frank is better than you

HoO characters as sayings/quotes:

Percy: “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends”

Annabeth: “When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”

Jason: “There is no flying without wings”

Piper: “Better to be strong than pretty and useless”

Frank: “After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are”

Hazel: “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one”

Leo: “In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision”

Nico: “Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go”

Reyna: “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others”



Host: Give it up, or Maven-iac and Cal CALOOOOOORE!

Cal: You’re a bitch!

You’re a liar!

You should admit that you can’t even hold ya fire!

You’re alone,

So I’ll be crude,

I bet you know that I was first that Mare screwed!

Maven: Well maybe somethings you say are quite true,

But–to be frank–I am a better liar than you!

Now Mare’s crying cuz you left her alone,

Good luck with the crown now that you’re on your own!

Daddy can’t help you, are you so scared?

Without him behind you, you are impaired! *crosses arms*

Cal: What?

You think I’m not independent?

Yo mama was devastated cuz you were her descendant!

But I bet you’re happy now that they’re dead,

Your mind is free, so why are you filling with dread?

Everyone hates you!

The courts took you down!

I bet they wanted someone handsome for the crown! *gestures to himself*

Maven: Look at yo’self!

You think you should be so proud?


You’re even getting his receding hair-line!


Cal: Either way,

Mare liked it,

Cuz–guess what–I was the first she showed her cli…

Censoring: BEEEEEP!

Cal: I have the looks,

I hold the cards,

You thought she’d fall for you while she was held by prison-guards?!

Cuz you’re sad!

And you’re whiny!

Just cuz yo mama sometimes slapped you on your hiny!

Word. *drops mic*

[crowd goes wild]

Treat you better

Summary: The reader finds comfort in unexpected arms when the past returns to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He realizes a little too late that he had lost her forever.

Warnings: Smoking (I don’t encourage this, it was just for dramatic effect), cursing, a bit sad. 

A/N: I changed just a bit the request because I wanted to make the reader a badass because she fucking deserved it, okay?? Hope you guys like it, and feedback this shit because I am a sucker for feedback <3

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“Matt, I don’t care what your current deal with her is—” she pointed at the slim brunette behind the sliding door that lead to the Devil’s bedroom—“but you have to know that I can’t keep this shit going on if you’re not gonna cooperate. A relationship is made by two, not just one.” She shook her head, trying to hold back the tears. “I’m done, Matt. I shouldn’t have believed you…”

“(Y/N), let me explain it—”

“No.” She smacked her lips. “I sure as hell don’t want any explanation of yours. Enough I have with you being the fucking Devil of Hell’s Kitchen; I don’t need to know why Elektra is back. All I need to know is that you’re turning into who you were in college and back then, this hurt like hell… I’m not gonna let it hurt again.”

“(Y/N), please…” Matt pleaded.

“Goodbye Matt, I hope you don’t get killed.” She took a deep breath and turned around for good.

It wasn’t until she was in the safety and privacy of her four walls that she allowed herself to break down. She sat on the hard-wooden floor trying to remember when Matt had started to act different and why she wasn’t able to stop this from happening. It was a cycle repeating, and it had one thing in common: Elektra Natchios.

Several hours later, (Y/N) carried her coffee, a pack of cigarettes, her lighter and a garden chair up to the rooftop of her building. She was not sure if she was allowed there, but she just needed a moment of peace and that was the only place she could think of. After arranging everything into place, she sat down and lit up the first cigar, and as she took the first, deep, drag, she also took a deep breath. She needed it, after all.

Steps behind her made her turn her head a little just to have a glance at who it could have been. She sighed and smiled lightly and took another drag. She took out her cigarettes and offered the just arrived man. He declined, wrinkling his nose and sitting on the cornice of the rooftop, beside her extended legs.

“Rough night, Castle?” She asked, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

“I dare say less rough than yours, (Y/L/N),” he chuckled, “so… what’s with the tough look?” He nodded in her direction; truth was that with the mug of cold coffee in one hand, the cigarette on the other and the bad-ass sitting, she looked tougher than ever. Frank smiled lightly at the sight as he awaited for an answer.

