frank both


In prison, Jamie discovers that an old foe has become the warden – and now has the power to make his life a living hell. Over the years, Claire and Frank both put their best foot forward to share a harmonious marriage, but an uninvited guest shatters this illusion, bringing their differences to light.

OUTLANDER SEASON 3: 3.03 - “All Debts Paid” (September 24th 2017)


make me choose!

Real Frank Rants or Fake Frank Rants?
requested by Anonymus

“You cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism and you cannot love without the risk of loss.” - Charlie Day

pictures not mine, edits are 

~~ some charlie kelly aesthetics because I don’t think there’s enough.~~ 


Did someone ask for more Andrew and Frank bonding because you’re getting it anyway.


the script of this comic is not mine, but actually from the EVER so talented @franklyfilthyfantasies who captures both characters i n c r e d i b l y !! PLEASE go read their wonderful story behind this comic starting with part 1 here and part 2 here  !! ♡♡ Thank u again @franklyfilthyfantasies this was the bEST