frank cosplay

Evolution of my Frank-N-Furter cosplay!

This next section is before I got my hair cut, so I was having wig issues. Excuse that, please.

And now, post haircut without as many wig issues. This is the last con I went to over the past weekend. I got to walk around and help my friends work their booth. More pictures will be posted/added as I find them or people find me to send them to me.

Also, I promised the admin of @velvetdarknessmadison picture from AMKE. Here you go!!!!

this was supposed to be part of the pjo/hoo “draw your fav character in what youre wearing rn” chain (which is why franks shirt is so short on him lmfao) but then it became a “my girlfriend got me into homestuck and now i cant escape” picture so 


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