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Frank Wills, an $80-a-week security guard, triggered the uncovering of the Watergate scandal 39 years ago today.

The Post picked it up from there.

From his obituary in the Post (he died in 2000 of a brain tumor): Mr. Wills was considered a forgotten figure of Watergate when, in 1997, came a deluge of interview requests on the 25th anniversary of the break-in. He emerged embittered, telling a Boston Globe reporter: “I put my life on the line. I went out of my way. … If it wasn’t for me, Woodward and Bernstein would not have known anything about Watergate. This wasn’t finding a dollar under a couch somewhere.”


Break-in at the Watergate, 6/17/1972

Security Officer’s Log of the Watergate Office Building Showing Entry for June 17, 1972
File Unit: Frank Wills’ Witness File, 5/13/1972 - 7/25/1972
Series: Witness Files, 6/17/1972 - 11/4/1974
Record Group 460: Records of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, 1971 - 1977

During the early hours of June 17, 1972, Frank Wills was the security guard on duty at the Watergate office complex in Washington, DC. This log shows that at 1:47 a.m. he called the police, who arrested five burglars inside the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. Investigation into the break-in exposed a trail of abuses that led to the highest levels of the Nixon administration and ultimately to the President himself. President Nixon resigned from office under threat of impeachment on August 9, 1974.

Government Exhibits One and Two: Two Photographs of the Watergate Complex . NAID 304965

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Great review! While watching Jenny telling Jamie the Claire she knew would have never stopped looking for him, I couldn't help but wonder if Jamie feels the same somehow. I think he secretly hoped the whole time she would come back to him and I think that's part of the hurt he still feels - that she didn't look for him earlier, that she stayed with Frank for so long while he left Laoghaire in a similar situation after just a few months. Maybe he's still scared she fell in love with Frank again?

I can DEFINITELY see a bit of this going through Jamie’s mind, especially where he literally escaped from prison and risked life and limb on the chance she might have come back for him. And he knows she loved Frank and she’s been willing to go to great lengths in the past for the man, including extracting that promise from him to put off challenging BJR. With everything Jamie knows of Claire’s relationship with Frank before she left and the fact that on some level he does want her to be happy and well-cared for—even if it’s with Frank—it’s entirely reasonable for Jamie to fear that she fell back in love with him after returning, that whatever love she felt for Frank was enough for her (or at least, more enough for her than what he’s been left with in her absence). 

Of course, in the show, Claire did look for him. As soon as she arrived back in the 20th century she began looking to see if there was anything to confirm that he had died. She burned through Reverend Wakefield’s library looking for anything about Jamie or the Lallybroch men. It’s on Mrs. Graham’s recommendation and then Frank’s making it a condition that she finally gives up her search. In many ways I think Claire feels like agreeing to Frank’s conditions was a betrayal of Jamie, even if returning to Frank was what he’d expressly told her to do. 

There are still so many things for Jamie and Claire to talk about concerning their twenty years apart. Some of it they will talk about further down the road (the scenes of them talking in bed on the Ridge during those first weeks and months are among my favorites from Drums). But they also reach a point where they don’t want to dwell too much on that pain. It takes a while but they eventually reach a point where they are able to accept that those years are well and truly behind them and they start sincerely looking forward, closing the door on that pain and instead relishing the present and the joy of being together again (in a more consistent way than that bubble of uncomplicated happiness they had during that brief time in Edinburgh before the print shop burned). 

  • <p> <b>Leo:</b> "Hey, we're gonna watch a movie tonight!"<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> "Who's with us?"<p/><b>Leo:</b> "You, me, Jason, Piper, Percy, Frank, Hazel, and Will's with Nico."<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> "mmm 'kay. What are we watching?"<p/><b>Piper:</b> *blasting out from the other room* SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING'S OUT!<p/><b>Leo:</b> "GREAT IDEA!"<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> ...<p/><b>Piper:</b> ...<p/><b>Leo:</b> ...<p/><b>Annabeth:</b> ...<p/><b>Piper:</b> "Is Annabeth's face blue before I was here?"<p/></p>

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Ok so a while ago one of the show runners said that Frank was gonna get a kiss in TP and at the time we were all like "but who? Can't be Karen or the homeland security girl?" But now after all these clips? Maybe?? I don't know honestly XD

That last still on the trailer clip of Frank lowering his eyes is killing me softly (ay) but! I haven’t found that info anywhere else outside of that Reddit thread from April? I’d love to know if there’s another source because if it does happen, the possibilities…are wild. 

