Francis Abernathy for @kettercrows

“Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones that I did not.”

anonymous asked:

How would the Allies react to having a really short, sweet and cute s/o, but if you tick said s/o off, they're literally the most intimidating person alive. Like, they're a cutie pie, but if you say or do one thing wrong, they become more terrifying than Russia and Sweden combined. Thanks!

Alfred (America)+ Francis (France)- Both of these guys would be kind of hesitant to approach their s/o if they saw that they were angry or upset with someone, partially out of fear. Not because they thought their s/o would ever hurt them, but just because they can’t handle how scary they are when they’re mad. However, they certainly wouldn’t be complaining if their s/o was on their side of an argument. 

Arthur (England)+Yao (China)- Arthur and Yao would both prefer an s/o like this (as long as they weren’t fighting with either of them). They’d be proud of how well their s/o can scare people off by themselves without help. Arthur might even try to convince them to use their intimidation against people he doesn’t like or those he himself is arguing with. 

Ivan (Russia)- Ivan is super intimidating already, so if his s/o was the same way, anyone who does anything wrong will get doubled team with two very, very terrifying people. He would be completely fine with this, and even a little happy that he’s dating someone that can meet his level of intimidation. If his s/o would act like this a lot though, he might get a bit tired of it, but only if it’s directed at him.