jetrocketskates: I’m really starting to feel like I should! And with that kind of description, well. it’s probably only a matter of time.

francozola: Around three years ago I tried watching it but stopped around ten episodes in for reasons I can’t remember. People whose tastes I trust love it a lot, though, and it really does look like something I’d enjoy, so I think I will, someday!

tithed: I like your posts because your tags intrigue me (and some Skins graphics are really, really gorgeous), and there’s something about the way all of you talk about the feelings~ these kids give you guys that has me interested. I haven’t watched it yet!! I know I should! I will!

Guys, you don’t even realise how terrible I am at watching things properly. I didn’t finish Rome, and I can’t remember why. I haven’t touched this season of Breaking Bad (although the reason for that is that it looks kind of harrowing). I haven’t watched TSCC since I got back from my camp three days ago! I stopped watching The X-Files seven episodes in. I am the worst. It’s a Big Deal when I can run through shows quickly. I want to watch everything!! WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS!

today i wasted two hours playing a hidden object game, what is my life.