I’ve always been of the opinion that if it’s anyone BUT Karen, then it’s going to be a situation of manipulation or they’re both maintaining a cover/losing attention on them, or something like that. Something very very fleeting and without much depth….because I think the bond he and Karen have managed to build is so unique? Since she’s known and cared for him so far back, before he had a great many walls up, before he was more resigned than ever to his fate of, if not endless Punishing, then at least no positive futures anymore, well then I think she’s really burrowed inside him in a way completely beyond his control and in a way where he didn’t wisen to that and try to push her out until it was kind of too late. Which is why he reconnects to her so soon after returning. 

So, if a kiss of any kind happens and if it’s with Dinah or anyone else not Karen, I just have such a hard time imagining it could have a lot of mutual depth to it. Let alone depth that Frank would be willing to be open to or explore or anything like that the way we’ve gotten glimpses of how he will with Karen, apparently. As Jon said at Comic Con, he’s a guy that doesn’t want to feel things and connect with people, but Karen got in there anyway. For someone like him, I think she’s the exception and absolutely not the norm. 

(Also, I feel like all the snippets about his and Micro’s relationship kind of cement that exception factor beyond any romantic angle and just in general? In the way that they’re going to become each other’s main support, working and living together as they will be and all, but it’s very much a volatile thing. And when you compare that – specifically how he explodes on Micro and gets angry at him when he questions Frank in that recent clip – to how he caught himself shouting at Karen – not out of anger at her, out of anger spawned from terror spawned from remembrance losing others he cares about – and softened so quickly without her doing anything at all… to me, that’s such a big difference.)

Gosh, I rambled, but yeah. I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up because everything so far has been so WTF unexpected anyway??? Absolutely amazing. But if that does happen, (stressing the low hopes thing again lol) the possibility for it being a Kastle thing is there. My head is spinning from yesterday still tbh.

On another note….definitely don’t imagine them kissing in that trailer scene, and the aesthetic of Frank kissing Karen with a bloody mouth without her giving a care in the world about it or how dirty and battered they are, because…that’s just. Wow. I need that in fic now.


I have this tradition. It’s something I do now when a friend dies. I save his Rolodex card. What am I supposed to do? Throw it away in the trash can? I won’t do that. No, I won’t. That’s too final. Last year I had five cards. No I have fifty. A collection of cardboard tombstones, bound together with a rubber band. I hate these fucking funerals. I really do. And you know what else I hate? I hate the memorials. That’s our social life now. Going to these things.

Outlander/ACOTAR Similarities

I’m not sure if there is much crossover between the Outlander fandom and the ACOTAR fandom other than myself and @bonnie-wee-swordsman​, but I definitely has some major Outlander deja vu while reading ACOWAR!

If you haven’t read Outlander or ACOTAR, beware, there are light spoilers below for both series! AND if you haven’t read Outlander or ACOTAR, you should get off Tumblr and go read both series. Because you are worth the flood of emotions that both series bring! ;)

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The Frerard Theories: .she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook.

Disclaimer:I’m not saying that this is the truth as for only Gerard and Frank know whatthe truth was. This is just a 20 year old girl who gets bored enough sometimes to analyze lyrics, and let me tell you, as an English Literature student I’m pretty damn good at it. If you don’t like frerard, don’t continue reading. I don’t want to change your mind, I don’t want for you to try and change mine. If you want to discuss something in a civilized way, feel free to contact me but otherwise I’m not interested. Also, note that I won’t ever, ever in my whole life go harassing these two men with frerard stuff because they have expressed they don’t like it and it’s disrespectful to not comply with what they want.

.she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook.

i got my bags all packed and i’m ready to go. i’m standing outside of your figurative door. and i’m ready for the flight or to fall of a cliff, but if it’s alright with you i’d rather not miss out on us. cause your face is all i need to stay sane. i’ve spent my life getting in my own way. so i could use something good, i really need this to work out. of course the way things have been going it might be smarter to just cash out. but you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m sinking fast so it’s alright. i’ve tied my stomach in knots and I’m ready to know. i’ll put it on the line if you’d just give it a go. cause i wanna be the only one to hold you so close and so tight. and if it’s cool with you, i’d really love to spend the night. you said you never wanna be saved, well, that’s ok because i really wouldn’t know how. just know that the best that i’ll ever be is whatever you make me and wherever you are…you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m on your side, cause i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes. but i’m sinking fast, so it’s alright. all we wanted was what we were, and what we were was young and naive. i found my place in this world, it’s in your wake. you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m on your side, because i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes. but once in a while, i wish you would tell me if you even care. because i’m sinking fast, and i need you…i need you to know that i’m alright.

First of all, i’d like to say this song is beautiful. One of my favourites of .stomachaches. and yes, i do think it talks about Gerard, and I’ll be also talking about the video because I found some interesting things there too.

