He grabs the back of Ian’s neck.

“Me and you,” Ian whispers. He then leans into Mickey. “I’ll take them, I’m sorry.” Mickey nods and backs away.

Mickey is the first to notice Lip standing in the doorway. “Asshole’s home,” he points to the oldest Gallagher boy.

“Which one? Me or you?” Lip chuckles. He looks a lot healthier than he did before he left. Everyone then runs to hug him except Mickey and Trevor.

Mickey gives Trevor an evil glare and when everyone backs away from Lip he asks, “Fuck’s he still doing here?” He points at Trev.

“Didn’t believe you loved him,” Trevor says with guilt. “I was wrong.”

“Wait–” Fiona turns to Ian and Mickey. “When were you going to tell us you’re getting married?”

“You’re getting married?” Lip looks confused.

The back door swings open allowing V and Kev into the house. “Who’s getting married?”

Mickey puts his head in his hands. “Oh for God’s sakes, you should’ve told them when I was gone,” he says to Ian.

Ian snorts. “Nah.”

“Hey, Mickey’s back!” Kev walked up to him to pat him on the back.

Mickey slowly stiffens more and more at all the people in the house. Ian notices his boyfriend’s unsteady breath, so he places a hand on his back to assure him that he’s there. Mickey eased into the touch and felt himself relax.

Once everyone quieted down, Mickey felt himself breathe again. Everyone then moved back to Lip and asked him all about how rehab was for him. After that, they all took their seats around the dinner table and began to eat.

“So,” Carl looked at Mickey. “I think you got some explaining to do.”

“Oh, fuck,” he said stressfully.

“I got it, Mick. Just fill in when you need to.” Ian then proceeded to tell them how Mickey kept in touch with Mandy throughout the five months after his escape. When Mickey arrived in Mexico, Mandy visited the Gallagher’s half sister Sammi, and harshly convinced her to drop all charges against Mickey, making sure she tells the court that he’s innocent. After that, Mandy proceeded to make sure there were no charges held against Mickey after the escape. Mandy refused to share how she managed to do that, but she guaranteed that he was a safe and free man.

“And about getting fuckin’ hitched and shit,” Mickey reminded Ian to tell them about that.

“Oh yeah,” he started. “I drove with him to the border the day before Monica died. We made an agreement that if he wasn’t back in six months that I’d come to Mexico, but me, being the pussy I was that day, didn’t think that it was enough so I told him I wanted to get married when we were reunited.”

Everyone was listening intently. Trevor ended the silence. “Well, fuck. I never seen love like this before. Sorry I keep sayin’ it straight out like that, but I never seen two people look at each other like that or talk about each other like that, especially in the Southside.” Ian smiles at the words, and Mickey looks down shyly.

“We warned you, man,” Kev says to Trev.

“Guess we got a wedding to plan!” Fiona says happily.

Mickey squeezes Ian’s knee under the table and chokes back a grin. When he turns his head to see Ian staring at him was a flashing white smile plastered across his face, he cannot help but reciprocate.

“We’re getting married, baby,” Ian whispers in Mickey’s ear and kisses the hand he is holding.

“You and me,” Mickey smiles. “We’re really doing it.”


A private eye is only as good as the favors he has coming to him. That’s why I stopped by the DMV.
“Hey, Marty. I need to call in that favor you owe me. Need you to run these plates, find out who the cars are registered to. Think they’re mafia, so it’s not gonna be easy for you, and yeah, if you get caught by your boss you’ll get canned as fast as a tuna in Japan, but you owe me one.“
“Frank, that favor you did for me was far, far easier. You helped me shovel my driveway. And my driveway is tiny. Can’t even fit a smart car in it, let alone one that didn’t go to college.”
“So what? A favor’s a favor. Also, when you get the information, I need you to help me break into the car owners’ homes, and gather more intel. You’re gonna need a gun, so buy one illegally. We might need to rough up some kids.”
“Don’t forget after I shoveled, I opened the door for you to get back inside.”
“So the fuck what? You opened a door for me so I have to illegally buy a gun to help you trespass and beat up children?”
“Marty, you wanna be a guy who doesn’t honor his favors?”
“Jeez, this is crazy, Frank! I need a cigarette.”
“Here, let me light that for you.”
“You’re welcome, but now you owe me another favor. You gotta help me kill God.”                                                                                                            “FRANK!”

“You were safe” Or, why Karen x Frank Castle is the greatest thing ever.

okay kids, sit down and strap in because i’m about to hit you with some meta.

there’s an ancient tumblr adage that says that the greatest ships are the ones that you don’t see coming, that jump out of nowhere and slap you in the face.

my friends, i give you: Karen Page and the Punisher.

This was not a ship i was expecting, but boyyyyyy it had me at the get-go.

so let’s break down why it’s amazing.

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