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Time Flies and Rumors Lie (Bash x Reader)

Anonymous asked: Hi could you do a bash x reader one-shot. It can be up to you what it’s about, I really don’t mind. Also can i say i loved reading your one shall reign story on quotev, loved it

Thanks for requesting this! Since there wasn’t really a specific request, I glanced around at the imagines on here and found this one: T

A quick summary: You have been Francis’ best friend since you were both kids. Bash developed feelings for you when he was a teenager but never made a move because he didn’t want to upset Francis, thinking Francis also had feelings for you. Eventually, Francis catches on to Bash’s “crush” on you and tells Bash it would be okay if he courted you.

Word count: 1157

I apologize that this took me way too long to write this. I was wrapped up in watching a new show (The Originals is way better than I expected). It’s finished now, though, so here you go! I hope you like it!

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Toby: “He saved me from underneath that ice, which we did in a tank. If I had actually fallen through that ice, Francis would have been dead - immediately dead. There’s no way I could have gotten out of that ice alive”      

TVLine: “And that’s the only part we’re pretending is possible?”      

Toby: “Oh, yeah. Everything else is completely logical and makes perfect sense”