frank starr

The Beatles, seen here with Paul Russell, arriving at Dublin Airport, 7 November 1963

Photo: Irish Photo Archive (possibly photographed by Terry Saunders)

At the airport, The Beatles were interviewed by Frank Hall for the RTE program In Town; an excerpt follows:

Q: [To John Lennon] “I think I saw you being greeted by somebody outside?”

John Lennon: “No, no, that was George.”

George Harrison: “That was me! Well, actually, it was my mother. [laughter] She came over here, you know, because she’s got hundreds of cousins and relatives over here, and she hadn’t seen us for weeks anyway, ‘cos we’ve been away. So she’s come to see the show and to see her cousins. And one of her cousins was here with her.”

Q: “Your mother has to come to Ireland to see you?”

G.H.: “Yeah!” [laughs]

Q: “Well, this in a way kind of typifies the kind of extraordinary upset that must occur in your private lives. Do you all get home at all?”

G.H.: “Oh, yeah. Sometimes you get home for a whole week. But sometimes you don’t get home for months on end.”

Paul McCartney: “It’s normally about one day in, say, three weeks.”

G.H.: [jokingly] “A new idea, telephone, helps a bit, you know.”

Q: “God bless Graham Bell.”

P.M.: “Yeah.”

G.H.: “Freddie Bell.” [laughter]