“I just had a terrible day.” She replied shorty.

“At work?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes in exhaustion. “At life.” She sighed heavily and sipped the remaining of the cold coffee. “It seems like the past insists in following me around today.”

“Wanna talk about that, pal?”

“You know I had a boyfriend, right?” Frank nodded silently. “Well, Matt and I met back in the day, when we were in Columbia studying and all that crap, and boy he was a good guy. Like a saint kinda guy, but a woman appeared in the way. Her name is Elektra Natchios and… It all went to shit because she not only distracted him from… me,” she took a deep breath, “but she also made him distracted from his studies and everything. Long story short, she’s back in town and today I found them at his place and… she had not changed a thing, and unfortunately Matt has gone back to who he used to be with her.”

“So you hate this Elektra gal?” Frank asked.

“You could think so, yeah, but… truth is I don’t. I just hate what she has done to Matt, and what she does to him. He seems to be under some…” she twisted her lips, trying to think of the right word to describe her thoughts, “some kind of spell. I mean, bitch is gorgeous I swear to god. Like, tall and super skinny. She looks like a freaking model, but again, it’s not her who I’m mad at.”

“Did you find them going at it?” Frank cocked an eyebrow.

“God, no!” She squealed and winced in disgust. “They looked like they were injured, and… well, Elektra was wearing one of Matt’s shirts, that of course, totally suited her, but the shirt she had on was one I gave Matt for his birthday.” (Y/N) bit her bottom lip. Frank had never listened so carefully and he never seemed very interested about her relationship with the lawyer, but that night it all changed and she was taking the opportunity to let it all out. “I mean, he didn’t even have the fucking decency of giving her other shirt. Why did it have to be my shirt? I don’t want it back but—”

Out of a sudden, both (Y/N) and Frank were startled by the Daredevil himself.

“(Y/N) get away from him, he’s dangerous.” The man in the red suit warned, quickly getting to her to try to keep her away from the Punisher. Matt could be very protective and possessive when he felt like (Y/N) was in possible danger, but now it was too late for him to play hero and try to protect her.

“Get your hands off of her, Red.” Frank threatened, dropping his gun on the rooftop. “I am not afraid of beating the shit out of you.”

“Frank, no!” (Y/N) squealed, running towards him and placing her palms on his chest, trying to sooth him. “There’s no need for that…”

Matt was taken aback by the smooth relationship between them, and by Frank’s erratic heartbeat, he knew immediately that his feelings for (Y/N) were as strong as his own. Matt was decided in not letting (Y/N) go, but deep inside, he knew it could be a bit too late for that.

“Why don’t you tell him exactly what you were telling me?” Frank encouraged (Y/N) by nodding at her. He knew how strong she could be and he never doubted her. She just needed a little push.

“(Y/N)?” Matt asked, expecting the worst from her. He deserved it, after all.

“You’re an asshole, Matt.” She started. “You’re a dick. I mean, why? Why pretending all this time? Why the lies? Why did it have to be just like college?” She asked. “I mean, haven’t you learnt your goddamned lesson? Are you that much of an idiot?” She felt her voice increasing its volume and her chest expanding with every air intake. “Seriously, Elektra comes again, and you fall into her trap again!” She was exasperated and thanks to Frank’s little push, she felt empowered and invincible. Things were different now from her college years and she was not afraid of speaking up. The career in law had toughened her up. “And what’s worst, you’re not only lying to me.” She pointed at herself. “Think about Foggy for once in your life, would you? Think about how you’re turning the business you had together into shit. Everything you’ve worked for, you’re really gonna blow it up because of her? And don’t come with that ninja shit you’ve been rambling about, I don’t need and I don’t want that explanation.” She shook her head lightly. “I’m not that heartbroken Matt,” she said after a pause, her voice had softened and her bottom lip had started to tremble, “I’m just… tired and I’m hurt because this is like college all over again and I thought we were all over that.”

