Heyyyyy so what do you when you’re stuck 6 hours in a car? Humanize pairings of course! Alsoimpostingthisbecausewintermademe

So here have my dumb biographies of some of them

David (USUK): Is a cocky little bastard. Likes to brag about his popularity. Is always fighting with FrUK (though he has a secret crush on him).

Dirty blonde hair, England’s eyebrows, glasses, blue-green eyes, dresses like a punk.

His closest friends are Franada, PruCan, Spamano, GerIta and DenNor. All America pairings are bros for him, tho not all of them agree.

Edward (FrUk): Is really pretty. Hates shopping. Loves when
people gives him clothes. Sucks at cooking French food but surprisingly good at English food. Loves USUK with a burning passion but thinks his love is unrequited so says he hates him.

France’s hair but a little bit shorter, green eyes, dresses horribly but no one has the heart to tell him so.

He’s always hanging out with Spamano and PruCan or PruHun.

(GerIta): The peace maker of the group. Every time some one starts fighting he will go in Germany mode and stop them. Acts a lot like Italy tho he’s very smart.

Looks like a blonde Italy, amber eyes, loves wearing Germany’s jacket.

Is quite fond of Spamano, Gerpan and Itapan. Best friends with SuFin. Get’s along with Prumano fairly well.

Jia-Long or Egill (HongIce): He is very quiet and peaceful. Not the most social pairing. Loves his licorice and playing videogames. Is always hanging around DenNor. (He is also hopelessly in love with DenNor)

His hairstyle is much like HK’s, the difference is that HongIce’s is lighter, violet eyes, he always finds a way to match Iceland’s boots with everything he wears.

He doesn’t have many friends, but you can see him talking with NorIce and BelaLiech if he is not with DenNor.

RoChu and LadKug are some good friends of his. He’s quite fond of IceLiech and will sometimes go out with her.

RusLiech scares the shit out of him, she’s the only Liechtenstein ship he’s not friends with, maybe because she’s the queen of the yanderes.

Since he and IggyChu go hand in hand in fanfics, they get along well.

Christensen (DenNor): Is a mother hen, very protective of Norway pairings and Iceland pairings. He’s actually pretty fond of any ships involving the Nordics. He’s a matchmaker, got Franada and Prumano together, he is trying very hard to make USUK and FrUK admit their feelings for each other. But sadly he hasn’t noticed that NorIce and HongIce are in love with him.
He is kind of bipolar, can go from chirpy idiot to serial killer in seconds.

He has wild blonde hair, not quite as gravity defying as Denmark’s but almost. He has Norway’s curl. He has a weird obsession with Norway’s flag, so you can often see him wearing shirts with it.

He and SuFin are like the Nordic’s ships parents.

He doesn’t understand why NorBela hates him so much.

Loves taking care of the unpopular ships like NorCan and DenHong.

NedDen, PruAme and DenPru are his drinking buddies.

Always hanging out with the popular pairings.

Aida (SuFin): One of the few female yaoi ships. Because of the popular headcanon that Finland is a housewife, she is indeed a trophy wife. She’s also very strong. Loves all Nordic pairings and treats them like her childs. She likes to make ‘family’ meetings every once in a while.

Even though she seems sweet most of the time, she can we very harsh and is not afraid of physical fights.

Long blonde hair, sapphire eyes, glasses, dresses like a housewife.

DenNor is her closest friend, they are practically brothers. Is always all over HongIce.

She’s not on good terms with RusFin, and if you let them alone in the same room she /will/ try to kill him.

She’s good friends with GerIta and likes to hang out with him.

She is very social, practically friends with everybody. Except maybe for RusBela and that one fight she had with EstFin.

Edit: updating this because why not

Okay so here are some things I didnt mention earlier, yuri ships are usually female, yaoi ships are usually male, but there are some exceptions to the rule (like SuFin and some others) depending on how fans see the characters involved in the pairing.

Hetero ships can be either male or female is just random

Also unpopular pairings are similar to micronations, not that many people ship them but they still have enough fans to have a personification, so they are usually 10-14 years old. They have the TPFY (Too Perfect For You) club.

Okay you can see the new ships now

Julio (Spamano): He is a coward. He can get scared very easily. He loves tomatoes just as much as Romano and Spain do. He adores GerIta and is very protective of him. He has messy dark brown hair, green eyes and is always pouting. He doesn’t get along with Prumano very well, in fact, he is actually scared of him. He he has this cool platonic love-hate relationship with Itacest and will always go to him we he is extremely scared, Itacest will do the same. Loves to hang out with PruCan, Franada and FrUk. PruHun is good friends of his. He has recently tacked a liking to NedFra and will go out of his way to help her.

