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Art and Video Games: Yoji Shinkawa

Yoji Shinkawa is a Japanese artist who is most famous for his character, environment and mechanical designs for the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders series. According to himself he is inspired by anime-related artists like Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and Yoshitaka Amano, but also more western-related and less contemporary artists such as Frank Miller, Aubrey Beardsley and Willy Pogany. Shinkawa uses ink pens with a brush-like felt-tip preferring the Pentel Brush Pen and both Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter for his creations. One technique used to get a rough look in his sketches is to paint over the work repeatedly with thin black ink and correcting ink until it gets crispy. In the end, matiére from underneath shows up as if it were oil painted.

It’s giving life that counts. Until you’re ready for it, all the rest is just a big fraud. All the crazy haircuts in the world won’t keep it turning. Life isn’t a love in, it’s the dishes and the orthodontist and the shoe repairman and… ground round instead of roast beef. And I’ll tell you something else: it isn’t going to a bed with a man that proves you’re in love with him; it’s getting up in the morning and facing the drab, miserable, wonderful everyday world with him that counts.
—      Frank Beardsley of Yours, Mine, and Ours(1968)