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Nicknames for You - Allies

America/Alfred】 Babe, dudette, sweetie, or my heroine are all very common names this American uses to refer to you. He’ll often use dudette in common conversation and he’ll call you his super sidekick whenever he wants to show his true love to you.

 England/Arthur】’Love,’ and ‘my dear,’ are the most common spoken names by this Englishman. He loves you dearly but never wants to call you anything crude, as he is a gentleman after all!

 France/Francis】Oh boy, the country of love has so many names for you. His names all include, ‘mon coeur,’ ‘mon lapin,’ ‘ma belle,’ ‘mon beau,’ ‘mon amor,’ and ‘mon ange.’ Those are just the beginning, he seems to have a new nickname everyday.

 Russia/Ivan】’Sunflower.’ It’s quite obvious this Russian has an admiration and love for these flowers. He thinks they’re beautiful, so it’s only fair to name one beautiful thing after another!

 Canada/Matthew】 ‘Sweetheart’ and ‘maple.’ He’s quite respectful in his names like Arthur. He loves maple leaves more than ever and loves calling you that as well.

 China/Yao】Yao often refers to you as his ‘little panda.’ He thinks pandas are cute, and so are you!

People always hating on my ships~

Attack on Titan/Snk:

Pullea Magi Madoka Magica:
Sayaka x Kyoko
Madoka x Homura

Kellic~ Kellin x Vic

Gakupo x Kaito x Len
Gakupo x Kaito
Miku x Luka{otp}
Teto x Ruko
Len x Piko

France x England{super otp}

Adventure Time
Marshall lee and Prince Gumball; Gumlee
Marceline and Princess Bubblegum; Bubbline


Titanic, Hetalia ships

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How would the face family react to seeing their S/o asleep on the couch from watching a movie

CUTTEEE srry for this bein so late D:

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France had been in another room doing paperwork and things. He left his desk to go get some water and decided to peep into the living room to check on you. “Oh…my..god..!” he gently gasped. His s/o was curled up on the couch, snoozing like a cat. France covered his face; he was overwhelmed. They woke up and saw the Frenchman curled up in a ball making unintelligable noises. “Uhm….Francis???” He hopped up and tightly embraced them, kissing their cheek. “You are the cutest, mon amour~”

America/Alfred F. Jones: “Man that was relaxing!” Alfred exclaimed, leaving the bathroom. He had just took a shower and was wearing some blue pajamas with a towel around his neck. “Hm, it’s getting late, the movie should be over by now……” he said aloud to himself as he poked his head into the living room. His s/o was sprawled out on the couch, drooling. Alfred started grinning really big. “Oh my GOD!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!” he thought to himself. His s/o woke up and saw him standing there. They immediately sat up, embarrassed because they were drooling. Alfred practically ran over and gave them a bear hug. “DON’T WORRY I LOVE IT!!!” he exclaimed then pecked their cheek.

Canada/Matthew Williams: This boy had fallen asleep at his desk while doing paperwork. When he awoke he realized that it had gotten pretty late. “Where is s/o? The movie should have ended a little while ago….” he said to himself. He made his way to the living room and blushed a bright red. His s/o was sitting up, holding Kumojiro, both of them asleep. He smiled really big and quietly entered the room. He cautiously sat next to them and cuddled up with them. When his s/o woke up, Canada was leaning on their shoulder, fast asleep. It was the best sleep he had gotten in a while.

England/Arthur Kirkland: “There, it’s all done!” he happily stated. Britain had been cleaning up around the house. “Wow it’s late. I wonder if s/o is still up…” he wondered. He walked into the living room and froze, his face red. His s/o was cuddling a pillow, fast asleep. He was dying (nOT LITERALLY). “S/o is SO ADORABLE SFOHFSBOIFHOSBIFHOSBFIHSFBOIBSFOI” he thought. Poor boy was short circuiting. His s/o woke up and asked him why he his hand was on his chest and if he was okay. Britain straightened up. “I-I-I’m fine!!!! Just you were sleeping and you looked so cute it caught me off gua-” he slapped his hands over his mouth, practically glowing red. S/o got off the couch and kissed his cheek. Britain fell down. His s/o was frightened for a second; but Britain is okay he just passed out. It was too much. (Help him)

Extra: I headcanon that America has rlly strong and firm, but warm hugs :3

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How do the members of the Axis sleep? Do some of them sleep talk or snore? Thanks!! Your blog is adorable! :D


America/Alfred F.Jones: SN ORE S,drools, can be a bed/cover hog but tries his best to make it to where you will have enough room before he goes to sleep. Likes to cuddle his s/o like a lil teddy bear. He can sleep in just about any position comfortably; but he loves to lay on his back,spread across the bed and sleep.

Britain/Arthur Kirkland: Mutters random things in his sleep, sleeps restlessly unless he’s cuddling something/someone. He is super cuddly and clingy; holding something/his s/o makes him feel comfortable and safe. Likes to lay on his side.

China/Yao Wang: Very light sleeper (comes from raising the lil nations), snores loUDLY, always has weird vivid dreams that he tells you about in the morning. Likes to cuddle sometimes; but mainly he likes to just sleep close to you. He loves to sleep on his belly.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Sleeps like a log,nothing can wake him up. Likes to cuddle, but is scared to sometimes due to his strength. When he does cuddle,he holds you gently. Giggles in his sleep sometimes. He loves to lay on his side.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Elegant even when sleeping,pretty silent and still. Loves to hold his s/o close to him. If he awakes before you; he likes to admire your sleeping face. When sleeping alone he loves to sleep on his belly.

Canada: Very silent,peaceful sleeper. Loves to cuddle Kumajiro. Also his s/o,he will hold you close. Mutters random things in his sleep,usually something cute and absurd. Loves sleeping on his side.