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what are some underrated movies you think deserve more recognition?

*cracks knuckles* frank, a coffee in berlin, short term 12, a girl walks home at night alone, shame, my own private idaho, antiviral (so visually stunning), before I disappear, bottle rocket, lars and the real girl, ondskan x

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 "Let's cut it off." "Oh, Jesus," Ray moaned, covering his eyes. "One," said Frank, curling his other hand into a fist and shoving it into his mouth to give himself something to bite down on. Bob shoved his chair away and backed up, shaking his head. "This is a really fucking bad idea." "Two," Frank said around his knuckles. "Frank, no," Gerard said desperately. Frank took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Three." "PUT THE FUCKING CLEAVER DOWN RIGHT THE FUCK NOW." (I cried with relief)


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  • Nico uses the self check-out line in the grocery store every time because it means you’ll have minimal human interaction and he’s all for that. He’s MASTERED the self check out and he’ll actually help other people. Like an older lady is having trouble getting the damn thing to scan her bread and Nico smiles faintly, steps up, and asks if he can be of assistance. The elderly are okay, they’re usually very kind. And she doesn’t care that he has shaggy hair and his clothes are all black. She just smiles and hands him the loaf. Nico does all of the scanning for her and she tells him that he’s a fine young man and Nico is just BEAMING for the rest of the day.
  • Percy and Jason have the same shoe size and they swap shoes all the time. 
  • Frank has the biggest feet
  • “you know what they say about a guy with big feet” “no, what?” “..uh..they say ‘damn you got some big feet’”
  • Hazel always doodles in her notebook during senate meetings- horses, various animals, and the faces of the people around her. Especially Frank, with his strong jawline.
  • Nico is the one who holds the door open for someone like 3 miles away and gets stuck holding the door for EVERYONE coming in and out because he doesn’t want to just leavenow. You can definitely see the indecision on his face and his forehead is creased and you’re just gonna have to drag that boy away
  • Percy does that jingly leg thing and you just have to reach out and touch his knee like dOWN BOY
  • Jason licks his lips a lot
  • like a lot
  • Percy is seriously so talented at braiding hair what the fuck (it’s because of Annabeth and crafts. we all know it)
  • Jason and Percy can quote the entirety of Legally Blonde and 
  • Jason can’t pour anything without spilling it (maybe it’s at the fault of Piper, you’ll just never know)
  • Piper always wears mismatched socks (colorful, patterned, etc)
  • Who has the most shoes in the seven? Piper? Maybe Jason? NAH- it’s Frank. Have you noticed that Rick always adds more details to Frank’s outfit than any other demigod? He does. Frank definitely has more shoes than humanly possible.
  • Nico is the most ticklish- don’t even touch his feet at all. he’ll pee himself right there.
  • Hazel accidentally makes sexual innuendos without realizing it (and everyone always laughs and won’t tell her why)
  • At the house, Percy is a barefoot kind of guy while Annabeth is a socks-on kind of person. (although he’ll wear socks for sock slides with her and he’ll do that white dress shirt sock slide from Risky Business
  • Jason has a springy/bouncy walk like he’s walking on air (HEH)
  • Piper likes to sit on the arm of chairs and couches instead of the actual seat and Jason is all “thAT IS AUTHENTIC LEATHER, PIPER, GET OFF.”
  • She really just likes to annoy him
  • Reyna always has mints or gum in her pocket (trust me)
  • Reyna really just has a sweet tooth and has a whole stash of candy all the time
  • Don’t lie to or near Percy- he will always be able to see straight through you. (remember in SoN when he saw through REYNA? I do.)
  • Percy always bumps into things and apologizes
  • Jason is the one that always rolls coins around his fingers and knuckles. 
  • Frank and Hazel All of the seven always carry change in their pocket to give to beggars and the homeless
  • Jason and Percy take stupid dares/bets for ridiculously small amounts of money. “Percy! It’s just a dollar!” “A dollar buys me 2 tacos at Jack in the Box!”
  • Since Percy always has Riptide, he idly doodles on any piece of paper in front of him.
  • At restaurants, Percy is the kind of guy who will reset the condiments and tidy things up (sally is a wonderful person)
  • Percy is basically immune to brain freezes whereas Frank can’t even drink anything with ice in it
  • Annabeth and Jason have the crazy ability to calculate the total of items in the shopping cart and the tax 
  • No one eats more ice cream and yogurt than Frank after he discovers the beautiful existence of lactaid tabs

wow this is really long, I’m just gonna stop now. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i know frank iero's knuckles spell out "halloween" b/c of his birthday, but sometimes i just think about how, if one were to only look at his left hand, he literally has "ween" tattooed across his fingers. his left knuckles, alone, spell out the word "ween." do you think frank considered this when he got the tattoo?? do you think the thought ever crosses his mind?? does frank iero know his left hand says "ween."

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