Him and I trust each other and that’s the biggest thing. Most of our affection is just all improv – it’s whatever we feel in the scene. When I step in to that character, I truly love Will and Will loves Sonny and I think that’s where the chemistry comes from. I’m just happy that us two were able to be paired up to do this.
—  Freddie Smith talking about what it’s been like working closely with Chandler [x]
You're Going to Shine

So I don’t usually write RPF but since it upset me that Chandler didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to Freddie, I needed to write something.

Chandler twisted his hands nervously as he made his way down the hall towards Freddie’s dressing room. Although he’d been asked to be let out of his contract early if possible, he honestly hadn’t been expecting it; he’d been planning to stay on through December. So he wasn’t at all prepared to do this. Not now. Not like this. 

He stopped in front of Freddie’s door, took a deep breath, and knocked.

“It’s open!” Freddie called from inside. 

Chandler pushed the door open and Freddie swung around in his chair to greet him. “Hey, man!” Freddie smiled at him.

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I can’t thank Freddie enough because it’s not fair that I got this because I get to work with Freddie who’s absolutely, I mean, incredible. He’s present, he’s all the things you would want in a scene partner and again, like I said with Deidre, he brings me up to his level and he is the best actor I could ask to work with, absolutely. It’s my privilege.