This song is about a break up. It’s about Frank not being ready to move on. i got my bags all packed and i’m ready to go. i’m standing outside of your figurative door. This is basically Frank saying “you’re throwing me out again.” He’s standing on a figurative door because Gerard was never clear to him, that’s why it’s not a literal door. Also, I think he’s telling us to not take this literally, to search for a ‘’figurative’’ meaning. Standing on someone’s door is also a way of saying that he’s out there, waiting for him.

and i’m ready for the flight or to fall of a cliff ‘’and I’m ready to move on (the flight) or rather fall off a cliff.’’ He’s saying that all of this makes him feel bad, that he’s trying so hard to move on but he feels like falling because it hurts. Because he can’t be with Gerard, and he loves him. He doesn’t want things to end. This was written when they started interacting a bit again after the band’s break up, mind this.

but if it’s alright with you i’d rather not miss out on us. ‘’but please, if you just gave me another chance, I’d be there. No matter what.’’ They are talking a little again, and this is giving frank hopes. He’s trying to be there, to get back together, no matter what. Because when you love someone, you give them all the chances in the world. They can treat you badly, they can hurt you. But you still want to not miss out on them.

cause your face is all i need to stay sane. Gerard is what keeps Frank sane. Remember back in ProjRev, when it all seemed to have ended between them? Frank was going crazy. He was so depressed it almost hurts to see his performances with LeATHERMOUTH and read his lyrics and poems. Not being with Gerard makes him be ‘’crazy’’, mentally ill, depressed. Performing with Gerard, just seeing his face, keeps him happy, because Frank lives for Gerard. We all know he didn’t want the band to be done. He didn’t see it coming, he has said that. He didn’t know about it and he didn’t like it. That’s why he got pissed at Gerard in the first place, because as always, Gerard wasn’t being clear with him. Frank misses this band, it was his life, he’s said that. I think it wasn’t just a band. It was what connected him with Gerard and now it’s done and he didn’t want this to happen. But then again, he only wants to make Gerard happy, because seeing his face is what keeps him alive.

i’ve spent my life getting in my own way. so i could use something good, i really need this to work out. To me this line is fucking interesting. I mean, if this was about Jamia, how does she fit in here? He knows that everything is going to work out between them, for fuck’s sake, they are married. Everything is okay between them, this is not about her. This is about a relationship where both of the people involved have made mistakes. Frank getting engaged with Jamia in the middle of the writing of TBP for example. We all know something bad happened in that house, because suddenly Frank was engaged and they didn’t flirt on stage anymore. Gerard reacted by getting himself engaged with someone that was stalking him. I mean, it was like he was screaming at Frank ‘’I don’t fucking need you. I don’t love you’’ (yes, I think I don’t love you was a song about G+F). They both have made mistakes, they both have gotten in their own ways. Now, he says ‘’I really need this to work out’’, basically, he really needs all this new interaction with Gerard to lead to something more, because he can’t stand the possibility of losing him. Period.

of course the way things have been going it might be smarter to just cash out. This line talks about how their relationship actually is. How Gerard always deceives him, makes him think he’s ready to take the next step just to let him fall again, that’s why it would be smarter to not to do this. They have just started talking again, and Frank is struggling with the idea that if he lets Gerard in again, it’s just going to cause him a lot of pain, but then again, he can’t simply bear the idea of being without him.

but you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. ‘’but I’m always thinking about you.’’ Of course he is. Even if this song wasn’t for Gerard (which it is) it doesn’t make any sense to try and fit Jamia here. The only person that makes sense here is Gerard. If you don’t believe this, please give me your reasons. ‘’the things that you say hurt me most of the time’’ I think this refers to Gerard not being clear about them. Gerard telling the world it was a fake, nothing but ‘’stage gay.’’ How would it make you feel if the person you’re in love with told the world that your relationship was a fake? Knowing that Gerard doesn’t want to say the truth about them must be really hard.

but i’m sinking fast so it’s alright. He’s saying that he’s going back to being depressed again, and really fast. He obviously misses him, he misses the band and he misses everything that has to do with Gerard altogether. It’s destroying me knowing that Frank is depressed about the break up. That he didn’t want it to end. I mean, I understand the reasons behind it, I understand why Gerard had to put it to an end. I understand why Mikey needed this. But Frank didn’t want this to end, because it was his connection with Gerard. Months of touring, just both of them, no wives, no kids. No real life while being on the tour, just them against the world:

Frank: We live on each other… we’re in each other’s faces.
Gerard: We sleep with each other.
Frank: Like, 24/7, yeah. I mean, that’s it. It’s us and the world.

