Quebec’s diary notes:

“I love my small family, don’t care what people said, they are perfect. For me that’s…”

“I used to call my parents daddy Matthew and papa Francis… but papa Francis made a great mom so I start to call him my mom..”

“At first I don’t really love my dad, my mom doesn’t happy with it… he said my dad is a good man and still trying his best to be a good parent… I guess he is because that’s why my mom loves him..”

“My mom have some really great sisters, so I have these greatttt aunties… I also have 2 uncles… My mom and dad have some really great friends also, they all treat me nicely..” 

Headcanon that when Francis gets really angry or terrified, he starts rambling in French instead of English.

He could be pissed/getting into a heated argument, and when a line is crossed he’d start spewing swear words in French or continue the argument in French thus confusing the one arguing with him.

If he’s scared out of his mind/in a terrifying situation, he’d stutter and start rambling on and on in French and just sorta slip into it, confusing everyone around him unless you’re Matthew or you can figure out bits and pieces of what he’s saying.


On 10 July 1559, Francis ascended the throne at the age of fifteen upon the death of his father Henry II, and was crowned King of France on 21 September 1559 in Reims.