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After watching Spring Breakers with mondaynightswithcupsofcoffee we determined that all of the monologues throughout the movie could work together as a great art/ poetry piece. So today I spent about 6 hours in Audacity cutting together (almost) all of the voice-overs and trying to blend them together so that they flow well.

I would just like to add that I am not a professional audio engineer, nor have I ever attempted something like this before, so please be mindful of that if giving any criticism (which I would welcome in order to make this the best I possibly can).

Spring Breakers - 2012
Written/ Directed by Harmony Korine
Music by Cliff Martinez and Sonny Moore (Skrillex)


*sigh* I just want a ethnically diverse team of superheroes. This is my vision but it is open to adjustment so long as the cast stays racially diverse. This is likely to never happen and that’s a bummer. I think Teen Titans would be a great opportunity to usher in a new era of super heroes that represent different cultures. Also, I specifically put well known and talented actors with followings because I’m tired of the same excuse that I here from the movie/film industry that they don’t exist in any other shade than white. Lastly, I know my choices are not teens but I rather have representation over age. 

Raven- Freida Pinto; Indian actress and model.   

Starfire- Rihanna; Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress.

Beast Boy- Dave franco; American actor. Parents are of Jewish, Portuguese, and Swedish descent. 

Cyborg- Jesse Williams; American actor, model, and activist. Parents are of Swedish, African American, and some Seminole descent.

Robin/Nightwing- Steven Yeun; Korean American actor.