frank freed

What The Demigods did

Percy: tried to save Bianca and Nico although he is injured.
Annabeth: carried the weight of the world.
Piper: saved the life of two heroes twice (in one book)
Jason: kept his promise with Reyna about going to Diocletian’s tomb
Hazel: delayed a giant’s rebirth using her curse and sacrifices herself
Frank: freed a god with his own firewood knowing that he can die anytime
Leo: swore on the Styx that he would free Calypso from Ogygia even though she says it’s impossible
Reyna: crossed the Mare Nostrum alone although she would lost her praetor title
Nico: willing to keep his promise to lead the demigods to the House of Hades, although he seems to have no intention for it

They might not know it, but they’re already heroes before the gods could even name them as one.

Mama Rewatch

All right! Lots of interesting stuff in Mama on the second go around. Let’s get to it:

  • Here’s how Sleepy Hollow Season 2 could have been fixed in two easy steps. 1. Keep the 30 second scene of Lori in Purgatory in the premiere (seriously, I timed it, 30 seconds). 2. Make “Mama” episode 3 or 4. The gang is back together, they have the MacGuffin they need, Jenny’s a part of the group, and Frank is freed but spent enough time in the psych ward to leave a mark. TA-DA! The rest of the season has cohesion and momentum and drive. You’re welcome, writers. I accept payment in dollars, diamonds, or back rubs from Tom Mison.
  • I love that when Crane is struggling with the modern world (like the medicine bottle, or even earlier with the plastic on the razor), Abbie doesn’t take it from him. Doesn’t do it for him. She lets him figure it out on his own. Abbie is the best. That will be a running theme today.

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