“Tell him about the shirt.” Frank coughed.

“Oh yes!” She snapped her fingers, regaining her confidence back. “Because how do you think I felt when I saw Elektra wearing the shirt I gave you for your birthday? I mean, not only she was rocking it, but it was all bloody and shit. Like, couldn’t you have at least a bit of decency and respect for me by giving her another thing to wear? Jesus, Matt, you’re a piece of shit.”

“I know, and—”

“No Matt, you don’t know shit.” She interrupted. “If you knew something, you’d treat me a bit better. You know, I’ve known Frank for a while now and as surprising as it can be, he listened to me rambling about you, because you know what? He treats me well, and he cares about me. And a lot. I don’t recognize you anymore, Matt…” her voice broke, “and what’s worse… I don’t think I ever did. Just… leave, Matt. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Are you saying Frank Castle is better than me?”

“You heard the lady, man.” Frank stepped closer to Matt, ready for the previously announced fist fight. “Leave.”

“I’m talking to her, not you.” Matt took another step closer to the Punisher. “You don’t know her like I do.”

“Apparently I know her better, because guess who has been picking up her pieces that I’m guessing you left today.” Frank teased.

“You’re doing this because you like her and you wanna get to her. I’m not an idiot, Castle.”

“I strongly disagree.” The alluded shrugged carelessly. “Leave before I make you leave in pieces.”

“(Y/N), answer me.” Matt pleaded one last time. “Is Frank Castle better than me?”

“You could say so, yes.” (Y/N) nodded. “Now leave, for real, I don’t want to see you ever again or hear from you, I just want you out of my life.” The tears pooled in her glimmery eyes and just before she broke down, Frank’s huge arm rested around her back, giving her a sense of safety and support. “You can keep all the things I gave you, or better, give them to Elektra, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.” She bitterly spat.

“Let’s get you inside.” Frank softly said, placing a hand on the small of her back. “Red, get outta here.” His voice turned from soft into a growl. Matt licked his lips and nervously and had no other choice but leaving. (Y/N) was right, he was a piece of shit and he realized that exact same minute that the one thing that kept him on the normal side was her and that he had lost her forever. She didn’t even see him leave.

Once they were inside, Frank put some water to boil and (Y/N) went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. This was the second time she broke up with Matt, and it hurt as much as the first time did. She stayed in her bedroom, crying almost naked for everything that had happened. It hurt her seeing how little he had learnt and how little he cared about what they had. It was incredible how Elektra could change him, just flicking a switch on him.

“(Y/N)?” Frank knocked on her door, startling her and making her dress up quickly. “I made you some tea, I’ll be waiting for you in the living room…”

“Thank you, Frank.” She stammered.

When she got out, she discovered Frank smiling slightly at her and holding the cup in one of his huge hands. She took it gladly, and took a sip from it. She muttered a ‘thank you’ and wrapped one of her arms around his wide torso. She tried to keep herself together, but truth be told, she couldn’t. Fortunately, Frank was there to keep her broken pieces from falling away. His arms were like glue to her breaking heart.

“I know you like me, Frank…” she whispered, “I’m not an idiot.” Frank chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, not like I’ve been trying to hide it…” He admitted.

“But why listening all my blabbering about Matt?” She looked up to him. “I mean, I was hurting you and you never stopped me, and I’m sorry for not sto—”

“You were not hurting me, (Y/N).” Frank laughed heartedly. “I mean, it wasn’t my favorite topic to discuss, but…” He shrugged. Out of a sudden, he lets go of (Y/N) and goes away to sit on the couch. He tapped on the spot next to him and she took the invitation. “I like you, ok? I like you a lot,” he nodded at her, “but I do have a ridiculously elevated amount of respect for you, so I’m not gonna push’ya into something you don’t want. I might be a nutjob, but I understand the meaning of limits.”

“Frank Castle has feelings, after all.” (Y/N) smiled lightly and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” She sighed after a long silence. “Just thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Frank lovingly kissed the top of her head and leaned his big head on hers.

