frank j. selke trophy

Jonathan Toews Career Resume thus far:

• 3-Time Stanley Cup Champion
(2010, 2013, 2015)
• 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist (2010, 2014)
• World Cup of Hockey Gold Medalist (2016)
• 5-Time NHL All Star
• 2-Time World Junior Championship Gold Medalist (2006, 2007)
• Conn Smythe Trophy Winner (2010)
• Frank J. Selke Trophy Winner (2013)
• Mark Messier Leadership Award Winner (2015)


Happy 28th Birthday Jonathan Toews (Born April 29, 1988)

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot achieve. Prove them wrong.”

3 time Stanley Cup champion, 2 time Olympic gold medalist, World Junior Champion, Conn Smythe Trophy winner, 5 time NHL all star, Frank J. Selke Trophy winner, Mark Messier Leadership Award Winner, youngest member to gain entry to the Triple Gold Club, and a hell of a captain.


Patrice Bergeron wins the Frank J. Selke Trophy