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nathanastrid  asked:

Dear Archy: Can you showcase some of your favorite surrealist/abstract/organic real-world architectural projects?

Interesting question. Surrealism in architecture is a funny subject because at the end of the day few things are more concrete (pun intended) than a building. Surrealism tend to live in images of buildings and those few structures that dare to explore that realm.

The work of Victor Enrich and Xavier Delory are recent examples of surreal architectural imagery created in a computer, top and bottom images below:

In the real worl is a bit more difficult to draw the line but below are some recent examples:

Dalí Museum HOK - Yann Weymouth

Austrian Residence Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis

Nationale-Nederlanden Building Frank Gehry


From Left to Right: 

Frank O. Gehry, Fish / Chester A. Sanborn, United States Patent 85,006, Design for a Building, 1930-1931

Claes Oldenburg, Building in the Form of An English Extension Plug, 1967 / Saul Steinberg  


Frank Gehry on fire by barbera*
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