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LGBT Percy Jackson Headcanons

-Trans girls are always accepted by Artemis into the Hunt

-Nico never actually says he’s gay, just makes it known by making out with Will in nearly every location possible

-Queer kids whose parents didn’t accept them are year round campers

-At first the Ares kids were a little wary of the LGBT community, but when a second year Ares camper comes out they become fiercely protective of them

-The Aphrodite kids are walking encyclopedias on all LGBT terms, and have a list with definitions in their cabin for questioning campers

-The Aphrodite kids also really like helping trans campers feel comfortable in their own skin

-Pansexual Piper

-Lesbian or Bi Reyna

-Asexual Thalia

-Apollo kids (being children of the god of prophecies) always know who is going to come out next, but never pressure them to do so

-Chiron makes any homophobic campers be on stable duty for a month

-Dionysus lazily mentions that if he hears anyone else being homophobic… well, he hopes you like dolphins

-Athena cabin getting into debates on which of their favourite fictional characters are LGBT and having literal CHARTS and GRAPHS to prove it

-Bi-curious Percy, though he never acted on it because it’s always been Annabeth

-Jason being the straightest, whitest, cis-est, malest demigod out there, but supporting his LGBT friends and the entire community without hesitation

-Jason is literally the guy to make t-shirts, to keep buying skittles, to find all LGBT songs possible, and, of course, “Guys! Guys! There’s a Pride Parade next week! We /have/ to go. Where can I buy a pink tutu on short notice?”

-Nico secretly loving that Jason is like this but never admitting it

-Pansexual Will

-Frank being really confused about the whole thing but totally accepting it because people he love are in that community and it’s all about love so how could that possibly be a bad thing?

-Annabeth, Frank’s go-to on anything he doesn’t understand, happily explains everything she knows to him

-Frank thinking it’s so cool and telling Nico how awesome he is for being himself

-Hazel being /floored/ on how accepting the world is of LGBT people today, though of course plenty of people still suck

-Hazel being slightly relived to know that it’s normal because although she loved Sammy then, and she loves Frank now, there was this girl back home who she sort of had feelings for and never understood what that meant

-Demisexual Frank

-Bisexual Rachel

-Leo and the rest of the Hephaestus cabin working on bracelets for gender fluid kids that change colour to correspond with how they feel

-Alex Fierro buying out all of the first ones ready

-Bi Magnus

-Gay Hearthstone

-Gay Blitzen

-^^^This was obvious because Blitzstone is practically canon, come on people

-Each and every god (besides those who swore off all love) responding with ‘yes’ when asked what their sexual orientation is

-Polysexual Sadie

-Polysexual Leo

-Trans Meg

-Also lesbian Meg?

-A large number of LGBT and ally kids being from the Aphrodite cabin because LOVE is LOVE people!

-Calypso making flower crowns that correspond with the different flags’ colours and giving them to anyone who wants them

-Bi, pan, and poly Apollo kids never feeling the need to change the pronouns when they sing love songs or write love poems

-Apollo being *extremely* out at CHB while he’s there

-Him actually giving other LGBT kids the courage to come out

-A small elite group at Camp Jupiter created as a safe space for queer kids

-Reyna always supporting it but being really shy about joining when she comes to terms with her sexuality

-The kids in the group gladly welcoming her

-Asexual/aromantic child of Aphrodite worrying something is wrong with them

-Their brothers and sisters assuring them that they’re normal and there are all different kinds of love

-Hephaestus cabin setting up LGBT movie nights (nothing graphic, mostly fluff, though Travis and Connor have tried on more than one occasion to sneak some x-rated stuff in there)

-Piper running an LGBT aesthetic blog on tumblr

-Feel free to add more!

Percy ‘this shit wasn’t in the contract’ Jackson

Annabeth 'deadass fight me’ Chase

Grover 'my enCHILADAS’ Underwood

Jason 'fuck u and ur asshole ways’ Grace

Piper 'what do you mean I can’t do that’ McLean

Leo 'this is a bad time, I'ma make puns’ Valdez

Hazel 'didn’t come back to life for this’ Levesque

Frank 'lmao wait what’ Zhang

Reyna 'I could fukin kill you’ Ramirez-Arellano

Nico 'I have a doctors note’ Di Angelo

Will 'doctors orders’ Solace

Thalia 'what do you mean punk is dead’ Grace

Clarisse 'kys before I kill you’ La Rue

Travis 'u put the bombs on the wrong hill?’ Stoll

Connor 'don’t be an idiot’ Stoll

Meg 'it’s raining trash, hallelujah’ McCaffery

Apollo 'i cant believe zeus would ever’


  • Person: which percy jackson character do you hate most?
  • Me: eeny meeny miney no one

I’m torn between being really proud and extremely ashamed
Either way, I’d trust them with the fate of modern civilization

(original meme here and here)

  • Percy: i've killed almost every monster in Greek mythology. Even some gods, giants, and Titans. How hard could a baby sister be?
  • Percy, up at 3am: at least monsters had the decency to lET ME SLEEP
Pjo character quotes

Annabeth - “Knowledge can be your greatest weapon”

Calypso - “The more you love, the more you suffer”

Reyna - “The mind of a queen is a thing to fear”

