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American Horror Story Characters Based On Real People

Season 1: Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia - Mena Suvari guest-starred on the very first season of American Horror Story as Elizabeth Short, the woman who would become infamously known as The Black Dahlia. Though parts of her story were fabricated for the show, The Black Dahlia murder is very much real. Short was a 22-year-old aspiring actress who was brutally murdered in 1947. Her body was chopped in half, and her killer carved up the sides of her mouth, giving her what’s known as a “Glasgow smile.” Her murderer was never identified. 

Season 1: The Nurse Murders and the Richard Speck Case - One of the story lines from the first season revolves around a couple of nurses who are killed in the Murder House. Though the nurses on the show (played by guest stars Rosa Salazar and Celia Finkelstein) aren’t based on individuals, Ryan Murphy has said their murders are inspired by the Richard Speck massacre in 1966. Speck, a seaman from Texas, broke into a Chicago dorm filled with nurses and viciously tortured, raped, and killed eight of them in one night. The sequence in the show is light compared to what actually happened. 

Asylum: Kit and Alma Walker and Barney and Betty Hill - Remember Asylum’s Kit and Alma Walker? According to producers, they were inspired by a couple named Barney and Betty Hill, some of the first people to ever claim to have been abducted by aliens in 1961. Their experience was widely publicized and became a bestselling book called The Interrupted Journey and a 1975 TV movie The UFO Incident. Just like Kit and Alma, Barney and Betty were a mixed-race couple, an integral part of the story line on Asylum. 

Asylum: Anne Frank - Franka Potente starred on several episodes of Asylum as a mental patient who insists that she is Anne Frank, the 15-year-old girl who famously documented her horrific experience during the Holocaust before her death. It’s not conclusive whether or not Charlotte truly is Frank, but she does make a pretty compelling case. The American Horror Story character remains one of the most tragic and puzzling parts of the series to this day. 

Coven: Madame Delphine LaLaurie - A handful of main characters from Coven were based on real people, but none as chilling as Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Portrayed by Kathy Bates on the show, LaLarie was a prominent New Orleans socialite in the 1800s. She was discovered to have tortured and killed many of her slaves in her “Chamber of Horrors,” and her house is still said to be haunted. 

Coven: Papa Legba - Whether Papa Legba is “real” or not is up for interpretation, but the Coven character, played by guest star Lance Reddick, is based on a popular legend. In voodoo culture, he is the intermediary between the living and the dead. Papa Legba is both a good and bad figure, controlling who communicates between the worlds, and in American Horror Story’s case, sentencing some to live in their own personal hells. 

Coven: Marie Laveau - Angela Bassett came aboard Coven as Marie Laveau, the ancient voodoo queen of New Orleans. In reality, Laveau was a revered woman in the city between the 1820s and 1860s. She practiced black magic, and just as she is on the show, she was a hairdresser on the side. She was known for being a nurse and a healer, and people still visit her grave to see if she’ll grant them wishes. 

Coven: The Axeman of New Orleans - Danny Huston’s Coven character, The Axeman, was a real person - though we still don’t know his identity. Between 1818 and 1819, a series of murders were committed around the New Orleans area. The killer used axes or straight razors owned by the residents of the houses he broke into, and, as seen on the show, he even threatened to kill anyone not playing jazz music on one particular night. 

Freak Show: Pepper and Schlitze Surtees - One of the many Freak Show characters to have been inspired by a real person, Pepper (and her husband, Salty) was inspired by Schlitze Surtees. Known as Schlitzie the Pinhead, he was an early 1990s sideshow performer with microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes an unusually small brain and skull. He had the cognisance of a 3-year-old and could only speak in single-syllable words. He is mostly known now because of his part in the 1932 film Freaks. 

Freak Show: Edward Mordrake - Wes Bentley appears int he two-part Halloween episode of Freak Show as Edward Mordrake, a man with an evil face on the back of his head. Mordrake was a real person who lived in the 1800s. According to books, he had an unusual deformity: a small face on the back of his head. Mordrake committed suicide at 23, and unlike on the show, he probably doesn’t go around to freak shows on Halloween, killing its performers. 

Freak Show: Jimmy Darling and Grady Franklin Stiles, Jr - Though many performers with ectrodactyly, aka Lobster Claw Syndrome, were prevalent throughout freak-show history, Grady Franklin Stiles, Jr. is clearly a large influence for Jimmy Darling. Born in Pittsburgh in 1937, Stiles was part of a whole family of people who had the condition. He was forced to become a sideshow act at a young age and became an abusive alcoholic - which seems to be the direction Jimmy is headed. He murdered his daughter’s fiancé in 1978, and then Grady himself was gunned down by a neighbor in 1993. 

