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How would the allies spend a rainy day in with their s/o? ((Btw this blog is gr8 I r8 8/8, m8.))

ooooooooo okay here we go

:  Picture if you will, a dimly lit, slightly hazy room. The smells of fried mozzarella cheese sticks, greasy pizza, and questionable decisions hang in the air. In this room is where you find yourself with Alfred, who is chalking up a cue stick. He takes a short draw of beer from a brown bottle and passes the cue to you. After a round of billiards, you’ll go through the door just… over… there, which will take you into the bowling alley. It was lucky, really, because Alfred had wanted to spend the entire day playing Monopoly, but at your suggestion of billiards and bowling, you’d ran outside with him to the car, just a few steps short of drenched. A few beers later, you’d end up tipsily dancing together to a jukebox that had pretty terrible music. Next stop? The roller skating rink!

England: It’s puddle jumping with Arthur. The day begins with a much needed trip to the store, where the two of you try on numerous pairs of galoshes and rain boots, and rain coats, of course. Then it’s outside, in your new digs, jumping the puddles along the side of the road and on the sidewalk. It’s only after one badly timed car that the two of you become drenched, and then it’s indoors for the two of you, sopping wet. The intention was to make some tea, but then the idea of a bubble bath popped into your head. Specifically, a bubble bath for two.

France: Nothing like a day of becoming cultured. A trip to an indoor winery, with a few books and a basket of snackage is the plan for the two of you. After this, it’s off to a cafe, where you’ll curl up on the couch in the corner to just enjoy the warmth of each other while you read. Francis may toy with your hair, scratch your scalp, massage your neck while you lay all over him (in public, too! Shame, shame.) and there you’ll stay, with many a cappuccino cup on the end table beside you, until a local band comes in to play and provide atmosphere.

Canada: He hands you your jacket and pushes the umbrella out of your hands. The point for today is to get wet, from what you can infer. He wants to go on a walk, in the rain. He holds your hand and leads you through a botanical park, and after a while, he stops to remove his shoes and carry them in his free hand. You do the same. Then he pays to rent a row boat and rows the two of you out on the pond, laying down with you in the bottom. After a while, you find, being wet doesn’t bother you. As a matter of fact, it’s rather nice, especially with Matthew there. You watch the lightning flash in the distance, and marvel over how beautiful it is. He isn’t particularly talkative, but you don’t mind. Sometimes it’s better to just be silent… together.

Russia: Blanket forts, anyone? Except Ivan goes hard. He trusses up a hook in the ceiling to hang a blanket from and seems to make a castle out of nothing but warm fabrics. He opens the windows for sake of atmosphere, and it’s under the coverage of the fort that the two of you listen to music, nap, and laze together. You talk, and conversation turns to the more deep and meaningful. Tears that need to be shed are shed at last, and comfort unknowingly needed is given. Shirts disappear for sake of beloved skin to skin contact, and food is the farthest from your mind. Not when you are as intimate with Ivan as you have ever been, without being physically entwined.

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Happy Birthday

September 2




LINDA PURL  1961 (with Pierce Brosnan)


KEANU REEVES  1964 (50!!!)

SALMA HAYEK  1966 (with Pierce Brosnan)

Happy BIrthday Hal Ashby 1932-1988/Maurizio Scaparro 1932/Tom Tammi 1945/Gustav Hammarsten 1967/Olivier Casadesus 1970.

Today we remember Francis Matthews a very talented actor, known for playing Paul Temple in the BBC series of the same name, as well as voicing Captain Scarlet… But he is best known here for his roles in 3 Hammer films Dracula Prince Of Darkness (1966) Rasputin The Mad Monk (1966) both co-starring Christopher Lee and The Revenge Of Frankenstein (1958) with Peter Cushing, whom he remained close friends with
Pope Francis Says Something Or Other About an Uninteresting Topic

You ever notice that many seem to hear Pope Francis loud and clear when he says something they agree with or if he mentions an issue they believe should be on the world’s front burners. But when Pope Francis talks about life in the womb, religious freedom, or the sanctity of marriage he’s essentially ignored by many, including the mainstream media.

I’ll admit, I do it a little bit too in that I ignore stories that will ruin my morning. It’s human nature, I think. And I think the internet makes it very easy to only read websites and sources that tend to agree with you.

But the one issue that is almost completely ignored is when this pope has talked about the persecution of Christians. Today, Pope Francis begged the international community to “Do something to put a stop to the violence and oppression.” Catholic News Service:

After reciting the Angelus Aug. 30, Pope Francis told thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square that, the previous evening in Lebanon, martyred Syriac Bishop Flavien-Michel Malke was beatified. “In the context of a tremendous persecution of Christians, he was an untiring defender of the rights of his people, exhorting all of them to remain firm in their faith,” the pope said. “Today as well, in the Middle East and other parts of the world, Christians are persecuted,” the pope said. “May the beatification of this bishop and martyr fill them with consolation, courage and hope.” Departing from his prepared text, Pope Francis told people in the square, “There are more martyrs (today) than there were in the first centuries” of Christianity. He prayed that the beatification would “also be a stimulus for legislators and those who govern so that religious freedom would be guaranteed everywhere. And I ask the international community to do something to put a stop to the violence and oppression.”

Please say a prayer for all those Christians who live in fear of persecution. And please say a prayer that Pope Francis continues to talk about this crucial issue. And please say a prayer that the world finally listens.

- Matthew Archbold

RIP Francis Matthews (1927-2014)

Sad news of the passing of English film and television actor, Francis Matthews (2nd September, 1927–14th June, 2014). Francis Matthews was best known for playing Paul Temple in the BBC TV series of the same name. He also provided the voice of Captain Scarlet in the 1960s Supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Matthews worked in several Hammer Films productions, playing as Doctor Hans Kleve, assistant to Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), in The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), Charles Kent in Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966), and Ivan in Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1966). in the two latter films, Francis Matthews played opposite Sir Christopher Lee (indeed, the two films were shot back-to-back by Hammer, employing the same sets and several of the cast members).

RIP Francis Matthews (1927-2014). Thank you for all the joy and entertainment you brought through your performances. God bless.

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