Piper - “I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures”

Hazel - “The life in front of you is more important than the life far behind you”

Thalia - “I’m not searching for my other half because I am not half”

Bianca - “I still can’t accept the fact that you’re gone forever”

Rachel - “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream”

Percy - “I have never ever been a blue, calm sea. I have always been a storm”

Jason - “What good are wings without the courage to fly”

Grover - “Be kind to everything that lives”

Leo - “If this is to end in fire then we should burn together”

Nico - “I am not afraid of the dark, I am more afraid of not finding the light once again”

Frank - “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”

Luke - “We’re all puppets. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings”

Zoe - “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”

Will - “The best medicine for humans is love”

Bi!Annabeth headcanons

No one asked for this and people have probably (definitely) done this before but I’m contributing (feat. my other LGBT demigod children)

• Annabeth first thought she might be attracted to girls when she was 10
- a new daughter of Hephaestus came to camp and Annabeth was delighted to give her the tour
- she was a year older than Annabeth
- one day Annabeth was teaching her how to shoot an arrow and did the classic move where you hold the person’s hands from behind and felt her heart speed up
- everytime they interacted Annabeth’s heart did cartwheels
- she didn’t tell anyone because she hadn’t been like introduced to the LGBT world yet and wasn’t she attracted to Luke? How could she like a girl?

• Annabeth officially knew she was bisexual was when she met this mortal girl at her school when she was 14
- the girl saw Annabeth struggling to read the textbook during class one day and offered to help after learning Annabeth had dyslexia
- they stayed late in the school library and were both extremely tired and Annabeth said (thoughts you might say out loud when you’re tired or sick) she was really pretty
- the girl smiled slightly, patted Annabeth’s arm, and returned to helping her read
- later that week the girl told Annabeth she was pretty too and Annabeth knew she was screwed
- she debated on whether to tell Percy but was scared of his reaction so she waited

• Annabeth came out to Percy and piper first
- piper was super supportive and would punch anyone who made biphobic comments
- Percy was still new to everything LGBT (but supported it with all his heart) and it took him a few minutes to understand but after Annabeth explained it he was as supportive (maybe even more) as piper
- after Annabeth’s explanation Percy had started thinking that he’s bisexual too and she supported him just as much as he did to her

• Rachel started taking everyone to Pride
- Nico was hesitant at first and missed the first time they went
- Percy, Annabeth, piper, and Jason wore matching shirts (we’re getting bi) and Reyna face palmed five times that day
- Nico and Will got rainbows painted on their cheeks everytime they went
- frank got a mini pansexual flag and a pin for his praetor cape
- hazel had never thought transgender people would ever have rights or people who supported them so much and hazel cried the first time she went
- Reyna and Rachel followed nico and will’s lead with the face paint
- Leo was always busy with projects so he was never able to go with the gang
- the first time he went Leo got a huge black, gray, white, and purple flag
- everyone was surprised at first but immediately accepted him

• Percy never feared that Annabeth would cheat on with a girl or cheat on him at all for that matter and visa-versa


Life is Strange characters in a nutshell
  • Max: i like photography and shit also im super gay
  • Chloe: im the gayest of them all. hella.
  • Warren: max ily
  • Victoria: my bitchiness is a defence mechanism
  • Nathan: my bitchiness is all jeffershit's fault
  • Jeffershit: hello naughty children its murder time
  • Rachel: im secretly a deer in disguise dont tell chloe also im dead
  • David: i dont understand teenage lesbians
  • Joyce: i mildly understand teenage lesbians
  • William: im dead
  • Dana: i look like a bitch but im actually a cinnamon roll
  • Kate: im the purest cinnamon roll
PJO friendships that would be cool to see:

•Frank and Grover
•Piper and Will
•Piper and Percy
•Hazel and Rachel
•Thalia and Reyna
•Clarisse and Frank
•Annabeth and Reyna
•Percy and Calypso

Random PJO/HOO Headcanons 1
  • When crying, Percy also hiccups.
  • As soon as Nico and Will started dating, Jason would not leave Will alone, filling him in on Nico’s favourite McDonald’s locations.
  • Nico loves cutting people’s hair.
  • Jason always carries around hair ties for his lady friends and Nico.
  • Chiron keeps Rachel’s blue plastic hairbrush in a glass cabinet in the Big House.
  • After losing twenty-seven times, Jason finally gave up on battling Percy at Guitar Hero.
  • But, Jason beats Percy in Halo.
  • Piper paints with Clarisse to de-stress.
  • Drew and Annabeth become really good friends.
  • Any new camper is always given a tour by Nico.  He loves kids.
  • Leo knows the fast rap to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee.
  • Jason plays the ukulele with Will at all the bonfires.
  • Thalia hates scary movies.
  • Annabeth is obsessed with British culture.
  • Everyone in the Aphrodite cabin has super choppy cut hair that actually looks really nice.
  • Malcolm runs a school for the school lovin’ year-round campers.
  • Will learns fluent Italian and Spanish.
  • Jason and Percy insult each other and flirt with each other in Latin.
  • Clarisse loves to crochet.
  • Lacy goes through a grunge phase.
  • Jason and Frank own Camp Jupiter Letterman jackets.