Freak Show: Twisty the Clown and John Wayne Gacy - There have been a lot of clown killers throughout history, but none as infamous as John Wayne Gacy. At heart, Twisty the Clown is just an extremely confused and misguided murderer, but Gacy was cold-blooded. His stage name was Pogo the Clown, and between 1972 and 1978, he raped and killed at least 33 young men. He died by lethal injection in 1994, leaving behind a series of haunting self portraits. 

Freak Show: Dot and Bette Tattler and Violet and Daisy Hilton - Though conjoined twins Dot and Bette are quite unique, they’re probably based on a pair of sisters by the name of Violet and Daisy Hilton. Born in England in 1908, the twins were fused at the pelvis. They came to San Francisco in 1915, and by the ‘20s, they were successfully performing in vaudeville shows alongside Charlie Chaplin. Following success on stage, their professional lives took a downturn, and they eventually ended up working at a grocery store. Their lives are the subject of a documentary called Bound by Flesh: The Story of Violet and Daisy Hilton. 

Hotel: Mr. March and H.H. Holmes - H.H. Holmes is often referred to as America’s first serial killer. He was profiled in the bestseller The Devil in the White City, which tells of Holmes’s technique of hiding his victims in the walls of the building he was constructing. While Mr. March isn’t a direct portrayal, he’s certainly inspired by the killer. 

Hotel: Aileen Wuornos - Series veteran Lily Rabe guest starred as Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer who was portrayed by Charlize Theron in the 2003 drama Monster. Wuornos killed seven men while working as a prostitute between 1989 and 1990. She was convicted and later executed by lethal injection in 2002. 

Hotel: Richard Ramirez - Also known as the Night Stalker, Ramirez (played by Anthony Ruivivar) went on a two-year rampage in California in the ‘80s. He killed at least 13 people and tortured many more. 

Hotel: Jeffrey Dahmer - Seth Gabel played the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer for the “Devil’s Night” episode of Hotel. Dahmer is one of the most well-known serial killers in American history, having murdered at least 17 boys and men. He was also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, as he raped, dismembered, and eventually ate his victims. 

Hotel: John Wayne Gacy - While Gacy inspired Twisty the Clown, John Carroll Lynch returned to American Horror Story to play the real deal on Hotel. 


I don’t believe in trouble
I don’t believe in pain
I don’t believe there’s nothing left
but running here again

I don’t believe in promise
I don’t believe in chance
I don’t believe you can resist
the things that make no sense

I don’t believe in silence
cos silence seems so slow
I don’t believe in energy
the tension is too low

I don’t believe in panic
I don’t believe in fear
I don’t believe in prophecies
so don’t waste any tears

I believe!!!

I want you to try, try
to needing to know why, why
No kidding, no sin, sin
No running, no win, win
I believe!!!

No angels, no girls, girls
No memories, no Gods, Gods
No rockets, no heat, heat
No chocolate, no sweet, sweet
I believe!!!


The most prominent real-life AHS character references (I know there are plenty others). The historical figure is on the right and the show’s interpretation is on the left.

tbh I’m so so so sick of clients and club customers joking about how lucky my future students/social work clients/patients will be, as if I’ll be giving lap dances to students dressed like the hot for teacher video or flashing nip to social work clients or fucking my patients–Mr PP was like I want to be a client in you ER and it’s obnoxious for a few reasons (it has no basis in the work I actually do/want to do, I am NOT GOING TO FUCK MY PATIENTS REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY HAD JULIETTE BINOCHE AND FRANKE POTENTE DO IN THEIR VARIOUS ROLES AS NURSES) and it just shows imo a general lack of respect for my humanity and life outside of my relation to them and also a lack of INTEREST in my humanity and personhood outside of my utility to them which isn’t SURPRISING but things don’t have to be surprising to be total exhausting microaggression bullshit.

It’s not any more cute or clever then telling me I have red hair or a lot of tattoos and surprise surprise those are the two most common comments from men because in their inability to see people who aren’t themselves as fully realised human beings they betray it by imagining they are the first to say such scintillating and insightful things to us and by the way, revolution now.

anonymous asked:

I'm not a RPR'er at all. And I'm not generally a "celeb" person. I liked Viggo because of other movies (A Perfect Murder,) and many, many years later I found out he lives at the same city as I. He does drama. It's cute though. Can you talk about your Domlijah experience?