From Instagram:  nelverofficial Я просто оставлю здесь фотографию этого прекрасного улыбающегося человека, а когда более менее отойду от шока и осмыслю, что же вообще со мной произошло (если когда-то это случится), то я обязательно напишу отчет с очереди, meet&greet, интервью и конечно же самого концерта! Все было просто незабываемо! (Даже намного лучше, чем я себе представляла!) RAD! THANK YOU!
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Google translation: I’ll just leave a photograph of this beautiful smiling person here, and when I’m more or less away from the shock and understand what happened to me (if it happens), I’ll write a report from the queue, meet & greet, an interview and, of course, Concert! Everything was just unforgettable! (Even much better than I imagined!) RAD! THANK YOU!

Frank Iero at Yotaspace Club, Moscow, Russia - March 11th, 2017

Only Way You Can

It started with Frank going out to do recon on a location. It left you and Micro alone where Frank naturally became the topic of conversation. That led to Micro speaking about Frank’s past and then at some point asking if you wanted to see videos.

“Videos? But how…?”

Micro looks a little sheepish, “When I first heard what happened, I…uh…I hacked into Maria’s Apple account to retrieve any pictures or videos she had stored. You know, uh, just in case Frank ever wanted to see them.”

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Hold On Tight


It’s not the best night for it. The rain his coming down in heavy sheets, and the wind occasionally whips it right back in his face. But he finds the cold bracing, the downpour a much needed shock to his system. His head’s been cloudy lately, too much warmth, too much softness, too much rest and god damned relaxation. And it’s made him fuck up, monumentally. He curses, and the angry sound is swept away into the night. Letting his guard down has always had unthinkable consequences, and he’d rather be out tracking down some sex-trafficking monster in a torrential downpour than facing the fear collecting in his lungs, gathering around his heart.

He raises the scope of his gun for what feels like the tenth time, scanning the row of windows along the adjacent warehouse’s southern wall. The inside of the building is dimly lit, but the bastard running the operation has gotten too cocky to tarp the windows. Frank has clear view of what’s going on inside the building. It isn’t a pleasant sight.

A group of girls stumble out of a nondescript van, their hands tied with plastic zips. They huddle together blindly out of fear and a need for warmth, filthy blindfolds covering their eyes. They’re so young, their silent cooperation borne of terror. Frank doesn’t have to imagine the source of their fear, he can see it on the predatory smile of their ‘owner.’

Frank’s jaw tenses as he mentally calculates exactly how many shots it will take to put down the six men standing around the group of captives. They’re low level operators, and won’t be missed by many. Frank relishes the looks of surprised shock that flit across their faces when he shoots the man in charge. The back of his skull explodes outward in a pink mist as the bullet exits. The men barely have time to process their horror before each meet their own painful demise, not managing to scatter even ten feet before they hit the dirty warehouse floor.

The girls are unaware of the carnage. The initial shattering of glass makes them cower, trembling quietly as the harsh sound is followed by six muffled thuds. Frank immediately drops the scope of the gun, focusing on putting his equipment away. He’ll call in a tip once he’s a couple blocks away, give the cops of this city a chance to help someone for a change. The rain’s letting up. It’ll be a nice walk back home… The thought causes a slight twinge, just under his rib cage. The safe house isn’t home, and neither is the place he’s gone so many nights before. He reminds himself that home is a pile of ash, nothing more.

He hears it just as he’s zipping his ammo bag, the familiar light-footed running along the top of the next building over. Murdock and his superhero costume, knee high boots and all, special no-skid tread catching the edge of the roof before catapulting over, perilously close to Frank.

Frank just shakes his head, “Too late, Red. It’s done.”

Matt doesn’t immediately launch into his usual self-righteous spiel, and that worries Frank. Maybe Red doesn’t even know about the pricks in the warehouse. That means the altar boy is here for another reason.

Matt just sighs, “Do I even want to know what you’ve been up to?”

Frank shrugs, shouldering his bag and turning toward the fire escape. “Beats me, Murdock. You’re always so goddamned determined to find out though. What the hell are you doing all the way out here if you don’t know about the pieces of shit I just sent to an early grave?”

