frank ocean there will be tears

Seriously, fuck Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift did NOT deserve AOTY in 2010 and she definitely did NOT deserve it in 2016. Why should mediocrity be rewarded just because a black man interrupted her sorry ass VMAs speech in 2009? I am done with Kanye West but there will always be two things (among a few others) that will forever be factual in our lives: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” and, “… Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” I’m not even a Beyoncé stan and even I know the cultural impact of the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” video.

Frank Ocean’s post wasn’t even about Taylor, Taylor’s mediocrity-loving fans made it about that mediocre bitch. Frank’s point was that the Grammys still reject the importance of hip hop and its culture. Can you imagine Madonna’s shitty Ray of Light album beating out Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill? Do you understand how backwards that would have been? Well, what the Grammys did last year was on that level of backwards ass shit. Seriously. To Pimp a Butterfly was and still is a living breathing piece of hip hop. It isn’t perfect, nothing can ever be perfect; but it was and will forever will be an important album. Those songs will be relevant for a very, very long time. The lyrics alone will be relevant for a very, very long time. The references to Tupac and to Jazz music and to funk music will be relevant for a very, very long time. What the fuck will be relevant about 1989 in 2029? I’ve heard people say it was important to feminism, but didn’t the bitch make “Bad Blood” in an attempt to tear down a fellow white bitch?

Frank’s post wasn’t even about Taylor. However, this post is about the mediocre bitch and no amount of bitching will make the bitch seem any less mediocre to me or many, many other people. Her next album will be garbage and we all know she’s going to milk this Frank Ocean thing to try to jimmy-rig another AOTY win, but we’ll just call her phony ass out more. This shit can go on for as long as it has to.

fav songs of 2017 (so far…)

  1. haim - want you back
  2. kung fu kenny + zacari - LOVE.
  3. frank ocean + jayz + tyler - biking
  4. lana del rey - love
  5. gaga - the cure
  6. lany - good girls
  7. lorde - green light
  8. sam willows - keep me jealous
  9. lana + weeknd - lust for life
  10. future + rihanna - selfish

honourable mentions: lorde - the louvre; adam lambert - two fux; kdot - humble; nicki minaj - regret in your tears; frank ocean - chanel; tinashe - flame; perfume genius - slip away; phoenix - goodbye soleil / jboy; katy perry: swish swish / chained to the rhythm; allie x - need you; lucy rose - no good at all; dua lipa - genesis / new rules; gdragon - untitled 2014; selena gomez - bad liar; haim - right now; calvin harris + future + khalid - rollin; calvin harris + frank ocean + migos - slide; foster the people - pay the man; bleachers - don’t take the money; gorillaz - andromeda / submission; little dragon - sweet; ed sheeran - castle on the hill; fall out boy - young and menace; superfruit - future friends / worth it (perfect); future: mask off; alt-j - 3ww; drake - passionfruit / signs; halsey - now or never; banks - crowded places; zara larsson - symphony; kasabian - you’re in love with a psycho; the national - the system only sleeps in total darkness / guilty party; arcade fire - everything now

yourfacefades  asked:

Damn, I've been listening to Chanel for about 2 hours on repeat and i'm on the verge of tears. Validation feels so fantastic when I see bisexual erasure on a daily basis. Bisexuals don't get represented that frequently (along with so many other beautiful terms of LGBTQ+) and it's so great that a famous male of color validate us lil Baby Bi's. Jesus. God Bless Frank Ocean.

i got emotional too! i don’t think he realizes just how much validation he gave the Bis. more bisexual artists talking about bisexuality 2k17 please! more people should feel confident and proud enough to wanna rep that and talk about how unique and queer it is because i feel like bisexuality is so damn cool and i wish other Bis saw that too.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of the songs which could be heard on this tumblr?

