“The fact that I love Amy inspired me to draw this picture of her. I became a fan of hers because of her personality and her majestic singing voice, which could never be replicated or replaced. I felt like her grandiose voice guided my hands as I created this very special work.” - @luisfernandoarts

Hate Me, But I'm Being Fair

If MCR come back, for the first tour, only buy 1 ticket. Don’t follow them and go to all shows. In the 3 years they were gone, new fans have come and (like me) they might not be able to get tickets.
If you buy a ticket for 2 shows, that is one fan not being able to go, cause you got the ticket.

This could be a 1 time tour or whatever, so please buy 1 ticket. Obvs, if you go with someone you get another ticket, but if you see them in one town, then great. You lived it. You don’t need to see them again.

To make it simple! Buy 1 ticket, so those who haven’t seen them before, can now go see them.

anonymous asked:

Can u link me to an interview where Frank says he's bi?

here’s the thing the one time frank said he was bi was in a written interview from a magazine (I think it was in spanish or portuguese but I’m not sure) but coincidently the website from the interview has been deleted, I honestly think it never existed or it was just some mistranslations or something but yeah I should’ve mentioned that in the tags when I reblogged the post

Tomorrow she would probably regret drinking with Gideon, but at the moment she didn’t particularly care– it was nice to let go sometimes.  She held onto the edge of the bar stool trying to convince herself it would be a bad idea to try spinning around on it.

Just as she dropped her hands to give into her urge she heard a familiar voice say her name.  “Oh– hi.”