‘’it’s just us and the world.’’ Mind this, he isn’t referring to the whole band here, Gerard isn’t referring to the whole band here. They are talking just about them, saying that when they are together, there’s nothing else in the world.

i’ve tied my stomach in knots and I’m ready to know. ‘’I’ve tried to wrap my head around the idea of not having you ever again, so just tell me.’’ That’s it. This is a song about a break up, a story that ends, but one of the people involved isn’t ready to move on, as I’ve said. Does this ring a bell? Do you know anyone who isn’t ready to move on from someone and something? Frank here is just asking Gerard to be clear for once and for all, if they are done, if this is it, he wants him to tell Frank. Even if it hurts (stomach tied in knots), even if it’s going to be difficult. Frank needs to know what is going to happen now that the band is done.

i’ll put it on the line if you’d just give it a go. As always, Frank is being extremely poetic here. Let’s give a look at the definition of ‘’put it on the line’’: to risk failure. Basically, Frank is willing to risk being hurt again if Gerard would only give this another chance. Another start. Frank wants to do this again, even if he knows it would probably involve a lot of pain, because he loves Gerard. He needs Gerard, he wants to be with him. This is Frank asking Gerard if they could get back together, maybe even as a band.

cause i wanna be the only one to hold you so close and so tight. Boom. Frank again being extremely explicit. Frank again telling us that this isn’t about Jamia. Of course he’s the only one that holds her ‘’close and tight.’’ They are fucking married. But he’s not the only one who holds Gerard that way, is he? He wants Gerard just for him, he wants this to be real. He needs to stop hiding, he needs Gerard all for himself.

and if it’s cool with you, i’d really love to spend the night. ‘’if you’d let me, I’d stay forever.’’ I think the purpose of this song is to make Gerard know that Frank is still there. That even if he’s hurt, even if he knows he would probably hurt Frank again, he’s still there for him. No matter what. But Gerard doesn’t want to break his plastic life. I mean, I know he loves LynZ. But I catch like a weird vibe from that relationship, like something’s off. It’s like Gerard feels the need to talk about her, almost praise her, just so no one suspects. Look at Frank’s relationship with Jamia for example: Frank doesn’t need to praise her at all, because he’s sure about that. He knows what Jamia is for him, and he knows she’s in love with him, and when that happens, you don’t need to constantly talk about it. Gerard, on the other hand, feels the need to tell everyone how awesome his life is, how happy he is. Usually, this happens when that isn’t true. Usually this happens when you’re not happy with your life, but if you let people know about that, it’s not going to make things easier. Questions would be asked. Gerard doesn’t want that. He’s had the opportunity to deny being into guys a thousand times, and all of them, he hasn’t been clear about it. It just seems a bit off to me.

you said you never wanna be saved, well, that’s ok because i really wouldn’t know how. This is Gerard telling Frank that he doesn’t want to be saved from the lies he’s gotten both of them into. I mean, how would the world react if Gerard said tomorrow that he was in love with Frank? Do you know how many questions that would raise? Frank couldn’t help Gerard out on this one, because they’ve tried to not to talk about this a thousand times. Gerard has hidden in his plastic life and if he told us tomorrow that he was in love with Frank, everyone would be asking questions, everyone would be judging. And Frank really doesn’t know how to help him here. UPDATE: I JUST FOUND LIKE THE ULTIMATE EVIDENCE THAT CONNECTS GERARD TO THIS SONG:

“I learned that the world doesn’t want to be saved, and it will fucking punch you in the face if you try.”-Gerard Way.

Fuck me if this song isn’t about Gerard. Like come on, too many coincidences.

just know that the best that i’ll ever be is whatever you make me and wherever you are… just know that the best of me is you. Just know that I’ll be there for you, because you make me a better person. Just know that being with you, in the same place at the same time, is what makes me the best of me. I mean. Come on. This is obviously Frank telling Gerard that he loves him, that he wants to be with him. If this isn’t a fucking declaration of love, I don’t know what is.

you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m on your side, cause i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes. but i’m sinking fast, so it’s alright. Even if you say things that hurt me like 24/7, I kinda understand you, because I know it’s difficult to put up with me. Have you ever seen Frank on stage? He kicked Gerard in the balls once. He’s injured Bob, Mikey, I think he’s even injured Ray at some point. He’s ‘’difficult’’ to deal with, he knows it. He understands to a point why this is not easy for Gerard. He knows he has flaws, that’s why he’s ‘’on Gerard’s side.’’

