frank and micheal

My list of rules for H&H

Heroes & Halfwits Drinking Game: 

-“What do I add to that?” (Once/episode)
-Meta gaming (Once/episode)
-Every time Frank doubles over laughing
-Every time they reference something outside D&D
-Every time they pass a note to Frank -Every natural 20/1 (Including wild magic)
-Every time Albus makes Borealis angry/they argue
-Every time Orma drinks 
-Every time Orma brushes off Bo-Jingles’ advances
-Every time Bo-Jingles sings
-Every time they dismember an enemy
-Every time a party member is downed      
        (X2 if they die [Quork’s friend])
-Every time they talk their way out of a fight
-Every time Bo-Jingles does something more suspicious than Albus 

I did a thing.

so I did this!

If you don’t understand some of my choices or you don’t agree with some of them and have a different opinion you would like to share (don’t be rude while doing it ,please!) Tell me! I would love to talk about it! Also, I’m not sure if I missed someone ( someone somewhat related to the main story line ). So, if you notice I missed: TELL ME! And I’ll put them in ;^)

(ALSO: should I make an AI one? I didn’t know if I should put them in so I didn’t , but I had some ideas for them!)

No, actually, ‘sounding like’ or ‘taking inspiration’ is completely different from what you have done. 5sos have literally stolen lots of musical elements from actual punk/rock bands. And seriously, did anybody actually tell them ‘you guys should sound more like MCR’, like, did that ever happen? Ever? Plagiarizing art and then trying to call it punk is legit the saddest thing a “”musician”” can do. Bye.

ID #26672

Name: Emily
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi there, my name is Emily, I’m 19 years-old and I am from the United States. I am an art student, hoping to became a children’s book illustrator(fingers crossed). Right now i work part-time at a toy store in between schooling, so I don’t get much of a social life. I love all types of food, going on hikes(when I’m not too lazy), reading,and watching TV. Some of my favorite shows include Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, Over The Garden Wall, and any anime with ridiculous humor. I am also a person who will equally enjoy both an animated movie, as well as a horror movie.I listen to anything from Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, Micheal Jackson,The Beatles and anything in between, but I would love some new suggestions. I am a great person to vent to, I make cheesy Dad jokes, love animals, advocate for mental health awareness and a big supporter of the LGBT+ community. I’m sorry in advance to my social awkwardness and hope you have a wonderful day! ;)

Preferences: Any human 18+ that enjoy some of the things I like. sadly don’t speak any other languages besides English, but I wouldn’t mind anyone from anywhere in the world.

ID #33095

Name: Dajoure
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m a sophomore in college,majoring in biomedical sciences and minoring in spanish.I hope to become a reconstructive surgeon one day!
I travel a lot. I plan on going to peru and london sumer 2018 to study abroad.
I love horror movies.I’m a huge american horror story fan.
I’m also a big music junkie.I write songs,whenever i’m not stressing over chemistry.
My music inspirations are Sia,Frank Sinatra,Julia micheals,and david bowie. I listen to everything,though lol.
I’m kind of an outgoing person to a certain extent.
I’m looking to meet new people and share our love of music and food.I’m a great listener,btw.

Preferences: I would prefer to talk to someone who is 18 or older. Besides that, i have no other preferences.


omg so beautiful idk which is my favorite maybe iron maiden or type O negative this guy is awesome