Annalise (NorBela): She’s a graceful ball of anger and sassiness. Ready to snap at any moment. She’s very impatient and can get annoyed easily. Alexander Rybak’s 1# fangirl. She’s always shouting at DenNor for everything he does and is always angry at him for whatever reason, but the truth is that she has a major crush on him and is jealous of how much attention he pays to HongIce and NorIce. She has shoulder length platinum blonde hair, Norway’s hair clip, violet eyes and likes to wear dresses, you will rarely see her in jeans or shorts. She doesn’t have many friends but she hangs out with IceLiech, and SuFin likes to drag her around to go shopping and stuff.

Maud (NedFra/FraNeth): She’s another one of the female yaoi ships. Since she’s not very popular her physical appearance is that of a 12 year old. She didnt particularly want to join the Unpopular Pairing club but FraKor dragged her into it. She has an impeccable sense of fashion. She loves flowers and she doesn’t trust people easily. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, she always wears a blue, white and red stripped scarf. She lives with NedBel and helps him out with his tulip garden. Her closest friends are SwissLiech, Spamano, FraKor and BelaLiech.

Your Friendly neighborhood mod here with another casting call!

We’ve had a bunch of awesome people join our little group, but there’s still plenty of characters left!

Twitter rping is very easy, and is a nice way to start if you’ve never roleplayed before!

Currently a few of our members have a few requests for certain characters such as:

  • big bro!Switzerland for our Liechtenstein
  • Sweden to complete our Nordic 5
  • Hong Kong for our Iceland 
  • Japan for our male!America
  • and a super special France mod request for Netherlands!

(note: We would LOVE if we could get the following ships going: HongIce, Ameripan, and NethFran, but we’re all totally cool with just having these characters around!)

The requested positions have been filled/have received applicants. But we still have plenty of characters open!

If you’re interested, please come take a look!

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bubblelounge  asked:

i'll presume someone got your otps (USUK and Stony) and ask for DenNor and FraNeth! Kisses.

who cooks normally?: 

  • Denmark, because Norway is spoiled (entirely Denmarks fault), and because he enjoys it. He hums and dances a lot while he cooks, to Norway’s amusement and Iceland’s eye-rolling.
  • Francis, obviously. Any France pairing means he cooks more. 

how often do they fight?: 

  • Denmark is a pushover, so they don’t fight a lot, but because he’s usually a pushover, when he gets sick of dealing with Norway’s crap, it can be pretty bad. And Denmark can do some pretty stupid things himself, and Norway’s anger is usually cold on the outside to hide that he’s really hurt. So rarely but badly.
  • Not too often, mostly just Jos griping about things and Francis either laughs it off or ignores it if he doesn’t feel like changing what he’s complaining about. When they do fight it’s usually pretty quiet and mostly a lot of silent treatment.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: 

  • Denmark sends a lot of “I miss you baby talk to me" texts, and Norway pretends to be annoyed by it but secretly likes the attention. But when they get the chance to sit down and talk on the phone/skype it’s very sweet and content.
  • I don’t know, but I’m going to go with your way so for everyone else just read this

nicknames for each other?: 

  • Denmark likes cheesy pet names. I don’t know what they are in Danish or Norwegian but whatever the connotation equivalent of “baby" is, if there is one, he uses that a lot. He gets really cheesy ones when Norway is being difficult and Denmark is trying to snuggle up to him and get a reaction.
  • Francis is fond of “darling,“ and Jos isn’t one for nicknames.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: 

  • They trade off a lot, really, or split the check. The only time one is more likely to pay is when it’s the other’s birthday.
  • I think it’s the one time Jos is more willing to let go of his tight grip on his wallet, and Francis enjoys that fact too much to stop him often. But he makes sure to treat him every so often.

who steals the covers at night?: 

  • Norway. But it just gives Denmark an excuse to cuddle up to him, and Norway actually does like to cuddle so he’ll let go of the covers for that.
  • I really can’t see either of them doing it.

what would they get each other for gifts?: 

  • Um… I’m not sure…But I do know Norway is surprisingly thoughtful when it comes to gifts. It’s when you can tell how sentimental he actually is
  • There’s not really a pattern, but Jos knows when Francis is eyeing something, and Francis knows when Jos is resisting buying something because he doesn’t want to spend the money on it, so he buys it for him and gets lightly scolded for spending too much but Jos really appreciates it

who remembers things?: 

  • Usually both of them. They’ve both been known to forget though
  • Francis remembers important things. Jos remembers everything and has it organized.

who cusses more?: 

  • Really I don’t think either of them are that bad.
  • Jos but he’s quiet about it.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: 

  • I really don’t know. They probably both have plenty of experience keeping calm and patching each other up.
  • Francis, still is one to hover and coddle, while Jos would want to do whatever he could to help, but would be less insistent about the ‘give me something to do please’ attitude.

who kissed who first?: 

  • Norway, after getting frustrated with Denmark’s babbling.
  • Francis.

who made the first move?: 

  • Denmark spoke up first, but they danced around each other for century or two (though they were very young when that started so it makes a little more sense that they would take more time to get there)
  • Jos approached him first intending to do so, and Francis probably picked up on it immediately and thought “oh. Well this is interesting.” and managed to move first.

who started the relationship?: 

  • Denmark
  • Jos