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Progress on the 60-P

This tank has been pretty pleasant to deal with so far - no real issues, stems are going thickly (the trick here is to constantly retrim once they hit the surface, each time trimming a little higher and higher to form a thick bush).

Although Rotala Colorata has become dominant - and while there are things I would change about this layout now, at this time I’m just waiting to get a final shot then begin a new project. 

Stems are an excellent plant and among my favorite now - because they are truly a plant to cultivate, train and prune. You shape them into the type of layout you want and over time get to see the changes. 

Rotala Colorata gives the feel of autumnal colors in a layout - it’s sheens of yellow and red come together in a layout to give the impression of the changing seasons or that of a sunset.

Riccia Fluitans on the other hand, gives a bright impression to the layout - it’s bright green appearance and it’s tendency to create micro-oxygen bubbles in the water give the feel of summer. 

Together these plants make a very warm and inviting feeling to the layout.


Brighty K x10 squirts
Green Brighty Special Lights x10 (alternate with Step 2 x10 every other day)
ECA x10 drops
Phyton Git x5 drops
Green Gain x10 daily after trimming, x5 after water change.

Just Right.

Fish add an entirely different feel to the layout’s you do. They add a certain character and dynamism to the aquascape which just isn’t present without them. They breathe life and movement and bring about an entirely new level of enjoyment for you.

Almost immediately, the act of feeding the fish becomes a therapeutic exercise in caring for the aquarium - keeping the fish vibrant and happy, to keep yourself relaxed in front of the aquarium.

In this case, Microrasbora Kubotai dances in a field of green - the haziness in the photo gives a certain mystique to this particular photograph, which just-so-happened to capture the Kubotai in perfect formation swimming together after a water change.

Starting out in Nature Aquarium
External image

Aqua Design Amano 60-P (aquarium) layout, maintained by Frank Wazeter, initially set up by Jeff Senske. Photograph: Frank Wazeter

Following my brief introduction a reference had been made to aquascaping - to Nature Aquarium. But what exactly is aquascaping and how can I create one of my own? Click “Read More,” below and I’ll give you a tour. 

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Version 3 of the nano iwagumi Mini M layout! Enjoy!