frank ieros tattoos

me, lying awake at night staring at my ceiling at 3 in the morning: frank iero has so many tattoos and he keeps getting more, and that’s only counting the visible ones we’ve seen, he’s running out of space what’s he gonna do when he runs out of blank skin on his arms and legs and chest, is he gonna get an ass tattoo? i mean he might as well he was pretty close when he did his back piece-

My chemical romance, one of my favorite body arts ive got. Conventional weapons are those that are mass used by the public, and the song ‘the light behind your eyes’ is my favorite, about loving so deep and being in terrible pain. These remind me of the weapons that ive been hurt with, love and knifes, as have many people around the globe. This is a small reminder of how much i love mcr, but also a reminder to be strong and never let hurt in again.