all we wanted was what we were, and what we were was young and naïve. This is for me the most explicit line in this whole song. ‘’what we wanted is in the past now, we were young and didn’t have a care.’’ He wants that back. But he can’t have it because they are both ‘’grown ups’’ now. They have a family, they have broken up the band. They are doing other things. They thought the world wouldn’t notice about what was going on between them, and that’s why they were naïve. He wants that back, that innocence, those first moments of their relationship.

i found my place in this world, it’s in your wake. ‘’my place in this life is at your side.’’ He wants to see Gerard when he’s most vulnerable ‘’in his wake.’’ He wants to be with Gerard at all times, because it’s where he feels like he belongs. Being side by side with Gerard is what makes him feel alive, it’s what makes him feel happy.

you’re on my mind, and the things that you say hurt me most of the time. but i’m on your side, because i know i’m not easy to deal with sometimes. but once in a while, i wish you would tell me if you even care. because i’m sinking fast, and i need you…i need you to know that i’m alright. Again, Frank knows he’s not easy to put up with, he has flaws too and he’s made mistakes as well, that’s why he understands that Gerard says stuff that hurts him and that’s why he’s on his side. This is where shit gets real ‘’but once in a while, I wish you’d tell me if you even care’’ this excludes Jamia. Like it’s not possible to say this song is for her. It’s not possible. He knows that Jamia cares. Period. But Gerard? How can he know if Gerard cares? He’s been letting him get hurt for years now. Gerard has been making out with him just to let him go shortly after because he was scared. Gerard has been in love (still is if you ask me) with Frank just to marry another person because he didn’t want the world to know about this. If you loved someone and they didn’t show it to you, they didn’t want to go public with you, you’d wonder if they care at all. If they love you or this is just for fun. Frank needs to know this because he’s feeling depressed again. Even if Gerard doesn’t care anymore, he needs to know if he cared back in the day. Now, he repeats ‘’I need you’’ for five times (because he needs Gerard, I’ve said that earlier), and he needs him to know that he’s alright. That it’s okay, he didn’t want to break up the band, but he understands why. He wants to be with Gerard, but he understands why he can’t be with him. Still he needs him. (this seriously breaks my heart).

Other facts:

Now, since I love this song, I’ve seen all the live performances I could find on YouTube. And what was my surprise when I found one where Frank said (and I literally quote): ‘’I wrote about one of the strongest PEOPLE I know. And it’s a very true story. It’s about being a complete mess but still finding true love and hoping that it kinda saves you from yourself.’’ Fuck my life if this isn’t about Gerard. It’s very interesting how he says PEOPLE. Not Girl. Not woman. PEOPLE. Again, as he does in .where do we belong? anywhere but here. he’s making sure to not to use a specific gender. I mean, come on. Gerard is one of the strongest people Frank knows, the man was able to get sober within 14 days. Remember when Gerard was throwing up in the bushes and falling to the floor? He told Frank: I’ll get better, I promise. (it’s a very true story). 

Now comes the huge part: being a complete mess but still finding true love and hoping that kinda saves you from yourself. This, for me, has two options: Gerard being a complete mess, falling in love with Frank and hoping Frank saves him from himself (I’ll get better, I promise). It wasn’t Mikey he was promising this to. It was Frank. We all know Frank was by Gerard’s side all through his rehab. (also, this reminds me of Boy Division, when Gerard sings ‘’save me from my self-destruction’’). Too many coincidences again. The other possibility, is that he’s talking about himself and about how falling in love with Gerard, even if it hurt him, saved him when he was having stomach problems and being depressed in general back in LeATHERMOUTH. When did Frank start to get better? When he started talking again with Gerard. Of fucking course.

Now, the video. It shows a bear who falls in love with a girl, but in order to approach her, he has to shave all his hair and become human. He has to hide his true self. To me this talks about being in the closet. I mean, Gerard isn’t clear about him liking guys. Gerard hid himself to be with Frank. Just like the bear. And then, when he finally shows the girl who he really is, the girl turns out to be just like him. Frank is telling Gerard that if they stop hiding, if they stop pretending, they can be together. If they let their true selves come out, they can be together again. Just look at the video, to me that’s what means.


💀🏵 frank {son of dr. facilier} // oc created for @creamlattes 🏵💀

{ @creamlattes if you like him, feel free to keep him as your own! use him for requests and stories, anything you want! he’s yours! }

frank is dr. facilier’s 15 year old son // starts an lgbt club in auradon , which encourages a lot of closeted students to come out // the club was a great way for frank to make some new friends in auradon // because he could never practice voodoo on the isle , it was one of the first things he {secretly} tried in his new dorm ; it didn’t exactly go as planned, and a green haze filled the dorm for about a week // dresses immaculately now that he can buy new clothes // posesses the ability to tell the future through voodoo , which his friends use to their advantage, if frank is willing // hopeless romantic // very charming , like his father // asks lonnie, the resident “chef”, to teach him to make beignets, so he can feel closer to home // it’s amazing , and now it’s a dorm tradition every friday night for everyone to get together and make some for movie night // a bit of a gossip, since his voodoo allows him to know more about people than they’d probably like // joins band , for the jazz of course // wears a skull pendant like his father’s everyday

- lana 💀

Red Queen, I need help

I need beta readers

So, my main squeezes haven’t read Red Queen, yet. And so, I need to hunt out some beta readers that will give me critical feedback on my NaNoWriMo story.

