This is our band shot. Maddy, The little one is the pianist, I’m front and centre doing male vocals. Franjo in the back is female vocals. Our inspiration includes Dr Love & Up and Down by Orvi, D2B and Johnnyboy xoxo. Buy our album, We shouldn’t be alive the musical.

At first wasn't in the right state of mind to post this, but I drank some wine and here we are. To keep up with my weightgainathon I thought I should post a starting picture. 

I had to take of my back cover… wasn’t designed for mirror selflies and for that I am thankful.

EDIT: i have no idea where but i gained 2.6kg n_n sweet!

So I have decided to go to melbourne on a weekend next month to shop and relax :D Excited to book it, and also I may have a car sooner than I think n_n