You know him from Crisis, August: Osage County and My Best Friend’s Wedding. 

Bid on Dermot Mulroney’s “Weird Horse” doodle!

Did You Know: Mulroney is a classically trained cellist who has been playing since he was 7 years old. He has worked on numerous projects with Academy Award winning composers such as James Newton Howard and Michael Giacchino. In fact, Mulroney shocked everyone on the Crisis set one day by picking up a cello and playing an absolutely beautiful piece!

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Contingency, an NBC Crisis (TV 2014) fanfiction

TITLE: Contingency

FANDOM: Crisis (TV 2014)

PAIRING(S): Multi.

RATING: Teen And Up Audiences

SUMMARY: Francis Gibson’s last text secretly went out after his arrest, but where did it go – better yet, who did it go to? After the ambulance drops Francis off at the hospital and he’s wheeled into the operating room for surgery, all goes array for the F.B.I. - but more like “according to plan” for him… Will Agent Dunn and Finley be able to stop Gibson once and for all? He’s been one step ahead of them since the beginning, so how do they plan on proceeding when they know they’re not seeing the whole picture?

You can read it here on AO3: