frank dale


That morning he was acting mighty strange. I took him to the hospital and I had him checked out while I made my rounds. About an hour later I saw him sneaking out of Intensive Care, fully dressed. He turned and he looked at me and I saw that strange face again. I called out to him, he didn’t say a word. He just turned around and walked out. 


Do something. Do something. You phony prick fraudulent motherfucker. Do something! Come on! Prove it! Fuck faith! Earn it! Show me something real! I need it now. Not later. Now! Show me and I’ll believe in you until the day I die. I swear. I’m calling on you. I’m calling on you!

Phantom Pro-Shot Masterpost

They are listed under country. I was not about to try to get every city down. Some promos may be under different countries because the company may have used clips from other productions. So if a few seem out of place there is no need to send me a thousand asks about it being in the wrong place. Live performances (outdoor, etc.) are listed below the rest! This list took FOREVER to make and I plan on keeping updated! So if I missed some please submit them to me and I’ll add them! Thank you for being awesome! Enjoy!

UPDATED: July 30th 2015



Past the Point of No Return - Bravo Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightmen 1988

Tony Awards 1988

The Kennedy Center Honors - Davis Gaines and Tracy Shayne 1994

CVC Viagens 2006 - Howard McGilin, Sandra Joseph, and Tim Martin Gleason 2006

Tony Awards 2008 - John Cudia

Title Song - John Cudia and Marni Raab 2008

Theater Mania: Interview with John Cudia

Aol. Interview with Trista Moldovan and Hugh Panaro 2012

Audience Choice Awards 2013

Peter Jöback’s Broadway Debut 2013

Tony Awards 2013

Sierra Boggess’s Broadway Phantom Debut 2013

Title Song - Sierra Boggess and Norm Lewis 2014

Music of the Night - Sierra Boggess and Norm Lewis 2014

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i love that we have no actual backstory for frank truman yet b/c i have a lot of Ideas for why he’s in twin peaks 

i mean the one that i’m p sure is most fitting w/what we know of his backstory is to do w/his son’s death. that’s some Awful Shit, and like. i won’t get into the nitty-gritty of that b/c i don’t Want To and i’d go on about the different levels of guilt and grief w/that but 

harry welcoming his brother and sister-in-law and letting them stay with him until they get things situated.  being understanding and patient with doris’s angry outbursts, with frank’s sullenness 

he gets norma and shelly to keep doris busy at the diner, every once in awhile. they talk with her (When she’s up for it–otherwise, they keep a conversation going between them and give her space to respond if she wants to) and sometimes they let her make dessert in the back 

(doris makes a great butterscotch pie, and a lot of regulars are bummed that it’s only available sporadically. betty briggs, in particular, sighs theatrically when she shows up too late one evening and there’s none left) 

and sometimes, doris and sarah palmer get together. those nights, harry generally has to drive to pick her up or she stumbles home early the next morning, hungover and with bags under her eyes but looking a little lighter. 

frank–harry drags frank everywhere, basically. 

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To celebrate 200 followers I decided to create a masterlist that I think will be quite helpful to a lot of peopleThis is an enormous masterlist containing more than 300 faceclaims sorted by the time period in which their movie/tv show was set in. Under the cut you will find faceclaims that range from Ancient Greek Times all the way to the 1950’s! I worked really hard on this masterlist, and I hope it benefits other people who absolutely love historical roleplaying!

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