francisco bernardo

A production of Hamlet that takes place in an apartment building called "The Denmark"
  • <p> <b>Hamlet:</b> Son of the late landlord; took a term off from college after his dad died<p/><b>Claudius:</b> Hamlet's uncle, now stepfather, who married Hamlet's mom and took over the building<p/><b>Gertrude:</b> Hamlet's mom, who was almost certainly having an affair with Claudius before his dad's death; a high-powered magazine editor who doesn't want to be involved in building maintenance<p/><b>Polonius:</b> The building's super; lives across the hall from the Hamlets<p/><b>Ophelia:</b> His daughter, who works at the flower shop on the corner and is saving up for her own apartment<p/><b>Laertes:</b> His son, who moved back in after college "temporarily" and is "job-hunting"; Polonius keeps trying to train him as super but it's not happening<p/><b>Horatio:</b> Head of security<p/><b>Francisco, Bernardo, and Marcellus:</b> Security guards<p/><b>Rosencrantz and Guildenstern:</b> The gay couple on the 14th floor<p/></p>