frank wiedeman

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon Howling, a gorgeous folk flavored gem from an Australian singer songwriter named RY X, who teamed up with Frank Wiedeman on the song. I’ve been a fan of the man since, even following his other project, The Acid, very closely. Lately, I’ve been wondering when we’d hear some new material from RY X, particularly after San Francisco’s Cathedrals pushed Howling back at the front of my mind again with their recent cover of the song. Turns out, RY X has been quietly working on a new full length album, and he’s made a heart wrenching return with new indie folk song, Only. Like Howling, Only is an exquisitely tranquil beauty, its hushed dreaminess both vast and intimate, its gentle aches so deep they can be felt in the very grooves of your bones . If you’re a fan of Bon Iver and Sigur Rós, Only is going to melt your heart. Only is available now on iTunes. RY X’s new album Dawn will be out on May 6th.

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