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Imagine being Frank Adler’s long time girlfriend. Mary’s been asking him for a while if he’s going to marry you, and he thinks it’s finally time. He packs a lunch and brings you and Mary to the park for a family picnic. He pulls Mary onto his lap, and tells you she has something to say. She hands you a little box, looking up at you with those big, blue eyes, and asks if you’ll marry her uncle and be the mother of her little family.

Requested by @winterysoldiery​​ <3

inkavixentheinkdemon  asked:

Yasssss!!!!! Now please do one about Sammy becoming an ink monster please. That's gonna be halairious XD

Hell’s Studio Au belongs to @doodledrawsthings

So part of this is based off this comic. 


It had been a hard week for Sammy, mostly because of the fact that he’d been turned into an ink monster. Now he was back at work, ready to bury himself in his song writing. Being at home had been nice, but at the same time he’d been haunted by the memories of being that inky creature. If he could just work hard enough, he’d eventually forget about it. Everyone greeted him warmly, which made him feel a little better. He opened the door to his office and turned on the light, preparing to hang up his coat. As he put his briefcase down, he noticed something on his desk. Still with coat in hand, he walked over. There was a piece of what looked like chocolate cake, as well as a little card. The note read as follows,

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