franco fans


nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either

Favorite actor//Dave Franco

Me and Dave we’re watching tv on the couch and watching tv . The movie we were watching ended he got up and headed to the bathroom. I graved the control and put on scrubs . ( if you don’t know what the tv show scrubs is your not a true Dave Franco fan😂) whe a he got out of the bathroom and came and got on the couch. He hadn’t realized what was on the tv intill he heard someone yell
“Don’t puching me” .
“ what the fuck ” he said laughing “ why are we watching this ” he said
“ do you want me to change it ” I asked giggling
“ yes please “he said
I graved the control and was gonna put on x men but then I got a good Idea I put on 22 jump street.
” there I put something else on” I said trying not to laugh .
“ babbbbbeeee why ” he said giggling
“What its not my fault your my favorite actor” I said laughing and we fell asleep watching 22 jump street

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