frank ocean mom


Taylor was a jerk & told Harry she was never getting back together with him.

Drake won an award for Take Care.

Justin Timberlake performed Suit and Tie with Jay Z.

And Tyler, The Creator did this on t.v. when Frank Ocean won 2 awards.*


3/28/17 - mom came to the studio today. it wasn’t like one of those parent things your family member comes into the booth and says something inspirational on the track. kinda like frank ocean’s mom on chanel orange or drakes grandma on his song “look what you’ve done”. she was just in the background of something we were doing. but don’t worry i’ll have a cool thing like this when the moment presents itself.


“I have a tremendous amount of respect for women because of my mother. When you have a child, women have to step up to the plate quicker than a man. I respect her for that. It’s not a small job. I know for my mom, especially as bad as I was during school and adolescence and shit, I put her through hell, and her love for me never wavered. The same can’t be said about my father. I look at women through that lens. I have a deep compassion for all people, and that compassion comes from my mom.”