Frank swings his bag over the side of the building, jumping down onto the escape without waiting for Matt to answer. The tenacious asshole follows, just like Frank knew he would.

“Frank, damn it, I never thought you’d be a coward. Running away isn’t your style. What the hell am I supposed to tell Karen, huh? I was hoping I could go back and say you’d been gone for months because you were tied up, literally.”

At the sound of Karen’s name Frank’s head snaps up, zeroing in on the unseeing eyes of Matt’s mask. “Tell her I’m dead.”

“I can’t lie to her.”

Frank laughs hollowly, the derision in his voice apparent. “That’s not what I’ve heard.”

Matt lets his barely contained contempt fly loose, jumping down on the fire escape with Frank, planting a swift kick right in the punisher’s chest. Frank lets him do it, almost enjoying the pain of the rail digging into his back as the air leaves his lungs. Matt is soon on top of him, one baton pressing down on Frank’s windpipe, a knee in his chest. “They deserve better than this, you asshole.”

Frank springs forward, throwing Matt off angrily. He practically roars, “I know! That’s why I left!”

Lisa and Frank Jr. had both looked like their mother. Strawberry blonde hair, sweet smiles. Hell, even the curve of their tiny ears had resembled Maria’s. It was only little Frankie’s dark and questioning eyes that had looked like his father’s. Those eyes are why Frank doesn’t like looking in the mirror these days. He’s haunted, wondering what they saw before closing forever.

It’s all he can think about on the way back to his safe house. His kids, the light that emanated from them, the way their voices sounded saying his name. It’s his own eyes staring back at him filled full of pain and asking him why all of this had to happen. If Matt fucking Murdock knew one single thing about what it was to be Frank Castle he wouldn’t have bothered coming to find him, no matter the reason.

But then again, maybe Murdock does know a thing or two about him, because Frank finds himself turning the wrong direction about halfway to his destination, the iron in his blood suddenly magnetized, pulling him back north like the wayward needle of a wildly spinning compass.

Her apartment is quiet and dark. He waits a good twenty minutes after knocking on her window before he jimmies the latch and slips inside. Her things are still here like normal, only everything is meticulously clean. There are no dishes in the sink, no laundry in the hamper, no towels drying on the rod in the bathroom. Her bed is made smoothly, the pillows fluffed and tucked under the duvet’s crisp edges. Even the kitchen is perfectly empty, nothing but a weakly flickering light greets him when he opens the fridge. She’s definitely staying somewhere else, even if it does appear to be temporarily. A twinge of guilt arcs through him, but he’s glad she has a support system when things are difficult.

He leaves the way he came, securing the window better than before. The next place he checks is a no-go as well. It doesn’t take more than a glance or two to see no one is at Matt’s apartment, to see that it’s still a sloppy bachelor pad, no sign of Karen.

Frank catches Foggy on his way home from Josie’s, nearly giving the lawyer a heart attack when the punisher steps out of the shadows for some friendly conversation. “Karen?” Well, it’s not exactly friendly, nor is it really conversation, but the shorter man seems to catch his drift anyway.

“N-no, she’s gone.” He’s stumbling over his words, sweaty palms searching through all of his pockets for something. Frank hopes it isn’t a gun. He’s really not in the mood to disarm someone who has no idea which end the bullet even comes out of. Just as he’s about to leave and save Foggy the embarrassment, the lawyer lights on something in his breast pocket. “Here, she said to give this to you, if you showed up.”

It’s a torn piece of notebook paper, Karen’s precise handwriting marching across its lined surface. An address, nothing more. He doesn’t know whether or not that’s a good thing, but Foggy looks anxious to be on his way, and Frank is not inclined to engage him in conversation. “Thanks.”

Foggy hesitates for a split second, biting his bottom lip. “Look, I don’t know what the hell happened between you, or why Karen has been so stubborn about… everything, but things are different now. She needs you–”

Frank silences him with a cutting glare. “No one needs me, least of all Karen.”

