francis xavier

I’m good, I’m fine
This life’s divine
No hate, no shame
No one to blame
You might despise
Your life with lies
I won’t chastise
Even if you think you can.

-Hater, KORN 

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I love Charles Xavier with all my heart! ♥

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They say that his birth was foretold by the Great Seer of this Age, an omega child born unto the House of Xavier and most beloved of the gods. Powerful amongst the Gifted Ones the child will grow to rule a kingdom mighty and vast, a legacy of dominion over land and sea. That he will be beautiful beyond mortal countenance and desired by all who see his face. Empires will fall by his command and kings by his design; the world torn asunder by war and then made new from its ashes.

These are the words that herald the arrival of Charles Francis Xavier, 124th of the line of Xavier and heir to the throne of Westchester.

This is his story.

This absolutely STUNNING piece of artwork was a gift from my darling dwaroxxx (now @varrix), who has kindly - and masterfully - brought the characters from my fic to life! Intended to be a cover for the finished work, it shows a scene from the as yet unwritten Part 2; King Charles of Westchester going to war, with King Erik of Genosha and Logan Howlett at his side…

Underestimated Love

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Underestimated Love

Charles Xavier X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Okaay I’ll take that challenge thing. What about “Did you really think I would love you less because you’ve never had sex before?” With young Charles  Xavier?? Like a little drabble? I think it’s so cute

Notes: I am a ho for Charles Xavier and I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to write this, haha! There isn’t anything too harsh in here, it’s mainly them talking and then some fluff uvu 

P.s. I wrote this in August but never uploaded it bc of school. Sorry to whoever requested it that it took so long!! 

Warning(s): An amount of fluff.

Word Count: 445

The look on Charles’s face was enough to horrify (y/n). Not that it was….bad. He seemed surprised, shocked, and then disappointed. (y/n) couldn’t help but shift and look away under Charles’s gaze, the man not saying anything just yet. They didn’t plan to say anything back yet either.

Finally, the young telepath sighed. He took (y/n) by their arm and pulled them close. Wide eyed and surprised, they looked up into his bright blue eyes as Charles began to speak.

“(y/n). Did….you really think I’d love you less because you’ve never had sex before?” Nervously, (y/n) looked away again. They bit their lip and nodded a little bit. They thought the word yes, along with a lot of embarrassment, towards Charles. As he read them Charles couldn’t help but laugh a little bit and hug (y/n) tighter.

“I think, we should save this for another night. Tonight? I think we need to talk a bit.”

“What?! I-” (y/n) stammered. Hadn’t Charles wanted this though? At that thought he made a face and seemed to contemplate thinking before shaking his head.

“It seems…I don’t want to be rude, but do you know me, (y/n)? Do you really think I’d love you less??”
“Yes? Maybe? I mean, Raven’s told me about how you’re so flirty and how you got around a lot just a few years ago. She mentioned off handedly how surprised she was that you settled for a serious relationship with me so early in your career.” (y/n) fussed. Charles scoffed and placed a firm kiss to their temple. He shook his head in thought before placing his forehead against the crown of (y/n)’s head.

“Well, I guess Raven didn’t realize how serious about you I am. I love you so much, (y/n). Love is a learning experience, and so is sex. I’m just…disappointed you thought I’d love you less. (y/n)!! I love you so much! I could care less if you have experience or not! I love you too much to judge you based on something so small such as that.”


“Of course! Now come here, I think it’s time we turn on the TV and watch one of the channels, pretend to pay attention but instead cuddle and talk. How does that sound, my lovely, lovely (y/n)?”

“That…sounds wonderful Charles. I love you.”

“I love you too. Much, much more than you realize. And I’ll never stop loving you.” Smiling, (y/n) leaned into Charles’s warm embrace and listened to the beating of his heart. They’d never stop loving Charles Francis Xavier either.

Madame Adélaïde de France

Because I see no one talking about her and it’s pissing me off.

    So Marie-Adélaïde de France was born on March 23, 1732 to King Louis XV and Marie Leszczyńska (the queen consort of France at the time). As a legitimate daughter of the king and queen, she was given the “fille de France” title. Adélaïde was often described as authoritative, independent, and intelligent. She took up multiple hobbies including pottery, reading, watchmaking, painting, and played a variety of instruments. Not to mention the fact that she spoke both Italian and English. 

    Adélaïde was subject to many rumors at court probably due to her strong personality, something her sisters did not possess. One such rumor claims that she was involved in an incestuous relationship with her father, and was actually the mother of the Comte Louis de Narbonne. Eventually, this was all found out to be bullshit false. However, Adélaïde did spend much of her childhood with her father, as she chose to stay at home instead of going to boarding school as most of her siblings did. All this time spent with her father, likely helped nurture her feelings of precedence.

    Although considered of exceptional beauty, Adélaïde never put much effort into her appearance, earning her the nickname of “loque” from her father, which translates to “rags”. Marriage never appealed to Adélaïde. When it came the appropriate time for her to marry in the 1740s, the expected candidates were the Prince of Conti and Prince Francis Xavier of Saxony. Neither of which she deemed worthy. As a teenager, she fell in love with a guardsman. She sent him her snuffbox which contained a message that read ,“You will treasure this, soon you shall be informed from whose hand it comes.” Louis was informed of this and supposedly offered him an annual payment of 4000, given that he "at once remove to some place far from the Court and remain there for a very long time”. 

    As an adult, Adélaïde and her brother the Dauphin Louis-Ferdinand, led the Parti Dévot (Devout Party). Which was strongly opposed to absolute monarchy and the alliance with Austria. It was actually Adélaïde who started the term “L’autrichienne” which stuck with Marie-Antoinette throughout her life at Versailles. When Louis XV died of small pox, Louis XVI’s father asked he confide in Adélaïde should become the next king. She played a huge role in the beginning of his rule, and even became his political advisor for a short while. Around the 1760s-1770s, when Marie-Antoinette began to gain influence at court, Adélaïde left Versailles. Up until the French Revolution when she escaped to Rome, Adélaïde ruled over what was known as the “Old Court”. It consisted of those who rejected the new rule of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.

    In conclusion, Marie-Adélaïde embodied, and was an important part of the old reign at Versailles, and stuck to its values even after it fell. To be quite honest, she probably would’ve been a better ruler than Louis XV and Louis XVI. But yeah she was pretty cool.