Some of these are duplicates :3 but here’s the full  playlist:

1. Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo - Hero
2. Beyoncé - Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
3. Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)
4. John Mayer - Wildfire (feat. Frank Ocean)
5. Jay-Z - Oceans feat. Frank Ocean
8. Kanye West - New Slaves (feat. Frank Ocean)
9. Frank Ocean - Disillusioned
10. Frank Ocean - Oldie verse
11. Frank Ocean - Eyes Like Sky
12. Tyler The Creator ft.Frank Ocean - Bimmer
13. Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump
14. Frank Ocean - Nature Feels
15. Frank Ocean - American Wedding
16. Frank Ocean - Fertilizer
17. Frank Ocean - Wiseman
18. Frank Ocean - When You Were Mine (Prince Cover)
19. Frank Ocean - Long Time Gone (Bob Dylan cover Live at Coachella)
20.Frank Ocean - Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead cover)
21. Frank Ocean - Lovecrimes (Slow and Live ATP Festival)
22. Frank Ocean - Tell Him (Lauryn Hill Cover Live at Coachella)
23. MellowHype - Astro (Feat. Frank Ocean)
24. Frank Ocean - Blue Whale
25. Frank Ocean - Summer Remains (Remastered)
26. Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You (Live At The VMA’s)
27. Frank Ocean - 4 Tears
28. Frank Ocean - Journey
29. Frank Ocean - Golden Girl ft. Tyler, the Creator
30. James Fauntleroy’s part of American Wedding by Frank Ocean.
31. Frank Ocean - Cameras (snippet)
32. Frank Ocean - Theme Music
33.Frank Ocean - Disillusioned (LIVE)
34. Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (Live)
35. Frank Ocean - Monks
36. Frank Ocean - Bad Religion
37. Frank Ocean - Sierra Leone
38. Frank Ocean - White (feat. John Mayer)
39. Frank Ocean - Lost
40. Frank Ocean - Pilot Jones
41. Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump
42. Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Super Rich Kids
43. Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (feat. Andre 3000)
44. Shouts out to Frankie Ocean (Odd Future Oldie video)
45. Frank Ocean - We All Try
46. Shouts out to Frankie Ocean (Odd Future Oldie video)
47. Frank Ocean - Dust
48. Frank Ocean - Tell Him (Lauryn Hill Cover Live at Coachella)
49. Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids (Live)
50. Frank Ocean - Forrest Gump (LIVE)
51. Frank Ocean - I Miss You (Live)
52. Frank Ocean - Disillusioned (Live) 
53. Frank Ocean - Pink Matter (Live)
54. Frank Ocean - Pyramids
55. Frank Ocean - Dust
56. Frank Ocean - I Need It
57. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Made in America (feat. Frank Ocean)
58. Frank Ocean - Day Away [Prod. Brain Kennedy]
59. Frank Ocean - Summer Remains
60. Frank Ocean - I Miss You (LIVE)
61. Frank Ocean - Swim Good
62. Frank Ocean - Summer Remains
63. Frank Ocean - I Miss You (Beyonce cover)
64. Frank Ocean - White
65. Frank Ocean - Voodoo
66. Frank Ocean - Whip Appeal
67. Tyler The Creator - She ft. Frank Ocean
68. Jay-Z & Kanye West - No Church In The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean)
69. Frank Ocean - Rocket Love (Prod. by Midi Mafia)
70. Frank Ocean - Done (Prod. Midi Mafia)
71. Frank Ocean - Blasted (Prod. Midi Mafia)
72. Frank Ocean - Acura Integurl
73. Frank Ocean - Swim Good
74. Frank Ocean - Lovecrimes
75. Frank Ocean - Sttrawberry Swing
76. Frank Ocean- Nature Feels
77. Frank Ocean - Thinking About You
78. Frank Ocean - Novacane
79. Frank Ocean - Songs For Women


songs that fit the winter/night aesthetic: a playlist

true colors//the weeknd
redbone//childish gambino
no more interviews//big sean
fire & desire//drake
pink & white//frank ocean
like me//joey bada$$
talk of the town//jazz cartier
frank//jordan bratton
streetlights//kanye west
don’t run//partynextdoor
first take//travis scott
Alexis//monte booker
fill the void//stwo
fallen//jaden smith
japanese denim//daniel ceaser
the need to know//wale
m.p.a//pusha t
cranes in the sky//solange
reflection eternal//nujabes
tears & reminiscence//paris michael
summer friends//chance the rapper
nakamara//hiatus kaiyote
something about you//majid jordan
jealous//roy woods and stwo