Well, so much has been written about the DomLijah phenomenon because that’s when it really got to the fourth-wall breaking level (as far as I know, JC and Lance never had any inkling about the tinhats, and everything was contained within mailing lists which - though their contents may have been public - you still had to be a member to contribute to. And also as far as I know, the AGD list was closed to members, so outside of t-shirts with the logo on, people didn’t know that this was a contingent at all. Unless you had a run-in with someone).

So, since so much has been documented, I’ll try to keep things to the lesser-talked about bits. Yes, I was a member of the Prancing Pony subforum on DataLounge. It was a party in there, all garbage all the time. There were so many insiders and cryptic verses and predictions thrown about during the promo tours and red carpet events, and in retrospect we now know that NONE OF IT WAS REAL so the fact is that everyone in there was making everything up. I threw in a prediction or two, and it was an adventure, trying to come up with just the right amount of cryptic but also plausible, and seeing if anyone would bite. It’d be just like trying to be a good insider anon to a big Larrie blog today; all nonsense, just a little plausible deniability to get you through.

The bits that don’t get talked about at all are how MsAllegro dominated the fannish conversation when it came to the actors. There was only one of her, no cabal or Big Larrie Bloggers, but she operated much the same way, using her age and experience as a bludgeon with which she beat her readers into submission and agreement. Her opponents were characterized as silly little girls who imagined they could fuck Dom or Elijah themselves, and had no idea how little of a chance they had with either (because ew girls). She made herself the arbiter of defining queerness as she observed it in both Dom and Elijah, but she also set the tone for how other interactions with the other hobbits were interpreted.

For example, the genesis of the DomLijah ship is really the story that Dom lived with Elijah for some time (weeks, or months - or, if you’re a tinhat, endlessly) in his LA apartment when he came to the states to launch his American acting career. The story was more of a “crashed on Elijah’s sofa” thing, but the canon was established: Dom and Elijah lived together; they’re gay, they fell in love, that’s the ship. In contrast, the Billy/Dom friendship was really much more your typical bromance, which they played up extensively (and still do, to this day), but MsAllegro deemed Billy “completely hetero” and therefore unthreatening to the ship.

Sean Astin, by all reports, was very close to and protective of Elijah, in a mirror of his role as Samwise. But he was for some reason seen as a threat to MsAllegro, and despite the fact that he was happily married with children (even oh-so-hetero Billy wasn’t, at the time), she spent a lot of time carefully describing him in a way that implied he had inappropriate feelings for Elijah, that his protectiveness was rooted in other desires for him, that he had made moves on Elijah that were rebuffed, that Elijah didn’t feel safe or comfortable with him. It was the most creepy, long-con, form of character assassination I’ve seen in all my fandoms, and the fact that she was unwavering in this view of Sean being almost predatory towards Elijah was something that stuck with me, even as she completely fetishized the sex she imagined Dom (who was ALSO older than Elijah by several years) and Elijah having.

Other than that, I’ve talked in my link above about how MsAllegro basically “queer cues’d” Dom all over the place due to the way he dressed and the way he accessorized or made up himself. Elijah, on the other hand, was her big blue eyed ingenue, the gold star gay, who wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if he had one (and wouldn’t want anything to do with one if he had to!). At the time of all this, Elijah was dating Franke Potente, and had been photographed at one point with his hand cupping her butt. MsAllegro had a FIT discrediting this picture by saying that there was no way this was a natural way to grab the ass of a woman he was attracted to, that it was too forceful and vulgar, and essentially all that “cishet white guy” stuff that reminded followers that thank GOODNESS Elijah really WASN’T interested in Franke Potente’s ass, because he would be such a bad, objectifying boyfriend to do so.

So, you know, same old; dismissing opponents as young, inexperienced, or erasing their sexual identities in favor of accusing them of being solely motivated by a desire to fuck the objects of speculation; discrediting valid m/m friendships, misreading personality and choices as queer cues that indicated a desire to be out, and in fact as an acknowledgement that the person is out “for all intents and purposes” so might as well talk about their sexuality openly; dismissing the declared relationships of the hobbit actors and analyzing body language and then ultimately villifying male heterosexuality in the context of a stated, heterosexual, mutually consensual relationship between two adults.


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