  • Willing to read 50-60k words of unedited, NaNo trash
  • Also willing to call me out on being boring, overly dramatic, out-of-character, or offensive
  • Up for proposing potential changes or brainstorming
  • Willing to work with me back and forth for as long as it takes or as long as you can stand me
  • Strong preference for folks that can grammar (which I cannot)
  • Preference for those that just don’t have time to sugar coat the bad news, be frank with me. :)

Willing to read and feedback in exchange, also willing to do dream-realization fics, and prompts and shout out your involvement in the authors notes, and even rec your fics.

Let me know (reply, reblog, message) if you’re game.


The band of men sat together as a unit near the back of the chapel, all of their eyes dancing around from the guests that filled in around them and the individuals moving up the aisle to file in to the front, all dressed in similar gold bridesmaid dresses and sharp black tuxedos.

“She picked gold. You think that’s a sign?” He questioned with a glint of hope. His accompanying guests couldn’t help but chuckle at his idiocy. “She did not pick gold for you! Our colors are yellow!” Kevin responded.

That was close enough for Marco.

“Here he goes overthinking everything,” Erik muttered under his breath.

Marco kept his eyes squarely forward as he awaited her entrance, no matter who else walked into his view and no matter the comments his teammates were making. He had kind of wished he had sat away from them. They were far too distracting when his heart was already beating a mile a minute. Once the guests began to stand and turn to look over their shoulder, he did the same. The first sight of her in her long white designer gown caused him to lose his breath. She looked far more extravagant than he expected and a piece of him couldn’t help but to envision she was walking down the aisle towards him.

But she wasn’t. She was headed to be greeted by some Frank guy who didn’t deserve her in the slightest. Marco had every reason to think it should have been him instead. In fact, he had created a list last night messily sketched onto a scrap piece of wrinkled paper he had found under his dresser. On that paper was approximately 58 reasons she shouldn’t go through with this. The final reason?

He was in love with the way she sang along to a song she’s never heard.

So maybe his reasoning had gone from strong to weak but he kept all 58, currently hidden and stuffed into the pocket of his black dress pants.

“She’s gorgeous,” he let out to no one in particular. His eyes followed her every step, his eyes running up and down her as if she was a trophy he had yet to touch. He continued to do that once she was met at the altar by her soon-to-be husband. The thought alone made him shudder and he quickly sat down.

“You think if I keep staring at her, she’ll just know and stop it all?” He whispered to his teammates seated in the same row as him.

“No, you idiot,” Ciro asserted.

A woman in the row in front of them quickly turned in her seat and gave them a scolding “Shhh” to quiet them, tired of having to listen to the disturbing whispers of the party behind her. All of the guys, except Marco of course, held their hands up in innocence.

Once the woman turned back forward in her seat, the talking persisted. “We’ll never get invited to another wedding again,” Mats mumbled with a disappointed shake of his head.

His remarks were ignored. Marco was in his own world at the moment, trying to figure out the best way to go about this. “I can’t let her do this. I can’t.”

“What the hell are you going to do? Stand up when they ask who objects?”

“Yes,” Marco said confidently.

“Oh hell,” Nuri remarked, throwing his hands up in defeat.

“I knew I should have sat in the other row,” Erik mumbled to himself, beginning to prepare for the embarrassment that would come with the amount of eyes that were going to be facing his direction. All he wanted was to enjoy a nice wedding. Couldn’t he at least get that?

“Are you sure about that, mate? I mean…this is her day. Are you sure you want to ruin it and have her hate you?” Sven tried to reason with his teammate who was far past logic. He was already two feet in.

“I’d hate you after you made me waste thousands of dollars on fine chocolates,” Mats added.

“Is that all you’re thinking about?” Sven jerked his neck in Mats direction.

“What? I like chocolate,” Mats nonchalantly shrugged.

It was now Marco’s turn to speak up. “I don’t care how much she spent on this wedding if that means she has to be stuck with this guy for the rest of her life. Look at her. She looks so unhappy.”

