frank h netter


Frank H. Netter (1906-1991)

Netter is the Norman Rockwell of Medical Illustration.

“Dr. Netter’s contribution to the study of human anatomy is epochal. He has advanced our understanding of anatomy more than any other medical illustrator since the 16th century, when Vesalius introduced drawings based on cadaveric dissections.” - Dr Michael Debakey

Unlike most sterile medical illustration, Netter aimed to include the human element in his pictures. His characters are real, they cry and they sweat and show emotion through the blood and disfigurement. Netter was as much about the psychology of the human condition as he was about accurate anatomy. 

Have you ever had some annoying person approach you, insisting, on how we were all females as embryos? If so, here’s my argument.

Firstly considering genetics or sex is determined at the end of spermatogenesis in your dad’s testis . Each sperm is either male or female, equal distribution of both. In essence you are fated to be one or the other before you even exsist (excluding turner’s, super male , klinefelter syndrome etc.).

If you then go on the gonadal definition of sex I believe this isn’t true either. As you can see above there is a common origin of both the male and female external genitalia and one may say that it looks closer to the female end product than the male, however, realistically it is neither. It is neither male or female external genitalia so you can’t claim it was either. If you go  on the gonadal definition of gender (which I don’t) you can say we were both the same as embryo’s but it is unfair to claim that somehow we were all females. That is utterly untrue.