Foggy snaps his mouth shut, his nerves still jumpy. He hasn’t had much reason to be around Frank, and he’s still incredibly wary. This time he lets Frank disappear into the shadows without a word.

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Excited you get out of the car and go to the set of Fear of the Walking Dead.
This is your first job on a real film set and not in a theater you worked before.
Before you go in the wardrobe you talk to Charlie Adlard and Dave Erickson who tells you exactly what they expect from you, especially on the main cast.
You greet your colleagues and they tell you that you’ll mostly work with Frank Dillane.
They show you his coat rack and the others, explaining you what you have to do.
“Good morning Ladies.” Frank says behind you.
“Morning.” You say shyly, shaking his hand. “I’m (Y/N).”
“Frank. I never thought that you could look even better than on your photo.” He winks at you and you blush slightly.

“You look beautiful today.” Frank whispers in your ear and you nearly let drop your coffee.
“Jesus Frank.”
Instead of looking to him you try to wipe off your smeared mascara. This morning you hadn’t the time to shower, you only grab some clothes and brushed your teeth before you left your appartement.
“Long night?” He asks as you finally turn around and you nod.
“May I know the reason?”
Your heart pounds faster as he licks his thumb and wipes the mascara away.
“My birthday.” You mumble embarrased.
“I, we didn’t know.” Frank says irritated.
“Thank you. And how should you know? I’m only here for 3 weeks.” You’re pretty sure that he felt your fast beating heart.
“Mh. Sunday, dinner, I’ll pick you up at 6.”
You wanted to protest, but he shakes his head and so you agree.
“And now, beauty. Sit down while I get my clothes.” He commands and quickly you sit down.
As he pulls his shirt over the head you shut your eyes. You saw him without a shirt before. Hell, you even saw with nothing more than a string.
And usually it wouldn’t bother you.
But Frank was different than the actors you worked with. Since the first day he flirts shamelessly with you.
And a part of you doesn’t like it what it does to your heart.
‚Never fall in love with an actor‘ is one of your mottos.
“Hey, you dreaming?” Frank asks and you blink confused.
“Yes. No.”
You check his outfit and nod in agreement.
“Good. You can go now.” You order playfully and he laughs quietly.
Suddenly he comes closer and you wonder what he will do.
“Happy birthday.” Softly he kisses your cheek, a quiet satisfied sigh leaves your mouth.

Since 10 minutes you wait for Frank, afraid that he forgets you.
Actually you wanted to go in a restaurant, but yesterday you fell over Lorenzo’s clothes. Now you have a sprained ankle and instead of dinner at the restaurant, Frank comes for a movie night.
Finally it rings at the door and you start laughing as you look at Frank. He carries two boxes of pizza and a huge bouquet of flowers.
“Do you need help?” You ask him while he walks through the door.
“No. Where’s the kitchen?” He mumbles.
“On the right.”
Your foot starts hurting and so you go back to the living room. The apartement isn’t large and that’s why you’re sure that he will find you.
He comes into the living room to give you the flowers, wishing you happy birthday again and kissing your forehead. Then he goes back into the kitchen to get the pizza.
“You can decide the movie.” You offer him.
After a few minutes he decided for a horror one and you hide a smile behind your hairs.
Together you eat pizza and watch the movie until you concentrate more on Frank.
Like in a silly romance he yawns first before he wraps his arm around your shoulder.
“(Y/N).” He mumbles and pulls you on the neck to him.
As his lips meets yours you close your eyes. His lips are softer than expected and he tastes like cheese and something else you can’t define.
“I’m glad to have met you.” Frank says, stroking over your cheek.
“Me too.”

If You Wanted Honesty

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Sequel to The Five Of Us Are Dying (x). It’s 2011, and after performing a sold-out show in Boise, Gerard demands the answer you promised. ¼ of my The Five Of Us…. Alternate Endings series. 

So much had happened since 2006.