Or at least that was the image of her he had painted over the real one because right now she was smiling uncontrollably and nearly on the verge of happy tears, her hands unable to stop shaking nervously as she listened to the priest speak.

“And besides,” Marco continued trying to reason with his teammates in hopes they wouldn’t hop up and leave the chapel as soon as he stood to protest. He didn’t want to have to face this daunting task alone. He needed their support in any way he could get it. “What if she’s pregnant with my child? Would that change your minds?”

Immediately all of their eyes widened, shocked and surprised as well as hoping no one was listening in to their conversation. “She’s pregnant?! With your kid?!” They all seemed to whisper in unison.

Marco quickly sunk into his chair, realizing that wasn’t the way to go. “Okay…so maybe she isn’t pregnant…but what if she was?”

Their shocked expressions quickly turned into stale ones. “You’re going mad,” Ciro commented for them all. “Look, do what you want and good luck to you. I’ll sit here but I’m not cheering and applauding when this all comes crashing down.”

That was enough for Marco. Not like he had much of a choice because it was now his cue, as the priest asked if there were any objections. Everyone sat forward in their seats expecting things to go on without a hitch. The bride and groom were lost in each other eyes, figuring the same but that didn’t stop Marco from standing from his seat.

“I object,” he spoke proudly, his stoic figure gaining the attention of everyone now as they turned to find who was the source of the disturbance. His teammates watched on slightly proud and slightly embarrassed, debating whether to hide their faces in their hands or clap for him actually going through with it.

Her eyes widened as soon as she realized it was him though it shouldn’t have been so surprising to see him here. She had invited him with the expectation he wouldn’t show, that he would be too hurt to and she didn’t blame him for that. But for him to not only show but to interrupt her wedding? That was unexpected. She struggled to verbalize anything while the groom stood drilling a painful stare in Marco’s direction. He shouldn’t have been surprised to see him either.

Marco needed no further permission or directions. He had watched this plenty of times in romantic movies he had rented, unbeknownst to anyone. He just needed to gather his breath well enough to speak and not trip while he walked over the feet of his teammates and down the aisle closer to her.

Everyone watched in awe, shocked, surprised, anticipating, everything. He was sure there were a few angry glares as well especially coming from Frank’s side of the family but there was one person he had on his side and that was Y/N’s brother who seemed to have a delighted smirk on his face as he sat in the front row watching this all unfold.

It was then that Marco reached into his pocket, only a few steps away from the woman he loved. “I-I…I wrote down every reason I could think of in four and a half hours of why you shouldn’t be marrying him.” He quickly zoned out, his eyes only focusing on her and not on the murmurs of people speaking around him or Frank’s warning glances.

“Number one, I’m in love with you. And I know that is so obvious because why else would I be up here? But I just need you to know that first and foremost. I wish I wasn’t so cowardly and I could have made sure you knew that before you got this far with someone else. It isn’t my intention to ruin your day and have you standing here looking at me crazy while you’re in this gorgeous dress and you’ve spent all this money on your fancy food and chocolates Mats won’t get to steal into his pockets…but I need you. I need you so much more than he wants you. I even made a list…”

He fished the paper out of his pockets quickly, all eyes still on him as everyone was unsure of how to handle this situation. “You can’t seriously be going through this entire list?” Frank snickered, no longer willing to entertain this poor love-struck man.

Marco ignored him and unfolded the paper anyway, struggling to read the now smeared pencil writings but she stopped him, holding out her hand and taking his wrist into her grasp. “Marco…”

“Don’t say anything unless you’re going to step down from this altar and into my arms,” he warned. It was obvious she was unsure of what to do, her eyes searching his for sincerity and searching her own heart for a hard to come by solution. It wasn’t as easy as running into Marco’s arms or shooing him away to continue her union with the man she was supposed to be marrying today.

“It isn’t that easy,” she commented with her eyes looking at him sympathetically.

“I know it isn’t easy but I also know you know what you really want. And if it’s me you’ll let me know before it’s too late. Like that first night you told me you loved me. That was real and though it was years ago, I know you still mean it. I know those feelings are still there. Just put your faith in me for once. Give us the chance you never did before.”

It was then that his hand stretched out, his palm facing upward waiting for her to put her hand on top of his. A dramatic gulp ran down her throat as her eyes drifted from his face and to his awaiting grasp.

And if you know me like I know you, you should love me, you should know…

It seemed everyone waited with bated breath to see what her decision would be. It was a decision that held a lot of weight but would have to be made within a matter of minutes. Marco just watched her expression, waiting for the slightest clue while his cheeks burned red. Frank looked to Y/N as well, waiting to see if he would be the one left at the altar while his dream woman scurried off into the arms of another man.

