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Picture this

It’s 2008.

My chemical romance are a band, not an idea. It’s been 2 years since The Black Parade was released and they are still on tour. Gerard has recently married Lyn-Z. Next year they will welcome their first baby. Frank and Jamia are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Pete Wentz stands on stage making a heart with his hands, whilst the whole crowd reciprocates. They are touring Infinity on High, and will release Folie a Deux before the end of the year. Patrick has sideburns, Pete has black hair and a fringe. He wears eyeliner.

Panic at the disco have just released their second album, “Pretty. Odd.” There are four members in the band; Brendon, Ryan, Jon and Spencer. Their stage sets are adorned with leaves and flowers. The band perform harmoniously. They are happy.

The bear suits in She’s the Prettiest Girl reminded me so much of Folie à deux that I felt like I had to make this edit 

The albums that bands forget about
  • Fall Out Boy: Folie a Deux
  • Panic! At The Disco: Pretty. Odd.
  • My Chemical Romance: all of them. They broke up, asshole.