The Perks:

Testing out new materials like this vintage Italian raw silk in a gorgeous brown with a subtle herringbone and even more subtle slubs. This vintage fabric was sourced from the estate sale of a retired tailor, and we’re glad he kept it….tags read that the cloth was purchased in the 1960s.  This will make a great addition to out early Autumn collection.  

Another perk is getting to know some fantastic local (and not so local) artisans who are incredibly talented at what they do.  francoercole with the sport coat, shirt and vintage tweed cloth overcoat, epauletshop with the bad ass Shetland Wool trousers and Cordovan Boots and WolfvsGoat with the awesome beanie.

How about a perk for you?  20% off all week at with the code “springyh20”.  Happy shopping!

Also, our 20% off sale