frank knuckle

anonymous asked:

what are some underrated movies you think deserve more recognition?

*cracks knuckles* frank, a coffee in berlin, short term 12, a girl walks home at night alone, shame, my own private idaho, antiviral (so visually stunning), before I disappear, bottle rocket, lars and the real girl, ondskan x

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i know frank iero's knuckles spell out "halloween" b/c of his birthday, but sometimes i just think about how, if one were to only look at his left hand, he literally has "ween" tattooed across his fingers. his left knuckles, alone, spell out the word "ween." do you think frank considered this when he got the tattoo?? do you think the thought ever crosses his mind?? does frank iero know his left hand says "ween."