franco in a suit


Mle 1854 Imperial Guard Cuirassier’s Cuirass and Helmet

Helmet manufactured c.early 1870′s by Delachaussée - serial number 1.
Cuirass made by the Manufacture Impériale de Klingenthal c.1856, size 2 width 1 - serial number 89.
Steel with brass fittings, stamped imperial crest on the helmet, with horsehair on the comb.

Although mostly obsolete by the time of the Franco-Prussian war, these suits of armor were still impervious to any melee weapons, and pistol shots up to point-blank range.


Meet Vivian Franco:

— graduated magna cum laude

— wears power suits to every occasion 

— started a meme about her vice president 

president franco has been serving the people of san myshuno for seven years. she is most known for her success in lowering unemployment by ten percent, alleviating student debt and providing healthcare for all her citizens. 

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