Inktober Day 18, The Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin, with crows, nib pen and ink on paper

The 9 books in the series involve dozens of characters (including the city of San Francisco) over decades. It began as a serialization in a San Francisco paper in the 1970s and continued to follow its characters as they were affected by the AIDS outbreak, as well as other major local and world events - I won’t spoil it by going into details, but it gets pretty zany. The final book takes the surviving characters to Burning Man. I am so sad the series has come to an end.

One of my greatest regrets in life is that I was in San Francisco a few years ago for a conference and failed to skip off for a few hours to go to an Armistead Maupin book signing. What a mistake!

Not a great drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge nor of a cable car, but it’s the thought that counts. Or the crows.

Prue Halliwell: You spend $10,000 on something called “smile maintenance”

Piper Halliwell: It’s worth every penny, no? 

Prue Halliwell: And why do you own 40 Hermès scarves? 

Piper Halliwell: I get cold.

Prue Halliwell: No. You clearly need to go on a budget. No more of that.

Piper Halliwell: But I love New Pants Wednesday. It’s a perfect antidote to the mid-week blahs.

- Sin Francisco, if the sins had hung around 😜

September 19, 2017, a terrible earthquake occurred in Mexico. My brother was trapped under the rubble of the building he lived in and which had been collapsed. Few hours later the dog Frida found him, and thanks to her he was saved. With this retablo, I ask Saint Francis of Assisi to protect and look after Frida and other rescue dogs who risk their own lives during the catastrophes to save ours.

Magdalena S.
Mexico City