A shudder ran down her spine as she envisioned both scenarios, her pushing Marco away and turning to Frank and then the other scene of her flying into Marco’s arms, leaving everyone stunned.

Because her parents had never been introduced to Marco. All they knew was the lovely man she was minutes away from marrying for good and his family that they adored. She had never met Marco’s family either, only his extended family of his teammates. There was obviously more unknown on Marco’s side.

But she always found herself attracted to the unknown.

She turned to Frank briefly and her eyes spelled out all that he needed to know, her mouth mouthing words no one else could see but him and that was when she turned to Marco, gladly accepting his hand under hers.

His teammates silently pumped their fists under their seats, still afraid to verbalize their joy while everyone else was stuck silent in their seats, unsure of how to respond. Frank’s parents sat with their mouth hanging agape as the wedding they had spent so much on was being torched and the perfect daughter in law they envisioned at family holidays for years to come was now slipping from a dream to a harsh reality. Her parents sat unsure of how exactly to respond, mixed with the same emotions as his parents and one of being grateful their daughter may have been happier with another man. The only other person that mattered near the front was Justin, her brother, who watched on proudly, his hands grasped tightly waiting to applaud his baby sister and her decision because all along he knew she would find her way to where she belonged.

With Marco Reus.

“I’m sorry for having you make this decision like this,” Marco whispered for only her to hear.

“Don’t apologize. Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to do what I didn’t.”

And as they looked in each other’s eyes, they knew there was no other place, no other person, they’d rather be with no matter how long they had tried to deny it. The hardest part was over.

Thoughts? Send your feedback! This imagine was written to ‘One’ and ‘Friends’ by Ed Sheeran for those who want to listen. I thought it was going to be a mainly emotional one shot (which it still sort of was) but I had to make it slightly comedic with BVB.

gif credit to xagaaga.

Lucifer: Mazikeen Smith [ESTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING BY: wanderlust-and-rainbows 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Maze thinks about her goals, and immediately knows how to go about accomplishing them. She is frank, brutal, and willing to do just about anything (at least within reason, or on the rare occasion when her morals kick in). Keeping Lucifer safe is her job, and she will do anything to do so, even if it upsets him in the process. When he stops talking to her because she was trying to protect him, it upsets her immensely that he can’t understand why she did it. It often takes people logically talking things out with her for her to change her mind. Torturing people gets answers, so it makes sense to do so. Despite the fact that she spent her entire existence being an employee more or less, taking charge is something that comes easily to her. She likes a step-by-step process.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Mazikeen isn’t keen on trying new things, she doesn’t intentionally seek out new experiences. She was created to protect Lucifer and to torture the guilt for all eternity, and so she continues to protect Lucifer while on earth, and takes any opportunity available to dole out some well deserved torture. She likes the tried and true methods, if something has always worked then that’s what we’ll do. The fact that Lucifer is becoming a different person is upsetting to her. She is extremely sentimental, telling Amenadiel that her favorite place in the city is a cafe filled with people that will never accomplish their dreams because it “Reminds her of home.” She is cautious about the future, because she is unable to predict things that aren’t related to what she knows. Maze judges people with very black-and-white thinking, if a person was bad, they will continue to be bad. She is unwilling to trust Lucifer’s mother because she tortured her for a millennia, and thinks that because of that, she will want revenge. It has to be pointed out to her that her relationship with Lucifer hasn’t really changed, and when it comes time for her to shake up her life, she has no idea how to go about it.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Looking to the future? Not really her thing. It has to take Dr. Martin helping her for her to be able to move on from her old life as Lucifer’s lackey. (Though even after finding her independence, she still tends to follow his orders). When she tries to find a new job, she’s at a loss, and bounces from thing to thing, trying to find what ‘Feels right.’ During the Second season, we see her working on this, trying to adjust to her new life now that she knows she’s stuck on earth. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): It takes a while for Maze to trust, or even like, people, but once she does, she becomes extremely loyal to them, willing to do anything to protect them. She doesn’t talk about her feelings, and is overwhelmed when other people try to do so. Despite the fact that she’s a demon, her morals are very strong. She has no issues with killing or torturing people once she decides that they are genuinely bad.

Note: Maze is a very stereotypical ESFP,  but the more I went back and forth on her type, the less I could see her as an ESFP. I don’t think her feelings are strong enough or well developed enough, and her motivations  seem much more Si than Se.

I wanted to talk about parallels between conversations Frank has with Karen and conversations Daredevil has with The Punisher. Because, let’s face it - Frank is a better person when he is around Karen. 

One of the more standout moments is when Daredevil questions the Punisher about orphans vs Frank speaking to Karen about the children he’s orphaned.

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