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I noped out of NK Jemesin’s Inheritance Trilogy after 10 pages.  You know what?  I’ve never been into fantasy.  I suffered through Geroge R. R. Martin.  A lot of the really benchmark fantasy books are just totally inaccessible to me.

I’ve always liked histories and epic poetry.  That’s what the draw is with Tolkien and Frank Herbert and etc.  Real world histories and geopolitics scratch the itch, too.  Like I’m reading Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall, which is about real geopolitics, but it’s absolutely just as propagandistic and oblivious as Star Wars can be (in the rougher moments.)  It’s full of “the Ural mountains forced Putin to” and “there was really no choice, due to long supply lines” and all this other bullshit about how war is necessary because land exists.  It amuses me and infuriates me and inspires me and makes me feel all the things.  Just.  Massive drama.

Anyway.  Saturday morning when I left the house the town was ringing with the Star Spangled Banner.  Someone was singing it somewhere.  I thought it might be at the ballpark but obviously there was, like, 2+ foot of snow on the ground, and when I walked past there was no one.  Maybe hockey at Strawbery Banke?  It was rather erie.

A really, really beautiful woman stopped me at the library to tell me she enjoyed some of my art.  This has happened before but not in a long time.  It almost didn’t sink in.  I can’t believe she recognized me - the show she saw was about two years ago.  I wouldn’t recognize me.

Unrelatedly on Monday I met a cute girl whose name means “Tuesday.”  She gave me a ride and told me she liked my name–which almost makes me want to tolerate my name.

Why am I so much gayer now than I was in my twenties?  I guess that’s how it goes.

Relatedly: THE YELLO rANGEr IS a LESBIAN.  And I guess Elizabeth Banks is Rita Repulsa??  I think I saw exactly 1 or 2 episodes of Power Rangers as a kid (at school or at some babysitter’s house, I imagine) but Rita Repulsa made a big impression on me.  Her introductory line is: “Don’t leave, you’ll miss my coming-out party.  That’s when I destroy the nearest planet!”

…I take it back.  My 20s were a brief downswing in a lifetime of admiring gay planet-destruction.

* Mobile users will be happy to hear that it finally occurred to me, that I can link a stashed off-site FAQ in my blog description / sidebar.

* And it only took me a year!!

* Talking about the FAQ, I added another ‘don’t do’ thingy, mostly because of my personal disconnect from the topic in question; real world media.

* Like, guys.. let me be frank with you. Alphys gets ONE type of question:
“Has Alphys seen (insert anime)”

* As someone who’s not familiar with much anime, I am unable to answer any of these questions with enough accuracy to please my standards. This problem doesn’t stop with anime - it goes for movies, video games, basically most references to real world media and pop culture. So, from now on I’d kindly ask you to refrain asking these questions, as I am simply not familiar enough with the topic. Also, ask Alphys better questions. She deserves better.

* Ever so nyehfully yours,

* -Jim

* (PS; New comic coming tomorrow-ish)

* (PPS: Sans probably loves King’s Quest games)

* (PPPS: Papyrus’ favourite food is oatmeal, ya ninnies, like 7 people asked this)