Two years’ worth of touring in support of Black Parade has worn you and the other members of My Chemical Romance out, physically, psychologically, and creatively. The stress caused by your accidental confession had only made it worse. You were constantly worried that the boys would figure out it was Gerard you liked, and that it would ruin your friendship with all of them.

You couldn’t tell Gerard the truth. What if you two dated and then broke up? What would happen to the band? What if Mikey, or Frank, or Ray, had feelings for you, and got so jealous that you reciprocated Gerard’s that they couldn’t work with him anymore? The band’s success was the most important thing to you. It meant the world not just to you and the other members, but to thousands of fans across the globe. If MCR broke up because of your stupid crush on Gerard, the tabloids would call you the next Yoko Ono.

You couldn’t have that, and so, for years, you stifled your feelings. It made you feel distracted and unfulfilled and it even started affected your drumming. Maybe that was why Conventional Weapons tanked. But, now, after some time apart from your band, you thought you’d finally got your head on straight. You’d successfully helped record Danger Days, and now the band was back on tour again.

You were on stage, in front of an arena full of kids, drumming your heart out. Even though you’d been the drummer of My Chemical Romance for seven years now, you still got nervous sometimes that you were going to slip up and play the wrong note. You put all your focus into tapping the skins, hitting the rims, getting the beat just right. After all, if you fucked up, it would throw everyone else’s timing off.

You were sweating with the effort when you successfully finished the last song of the set. It was “Helena” – closing the show with that tune had become a tradition by now. You never got tired of hearing the fans sing “So long and goodnight” along with Gerard.

“I hope you had a great time tonight, Boise!” Gerard shouted to the crowd.

Wait…..Boise? you thought. You hadn’t even remembered what city you were in tonight. When the tour bus took you to a new city every single night, they all started to blur together after a while. It was always get there, play your songs, get out – no time to rest or even think.

But the name Boise was suddenly making you think very hard – about something you hadn’t thought about in five years. Or, at least, had been trying not to think about.

“Do you guys remember a little scandal the band had, all the way back in 2006?” Gerard spoke into the mic. “It was all over the tabloids back then, wasn’t it? Y/N said in an interview that she had a little crush on one of us boys, but she wouldn’t say who it was on!”

The crowd screamed in response. You couldn’t even tell if it was a “yay” or a “boo”, but it certainly got a rise out of them.

“I remember all the fans went on the message boards, like, ‘OMG, who do you think her crush is?’”, Gerard continued.  “And I know some of you guys wrote your little fanfictions about it……”

Wait, what?! People shipped you with Gerard? You knew that some people had written fanfic about Frank and Gerard. That was why the two of them had stopped acting so touchy on stage. But, you never realized there was fic about you. It wasn’t like you ever read that shit anyway. The idea that there was badly written porn out there about your four closest friends was incredibly awkward to you.

But, given the way the crowd was cheering, you and Gerard must be a lot of people’s OTP. How crazy was that?

“Now, you guys don’t know this,” Gerard smirked, “but five years ago, when we were still on the Black Parade World Tour, Y/N made us a promise.”

Oh, god, you thought. He wasn’t seriously going to hold you to that…..

“Y/N said that if we ever did a show in Boise, she would tell us the truth about who she liked!” Gerard announced. “Well, my dear little Idaho Killjoys, it looks like tonight’s the night!”

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Nico is friends with Frank (here me out)

It all starts with the fact they hang out accidentally a lot.
With Hazel (she would drag the two of them anywhere with her)
With the Apollo kids (Frank talks about archery and Nico likes wills siblings enough to be there)
And with Reyna (Frank is her partner and she’s one of Nico’s closest friends)
Because of this constant partial interaction with one another, Frank learns that Nico isn’t as scary or mean as people like to think, and Nico sees that frank is genuinely kind and interesting. Nico helps Frank cope with his mothers death because he understands it’s not healthy to kept stuff like that bottled up. Frank in turn trains with Nico and teaches him better fighting techniques.
In the end Nico like Frank as Hazel’s boyfriend better than he did originally. And if you dare make fun of Esther of these boys, you can be sure that the other will pay you a less than pleasant visit.
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Requested by Anon~

Large, strong hands were able to successfully keep your hips from jerking around too much. And that was very useful for Frank, because every time he gave a small flick of his tongue, your hips would try to buck and arch to get closer. Gain more friction. Stop the light teasing he was inflicting.

