frank hyde

The Signs as Characters from Frank Wildhorn Musicals
  • Aquarius: Mary Vetsera
  • Pisces: Lucy Harris
  • Aries: Citizen Chauvelin
  • Taurus: G. J. Utterson
  • Gemini: Mina Murray
  • Cancer: Count Dracula
  • Leo: Sir Percy Blakeney
  • Virgo: Jonathan Harker
  • Libra: The Prince of Wales
  • Scorpio: Edward Hyde
  • Sagittarius: Crown Prince Rudolf
  • Capricorn: The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Confrontation
  • Mark Seibert & Patrick Stanke
  • Jekyll & Hyde / Frank Wildhorn & Friends

First of all, thank you for all the likes and reblogs and messages these days. I’m a frequent theater goer and fascinated musical fan, and would like to share my experience and feelings during my musical adventure to peers here. However, please do not share any resource I post here outside tumblr. Besides, since my current internet status is not quite good, I may not response your request for any trading purpose. Thank you again for your attention and understanding.

Let’s get back to today’s feature. I found this interesting stuff from my collection and would like to share it. This is a concert version of a famous “split-personality” solo song - Confrontation from Musical “Jekyll & Hyde”. This version changed arrangements of this song from a solo to a duet, and it was interpreted by Mark Seibert and Patrick Stanke in Frank Wildhorn & Friends Concert. 

These two gorgeous soloists took me a totally different feeling of this song and it was quite amazing. Although the change from Jekyll to Hyde is a highlight part of this song when played by the same people, this version showed more conflicting and be even more dramatic and aggressive emotion to me, moreover, the ending duet high patch harmonized with each other perfectly. I’m willing to see Mark Seibert to take the title role of Jekyll & Hyde one day in the future if possible. Even for Patrick, I would like to see him take this role again so many year after, and I believe it will be very sensational. ; )