frank banisi

GPOY whenever, man - I do what I want

I felt like I looked like I came out of the 60s (and then someone told me I looked out of the 50s) so… here.

this is from early this morning and not really a good representation of my point but whatever.

that’s my “goddamn, it’s too early for this shit” face…  "this shit" apparently being taking pictures of myself like an asshole so early in the morning.

oh, the obscenities. 

this morning I got wet.  I now know what it’s like to be female and hanging out with me…




is this thing on?

(a late Truthful Tuesday confession: when stuck walking a half mile in the rain, I obviously find that the wise thing to do is to take out my phone and take a picture of myself for the purpose of posting it on tumblr for GPOY Wednesday and making terrific bad jokes on the internet that can be used against me later on)


One beautiful afternoon I got so drunk that I was in high school:

My eyes made up a word that didn’t exist on a French-English shower curtain in my bathroom, the Animal Collective album I was listening to o headphones (Centipede Hz) was putting me in a bad place and the Earth’s axis tilted 45˚ while I was running home for a second to grab my guitar for rehearsal.

I woke up three hours to my girlfriend rushing in the house, teary eyed and worried because nobody had known what happened to me.

That night (and my head the next morning) were not as good as this point in the afternoon when this picture was taken.