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I have always noticed this too. It's pretty ridiculous. My Aunty told me about this really famous action star (forgot his name) who was really manly or whatever and girls threw themselves at him, then he came out as gay and apparently became epicly flaming. It seems the same with lesbians as well. Like with Charice becoming a lot more tomboyish; I think is she really like that or does she think she needs to be like that? It's almost as if being a gay Filipino means you're gender-queer by default

To be honest, I think it’s a given that you become more “yourself" when you come out. Obviously, when you’re trying to hide who you are, you’re going to act, talk, and dress in a way that is congruent with your society’s conceptions of what a “normal straight person" is—after all, you don’t want to get caught out before you’re ready. And so it follows that when you do eventually come out, you find the freedom to express yourself—and yes, some guys appear to become more feminine, and some girls appear to become a little bit more masculine. But the truth is, people don’t just change over night. They’ve probably been that way all along, it’s just that they felt pressured to hide it when they were in the closet. Like, I said the gay community is a diverse one, and not everyone is the same. And that’s what shits me about the entertainment industry in the Philippines—they only focus on a small section of the community, that is, stereotypically flamboyant, bitchy, and sassy gay men who dress like women. There’s more to us than that particular archetype. And the other thing that shits me about the Filipino attitude towards gay people, is that for you to be gay, you need to be really really gay. In other words, you need to be visible in the wider community. You’re either flaming (gay) or a manly man (straight). None of this in-between stuff. For them, the idea that there are “masculine" gay men out there (and I hate the idea of pigeonholing people as either feminine or masculine) is nonsensical. It’s almost like they’re telling you that if you’re gay, you need to commit to it fully, you can’t tread on “straight" turf, you can’t be a man and like men. As great as Filipinos are, and as much as I love my heritage, I think a lot of people need a fucking slap in the face. A lot of their attitudes are rubbish, and it’s not just in regards to homosexuality—there are a lot of other things that I won’t go into now. Thanks for your message btw :)

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