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nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either


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After an intense discussion with my sister @redthepear about who is gay in the franco-belge comic scene

Lucky Luke : obviously gay, he’s always shown to be deeply uncomfortable around women and leaves them alone to be a poor lonesome cowboy

Spirou & Fantasio : ok that one’s complicated because they’re obviously gay for me, but my sister pointed out Fantasio flirts with girls so we went for pan. Spirou remains gay tho (he’s a twink) and I’d argue Seccotine is bi too

Tintin : nobody knows and we are afraid of the black depths of that little man’s eyes, probably gay ace though. However Rastapopoulos is flamboyantly gay.

Corto Maltese : absolutely no one in that comic is straight. Especially Rasputin. Corto is a bi icon and all the women are lesbians especially Golden Mouth


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Bon, du coup, pour les informations franco-belges plus réjouissantes (><) : j’ai reçu un paquet qui vous concerne !
Les washi tape de KIrby font 5 mètres, et je n’avais pas réalisé à quel point l’un des washi tape de [Little Tales] était… franchouillard (il y a même l’Arc de Triomphe sur la bande !). Les peluches mini-Pokédolls sont super-douces (enfin, ma peluche Tyltalis l’est, je ne peux pas attester pour les autres ^^) et a d o r a b l e s (ça c’est bon, ça se voit). Comparaison avec la peluche qui était sortie cet été :

Leurs pitites pattes !!

Courage T_T

ironnatalia  asked:

Could you compile a list of a list of French comics you grew up with and loved? :) Or current favorites? I want to widen my artistic pool and enjoy some french work while putting my french skills to the test, haha!

<3 Of course!

Ok, so for the sake of this list, I’m gonna lump Belgian and French authors together (what we call franco-belge). I’m also gonna throw in a few european authors that publish in french. Hope that’s fine with you :)

Also DISCLAIMER: If you want to buy french comics, IZNEO is a great online reading platform, like a french Comixology. Worth checking out.

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