He was so enraptured by the way you moved, by the way your muscles contracted under his hands, he almost didn’t hear the whimper of his name. But really, it was so loud, Frank would have to be deaf not to hear it. “Frank, come on!” You cried out, feet lightly thrashing.

It was nice to hear you beg. Maybe that made Frank some kind of sadist, but dammit, he couldn’t find it in himself to care right now. He pulled away just slightly, enough to lift his head, meet your eyes, and give a smirk. “You sound like you’re ready for more.” He commented amusingly.

Your answer came in the form of a frustrated huff. And Frank knew better than to ignore that particular sound, even if you were just about to come all over his face.

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They've made Frank a lot "better" and nicer than he is in the books do you think they'll continue to change that or will the actually bring in book!frank w/ the grave and the cheating?

God I hope they bring the grave in even tho they skipped over it. Ugh. As for the cheating I think we’ll see it this season

The Roar of the Crowd Gave Me Heartache

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Drama, Romance

Summary: Request fic for @bipolardonnie. “if you’re still taking requests, can you do a oneshot about some of your hcs of band member reader? i love your writing sm btw!!”

You peered out from behind the curtain as you stood backstage, your heart pounding with pre-show jitters. Tonight’s venue was a small one – a punk club tightly packed with hundreds of My Chemical Romance’s biggest fans.  If Gerard hadn’t just gotten sober, you might have suggested that the band have a few drinks to calm your nerves.

“We’re going to do great tonight, Y/N,” said a familiar voice as a hand tenderly squeezed your shoulder. You turned and saw that it was Frank. He must have just finished tuning his guitar.

“I guess I’m just anxious because I don’t know how the fans will feel about me,” you admitted. You’d only done a couple of shows so far as MCR’s new drummer. Frank, your longtime friend, had asked you to be a part of the group after the original drummer, Matt Pelissier, had abruptly quit.

The fans had gotten to know Matt during the couple years the band had been touring in support of their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Matt was also the one who had drummed on the studio recording of the band’s brand-new album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Since you hadn’t been the one who’d written these drum parts with the rest of the band, you wondered if you could truly do them justice.

To the fandom, you were a stranger. They had known and loved Frank, Gerard, Mikey, and Ray for so long now, but they had no idea what to expect from you. The news that Matt had been booted from the band, and that you were replacing him, had shocked a lot of fans. Some had even said online that they weren’t sure you deserved to be in the “I’m Not Okay” video when you’d just joined up right before the start of this tour.

“You’re an incredible drummer, Y/N,” Frank assured you. “You’re better than Matt ever was. That’s why he’s not standing here right now, and you are. Making you a member was the best decision for the band, and none of us regret choosing you. I don’t think you’re going to regret joining us, either.”

“Thanks, Frank,” you said sincerely, giving him a small smile before he led you over to where Gerard, Mikey, and Ray were standing, for the band’s traditional pre-show ritual: a high five.

“Let’s do this!” Gerard grinned as the five of you smacked your hands together.

With that, you and the band strolled onstage to a chorus of excited teenage screams. You sat down behind your kit and picked up your drumsticks. Frank and Ray readied their guitars, and Gerard grabbed the mic stand.

“How are y’all doing tonight?” he shouted. “We are My Chemical Romance, and we’re ready to rock!”

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So my friend and I were talking about the rocky horror picture show and i got a sudden urge to draw it. I was thinking Phil as Brad and Dan as Janet but my friend disagrees and says it should be the other way round? What's your opinion mum?

i think i like the sound of phil as brad and dan as janet omg

Gerard Way: Disenchanted

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 1117

Featuring: Gerard Way & Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: I wrote this in December, 2014. No editing besides grammar and spelling has been done since then.

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